Canine Teething: The. Worst.

My baby is getting his canine teeth right now. It seems like maybe he’s getting all 4 at once. The poor thing is miserable, and slobber pours from his mouth constantly. No wonder he’s so thirsty!¬†snarling dog

He’s also become a monster. He bites when he nurses. He bursts into random shrieks and has chewed through most things in our house, from the rims of our trash cans to the legs of the chairs.

We’ve got a silicone chocolate bar teether, which we think is hilarious, and we’ve been giving him frozen waffles to gnaw.

It seems like he can’t go more than 45 minutes between night wakings these days, even with a full dose of Tylenol. And so, I’m dragging and doing a lot of venting to my husband. Yesterday, he asked me why I don’t just night wean our baby.

I gasped–probably because our baby bit my nipples again. But also, I am definitely not ready for that. My very last, ever baby is only 13 months old. When he’s only waking up once a night to nurse, I treasure those moments. Honestly! Once a night I can totally do for years and years. But this every 45 minutes routine? Oof.


So I suggested that perhaps I could sleep in another room and my husband could comfort our son, bringing him to me maybe every 3 or 4 hours to nurse.

Doesn’t that sound like a lovely plan where I could get some restorative sleep and our baby could still get some comfort?

Alas, it didn’t go down that way. Our older sons needed some parenting. Someone peed the bed. Someone else had a cough and felt afraid of a shadow. And so I lay awake with a perma-latched baby, and then drank¬†multiple espressos the next day.

None of the teeth have cut through the gums yet, so I know I’m facing another night awake with a vampire bat.

Were the canine teeth the hardest for your baby to grow? Leave us a comment to share your experiences.

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