Timing a Workout Around a Nursling

Once again, it’s marathon season in Pittsburgh and a friend has convinced me to start training for the relay race even though I have a tiny nursling at home. Ok, he’s anything but tiny–but he’s young and pretty dependent on my milk! Last time around, my baby turned one the day of the race. . . . → Read More: Timing a Workout Around a Nursling

Half Marathon Recap: Milk on the Run

If you’ve been following along, I trained for and ran a half marathon last weekend after my friend (and fellow nursing mother) had a prophetic dream that we did it.

Since January, I’ve worked to return to some semblance of my former, very fit self. I shifted my perspective about my workouts and am . . . → Read More: Half Marathon Recap: Milk on the Run

Bumps In the Road

I wish I were writing a blog post about how awesome my training was going for the half marathon. I had a few weeks there where I was doing so well–I even lost 8 pounds! And I worked up to running 22 consecutive minutes. Previous me might have scoffed at such a feat, but . . . → Read More: Bumps In the Road

Athletic Training with Two Kiddos

When I last wrote about Jen Ellefson, we discussed her training for an Alaskan marathon (in winter!!) after the birth of her first child. It’s a tough argument to make that there’s something harder than training for a marathon in an Alaskan winter…but continuing a workout regimen with two young children just might take . . . → Read More: Athletic Training with Two Kiddos

Ask Judy: Abdominal Diastasis And Exercise

Hi Judy! I love your blog, the advice is always so helpful. I have a question about post-partum exercise that I was hoping you would be able to help me with.

My baby is 11 mo old and i still have abodominal diastasis (separation of my abodminal musculature). I am a healthy weight and . . . → Read More: Ask Judy: Abdominal Diastasis And Exercise

Postpartum Belly Buster

By Helene Byrne

Lots of new moms assume that they should do lots of crunches to firm up their mummy-tummies, when in fact, these types of exercises can do more harm than good in the initial postpartum period.

The problem with exercises like crunches and oblique curls, is that they primarily work the external . . . → Read More: Postpartum Belly Buster