Local Support Is Essential For Any New Mom

If you decide to breast or bottle feed, work or stay home, or a combo of everything- You need a support system that understand you and can help when you have questions.

Two places that you can check out for a group local to you are La Leche League International or MOPS.

La . . . → Read More: Local Support Is Essential For Any New Mom

Remember: Breastfeeding Takes Practice

When I was pregnant with my first son, I read everything. I really, actually think I read everything that was ever written about pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Somewhere along the way, I missed the memo that breastfeeding sometimes takes practice. I mean, of course it does. Before you have your first baby, you have never . . . → Read More: Remember: Breastfeeding Takes Practice

Sorting Kids’ Seasonal Wardrobes

I need some pointers. I’ve finally reached a point where my bins of kids’ clothes are not organized, where I have no idea if anyone has pants that fit, and what to do with all the extra stuff that nobody fits into at the moment. It was all manageable until I had 3 kids. . . . → Read More: Sorting Kids’ Seasonal Wardrobes

Breastfeeding Without Birthing: Exclusive Pumping

Angela Soo Hoo gave birth to her eldest sons, Nicolas (11) and Landon (7), and breastfed them without issue. She and her husband, Luke, planned to adopt a third child. For Angela, breastfeeding is beyond the “best” choice for a baby–she feels very passionately that breastmilk is the optimal food for babies. Since she . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding Without Birthing: Exclusive Pumping

Self Care for Mothers

I’m not the best at self care. I’m not alone in this–many, many sources discuss self care and how mothers aren’t taking the time to practice it. We’re so busy caring for everyone else in our families! But it’s so vital that we care for ourselves, fill our own tanks so we have enough . . . → Read More: Self Care for Mothers

Feeding My Newly Expanded Family

I’ve been reading the New Leaf Wellness blog for awhile now (Kelly leads our New Mom’s Connections¬†here at the shop and just generally has great ideas!) and was intrigued by her meal preparation before her third baby. When my mother-in-law planned a trip to see us when I was 37 weeks pregnant, I knew . . . → Read More: Feeding My Newly Expanded Family

Weight Loss During Lactation: My Favorite Tools

As someone who’s been an athlete for much of my life, I try to focus on fitness and health more than I do numbers on a scale. My sport of choice was rugby, so I’ve always been surrounded by fit bodies of many shapes and sizes! But the fact remains that I put on . . . → Read More: Weight Loss During Lactation: My Favorite Tools