Setting Intentions for the New Year

I don’t like the word “resolution,” mostly because it seems too strict for me right now. If I resolve to do something in January, it’s more of a binding contract than if I intend to do it. As a mom with 3 young sons, I don’t have time for binding contracts!

I’m really trying to keep my intentions . . . → Read More: Setting Intentions for the New Year

Climb Out of the Darkness

I just learned about a really inspiring event to raise awareness of postpartum mood disorders, like the ones we’ve been writing about this spring. Postpartum Progress is sponsoring an event called Climb Out of the Darkness, to be held on the solstice, the longest day of the year–in the United States, this is June . . . → Read More: Climb Out of the Darkness

Journey Back to Fitness: A Year in Review

About a year ago, I had the prophetic dream that led to me training for the half marathon alongside my friend. Since then, I’ve run the half marathon, a 10K, and then a 10-mile race this fall. My husband and I also signed up for a Turkey Trot near where we’ll be for Thanksgiving.

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Just a Half Hour?

In the spirit of the fitness challenge we wrote about earlier this week, I want to talk about what a challenge I’ve been having maintaining my own fitness goals. I am having a heck of a time finding a half hour to go for a run.

There are heavy, heavy kids in there . . . → Read More: Just a Half Hour?

Half Marathon Recap: Milk on the Run

If you’ve been following along, I trained for and ran a half marathon last weekend after my friend (and fellow nursing mother) had a prophetic dream that we did it.

Since January, I’ve worked to return to some semblance of my former, very fit self. I shifted my perspective about my workouts and am . . . → Read More: Half Marathon Recap: Milk on the Run

Shifted Perspective on Athletic Goals

I mentioned earlier this winter that I began training for a half marathon along with another mama friend. I had a plan, all the best intentions, and a support network in place to help me achieve this goal. But then…I fell off the training wagon. Hard.

I could list all sorts of reasons I . . . → Read More: Shifted Perspective on Athletic Goals

Bumps In the Road

I wish I were writing a blog post about how awesome my training was going for the half marathon. I had a few weeks there where I was doing so well–I even lost 8 pounds! And I worked up to running 22 consecutive minutes. Previous me might have scoffed at such a feat, but . . . → Read More: Bumps In the Road