Timing a Workout Around a Nursling

Once again, it’s marathon season in Pittsburgh and a friend has convinced me to start training for the relay race even though I have a tiny nursling at home. Ok, he’s anything but tiny–but he’s young and pretty dependent on my milk! Last time around, my baby turned one the day of the race. . . . → Read More: Timing a Workout Around a Nursling

Setting Intentions for the New Year

I don’t like the word “resolution,” mostly because it seems too strict for me right now. If I resolve to do something in January, it’s more of a binding contract than if I intend to do it. As a mom with 3 young sons, I don’t have time for binding contracts!

I’m really trying to keep my intentions . . . → Read More: Setting Intentions for the New Year

Just a Half Hour?

In the spirit of the fitness challenge we wrote about earlier this week, I want to talk about what a challenge I’ve been having maintaining my own fitness goals. I am having a heck of a time finding a half hour to go for a run.

There are heavy, heavy kids in there . . . → Read More: Just a Half Hour?

Race Day Lactation Logistics

The big day is finally here: my half-marathon takes place this Sunday! I’m excited to announce my main problems this week are worrying about getting to the start line (most of the roads leading to/from my house are along the marathon route and will be closed) and…what the heck to do about my milk . . . → Read More: Race Day Lactation Logistics

Shifted Perspective on Athletic Goals

I mentioned earlier this winter that I began training for a half marathon along with another mama friend. I had a plan, all the best intentions, and a support network in place to help me achieve this goal. But then…I fell off the training wagon. Hard.

I could list all sorts of reasons I . . . → Read More: Shifted Perspective on Athletic Goals