Struggling to Find Balance

I’m having a hard time finding balance in my life lately. I’m not finding time to exercise without the children–and I’m not making space to exercise with them along. 

Between school cancellations and stomach bugs, I’ve had a hard time getting childcare to get my part-time work done.

My baby is getting his canine . . . → Read More: Struggling to Find Balance

Savoring Baby When My Big Kids Go Back to School

My older boys started school this week–1 off to first grade and another off to preschool. I’m still working part-time and so, 1 day each week, I have delicious time alone with my third baby. I’m so thankful I get this day–now that I’m a seasoned mom and 1 child feels easy in comparison to my . . . → Read More: Savoring Baby When My Big Kids Go Back to School

Celebrating Each Other

We did it! We went on 2/3 of a date for our anniversary. We almost didn’t do anything to celebrate, since we’d had a wonderful weekend together as a family and we’re neck-deep preparing our house to show and sell it. But we decided we could manage 2/3 of a date at the grocery store.

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Special “Dates” with Each Child

Since having my third son, it’s become increasingly difficult for me to get in any quality time with each of my boys as individuals. I think the very hardest part of having multiple children is this constant ache of having to divide my attention. 

My middle son will plead with me to play with . . . → Read More: Special “Dates” with Each Child

Family Info Cards for Babysitters

Once I had more than one child, it got trickier to keep writing notes for new caregivers. We had to repeatedly write out our address, both of our contact information, allergy info…it just got to be a lot. I also kept meeting new families I wanted to connect with again, but never had my phone . . . → Read More: Family Info Cards for Babysitters

Free Grocery Store Childcare? Sold!

One of my favorite days as a parent so far was July 17, 2012–the day my oldest son turned 3 and, thus, eligible for the free childcare at our grocery store. This happened about a week before my neighbor’s youngest child turned 3. She painted a picture of grocery shopping I still fantasize about: I ran through . . . → Read More: Free Grocery Store Childcare? Sold!

Do You Ever Dream of a Vacation?

This morning, when I went to the bathroom, my kids became so frantic looking for me that the five-year-old proposed making a map to find me. Also? It’s February and -5 degrees F. Today, dear readers, I’m fantasizing about a vacation.

And not a vacation where I take my nursling along, either. While that . . . → Read More: Do You Ever Dream of a Vacation?