Do I Really Need a Nipple Shield?

Lately, it seems like postpartum nurses are handing out nipple shields like candy. Many, many new mothers are told they have flat nipples and need to use a nipple shield as a bridge to facilitate a proper latch. And this may be true! But many times, the shields are distributed without enough additional information . . . → Read More: Do I Really Need a Nipple Shield?

Is My Baby Self Weaning?

“I think my baby wants to wean. He gets upset when I offer the breast.” “My baby only nurses for a second and then pops off. I think she prefers solid food.” We hear many mothers of babies around 7 to 9 months old express similar concerns–their babies seem disinterested in breastfeeding. Or even . . . → Read More: Is My Baby Self Weaning?

Common Root Causes of Supply Concerns

Lots of breastfeeding mothers have concerns about their milk supply, especially if they don’t have

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close friends and family members who breastfed to set an example or offer support. If you have a genuine concern that your baby is not getting enough to eat, you should definitely schedule an appointment with . . . → Read More: Common Root Causes of Supply Concerns

What Is Domperidone, Anyway?

In the past few weeks, we’ve been blogging about mothers who have induced lactation and used Domperdione to help do so (see here and here). Other mothers we’ve been in contact with have used Domperidone to help boost their own milk supply, while still others have been asking us what the heck this Domperidone . . . → Read More: What Is Domperidone, Anyway?

Breastfeeding When GI Bugs Strike

I dread January not because of the cold temperatures, but because the close, indoor contact with everyone else spreads nasty gastrointestinal illness. Last winter, the first time I tried parenting my two boys solo during my husband’s business trip, my toddler and I were struck with GI bug. And I was pregnant! It was . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding When GI Bugs Strike

Birth Weight and Fluids in Labor

Recently I spoke with a mother who was told she needed to supplement her breastmilk with formula when her baby was just a few days old. The reason given was that the baby lost too much weight from the recorded birth weight. This is a story I hear quite often, actually.

Hearing such a . . . → Read More: Birth Weight and Fluids in Labor

Is It a Growth Spurt?

AKA: Why has my baby stopped sleeping and started nursing for multiple hours at a time?

Whenever a baby becomes particularly fussy after a period of seemingly normal behavior, people usually jump to two conclusions: teeth or growth spurt. But what is a growth spurt really and what does it mean for . . . → Read More: Is It a Growth Spurt?