Canine Teething: The. Worst.

My baby is getting his canine teeth right now. It seems like maybe he’s getting all 4 at once. The poor thing is miserable, and slobber pours from his mouth constantly. No wonder he’s so thirsty!¬†

He’s also become a monster. He bites when he nurses. He bursts into random shrieks and has chewed . . . → Read More: Canine Teething: The. Worst.

Chomp Remix: Another Biting Baby

Lately, I’ve been rereading old blog posts I wrote about my second¬†son, who bit me terribly. I remembered him biting me as a young baby, but must have blocked out his biting streak around a year old. I read back through that post about coping with biting, and I can’t remember it, but feel . . . → Read More: Chomp Remix: Another Biting Baby

Common Root Causes of Supply Concerns

Lots of breastfeeding mothers have concerns about their milk supply, especially if they don’t have

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close friends and family members who breastfed to set an example or offer support. If you have a genuine concern that your baby is not getting enough to eat, you should definitely schedule an appointment with . . . → Read More: Common Root Causes of Supply Concerns