Struggling to Find Balance

I’m having a hard time finding balance in my life lately. I’m not finding time to exercise without the children–and I’m not making space to exercise with them along. 

Between school cancellations and stomach bugs, I’ve had a hard time getting childcare to get my part-time work done.

My baby is getting his canine . . . → Read More: Struggling to Find Balance

Self Care for Mothers

I’m not the best at self care. I’m not alone in this–many, many sources discuss self care and how mothers aren’t taking the time to practice it. We’re so busy caring for everyone else in our families! But it’s so vital that we care for ourselves, fill our own tanks so we have enough . . . → Read More: Self Care for Mothers

Journey Back to Fitness: A Year in Review

About a year ago, I had the prophetic dream that led to me training for the half marathon alongside my friend. Since then, I’ve run the half marathon, a 10K, and then a 10-mile race this fall. My husband and I also signed up for a Turkey Trot near where we’ll be for Thanksgiving.

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Just a Half Hour?

In the spirit of the fitness challenge we wrote about earlier this week, I want to talk about what a challenge I’ve been having maintaining my own fitness goals. I am having a heck of a time finding a half hour to go for a run.

There are heavy, heavy kids in there . . . → Read More: Just a Half Hour?

Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe!

A National Fitness Challenge to Urge America to Back Breastfeeding and Sweat for the Love of Moms and Babies!

Every year, millions of Americans donate billions to find cures for diseases via walkathons, 5ks, or similar events. Meanwhile, breastfeeding — one of the single most important preventative measures against infections, viruses and life-threatening . . . → Read More: Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe!

Get Up And Move

The other day I was kind of sad because I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and realized that I have gained about 8 lbs since Halloween – and there are more holidays to come! So I was on Twitter, tweeting about my lack of motivation and a friend of my introduced me to . . . → Read More: Get Up And Move

Breastfeeding, Exercise And Weight Loss

By Megan Adams

The female body is amazing and powerful. It provides your child with nourishing food for as long as you choose to breastfeed. Planning a nutritious menu day in and day out paired with an ample amount of water gives your body the fuel to do it all. Working out can only . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding, Exercise And Weight Loss