Canine Teething: The. Worst.

My baby is getting his canine teeth right now. It seems like maybe he’s getting all 4 at once. The poor thing is miserable, and slobber pours from his mouth constantly. No wonder he’s so thirsty! 

He’s also become a monster. He bites when he nurses. He bursts into random shrieks and has chewed . . . → Read More: Canine Teething: The. Worst.

Chomp Remix: Another Biting Baby

Lately, I’ve been rereading old blog posts I wrote about my second son, who bit me terribly. I remembered him biting me as a young baby, but must have blocked out his biting streak around a year old. I read back through that post about coping with biting, and I can’t remember it, but feel . . . → Read More: Chomp Remix: Another Biting Baby

Common Root Causes of Supply Concerns

Lots of breastfeeding mothers have concerns about their milk supply, especially if they don’t have

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close friends and family members who breastfed to set an example or offer support. If you have a genuine concern that your baby is not getting enough to eat, you should definitely schedule an appointment with . . . → Read More: Common Root Causes of Supply Concerns

Coping with Teething

I thought by the time I had my third baby, I’d have everything figured out. You can feel free to laugh with me. I’m laughing at myself right now! But really, I thought that.

Currently, my 4-month-old is teething and also hitting a developmental growth spurt. I’ve been reading The Wonder Weeks just to . . . → Read More: Coping with Teething

Guilt-Free “Candy” for Your Baby

My mother always makes everyone an Easter basket. She doesn’t care if you’re five days old or 35 years old. You get something in your basket (last year I got egg-shaped lip balm!).

Lucky for my mom and others looking to include wee babies in this Easter tradition, we’ve started carrying teethers that look like chocolate . . . → Read More: Guilt-Free “Candy” for Your Baby

Sound Sleepers

When I was in junior high school, I went to a week-long camp with people from my church. I remember our pastor told us he never wakes up in the night once he’s gone to sleep. He said, “I just turn all my concerns over to God and I sleep straight through until morning.”

. . . → Read More: Sound Sleepers

Considering Teething Necklaces

My baby has started chewing on everything. Everything! Sometimes I find myself fishing gravel out of his mouth. He’s getting 4 teeth at once, I think.

Orange chew beads and bangles–pretty and sassy!

Lately, he’s been popping off the breast during feedings to gnaw on his nursing necklace. I’ve decided it’s time to . . . → Read More: Considering Teething Necklaces