Preparing for Road Trips with a Breastfed Baby

It’s almost Thanksgiving–can you believe how that sneaked up on us?–and I’m once again preparing to take my family on the road. It feels like just last week I was hauling my newborn to my brother-in-law’s wedding in St. Louis…

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Air Travel with Multiple Young Kids

Last week I wrote about our preparations for traveling with our newborn and 2 other children. We flew to St. Louis for the weekend for my husband’s brother’s wedding. I wanted to share what worked well and what I would change for next time–except if I have my say, there won’t be a next time . . . → Read More: Air Travel with Multiple Young Kids

Travel Preparations for Young Families

I mentioned that we’re getting ready for a complicated journey to two weddings. We’ve got a 5-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 6-week-old baby. Even generating a packing list took all of my concentration over the course of several days. Since I already had diapers sent ahead and arranged for a pack-n-play to be in . . . → Read More: Travel Preparations for Young Families

Wedding Season

Many moons ago, when I first learned I was pregnant, I wrote about locating a bridesmaids dress I could wear in my sister’s wedding and still nurse my baby. That wedding is approaching! And the week before it? My husband’s brother gets married in St. Louis. 

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Oh, the Humanity

We arrived home last night after bedtime. We were pretty much on the road the entire day, leaving the Philly suburbs at 10 in the morning, driving straight to visit my grandmother at the nursing home 90-minutes away, and then spending the rest of the day and into the night staring at break lights on the . . . → Read More: Oh, the Humanity

On the Road Again

We’re getting ready to travel for Thanksgiving. Last year, my big concerns involved making it through our road trip without my baby crying too much–he’s never liked car travel. Thankfully, that part has gotten better. My new dread is the disrupted sleep that comes with any sort of routine change for my kids.

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Flying with a Toddler On My Lap

My family just took a trip to Arizona to celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday. We decided not to purchase a ticket for my 18-month old and I had him on my lap for the flight. Safety considerations aside, I see now why people purchase seats for their toddlers. What a mess!

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