Considering Teething Necklaces

My baby has started chewing on everything. Everything! Sometimes I find myself fishing gravel out of his mouth. He’s getting 4 teeth at once, I think.

orange chew beads and bandles

Orange chew beads and bangles–pretty and sassy!

Lately, he’s been popping off the breast during feedings to gnaw on his nursing necklace. I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade to teething necklaces.

Let me explain.

The Mommy Necklaces I love so much for both my sons are not actually meant to be gnawed on. These nursing necklaces are designed for fiddling babies to play with while nursing. I also think they are really pretty and wear mine as an accessory by choice when I’m out and about.

But it turns out there are lots of exciting jewelry choices for chewing as well. My latest fascination is with teething jewelry. When I went to music class with my son a few weeks ago, two mamas were wearing the same chew beads and my baby was fascinated. I also think they’re pretty classy, so right now I’m figuring out which color I need to order. Isn’t that a great problem to have?

I also like the chewable jewelry for my older son, who has a lot of sensory needs. He’s four, but still puts things in his mouth–fingers, coins, forks, marbles… We order specific items for him that are designed for chewing and, thus, save his shirt sleeves and backpack straps from destruction. My big guy is interested in the robot and owl pendants, and we have something similar to this bangle that he wears like the Silly Bands his friends all have on anyway.

It’s pretty much a win for everyone at my house.

What about you–has anyone been chewing like crazy at your house? Leave us a comment to share the solutions you’ve found!

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