Struggling to Find Balance

I’m having a hard time finding balance in my life lately. I’m not finding time to exercise without the children–and I’m not making space to exercise with them along. 

Between school cancellations and stomach bugs, I’ve had a hard time getting childcare to get my part-time work done.

My baby is getting his canine . . . → Read More: Struggling to Find Balance

How to Spend Your Maternity Leave

While pregnant with my first child, I had visions of a decadent maternity leave. The first week, I imagined, I’d probably be a bit sore and tired, so I’d likely sleep a lot and just chill with my family. After that, since babies sleep all the time, I planned to do All. The. Things. . . . → Read More: How to Spend Your Maternity Leave

Setting Intentions for the New Year

I don’t like the word “resolution,” mostly because it seems too strict for me right now. If I resolve to do something in January, it’s more of a binding contract than if I intend to do it. As a mom with 3 young sons, I don’t have time for binding contracts!

I’m really trying to keep my intentions . . . → Read More: Setting Intentions for the New Year

Sleep Like an Actual Baby

For years, I’ve thought the phrase “sleep like a baby” was some sort of mean euphemism. My two older boys still don’t sleep very well at 5 and 2 years old. The oldest one basically sleeps through the night now (unless he has a potty accident), but for about two years, he slept 90 . . . → Read More: Sleep Like an Actual Baby

Camp Grandma Underway!

Well, I did it. I left my children with my parents and drove away back home to Pittsburgh. I almost backed out and brought my Felix back with me–when I got up in the morning he ran over and asked me to cuddle him and I just melted into a pile of mush.

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Nightweaning, For Real

Months ago, we started thinking about nightweaning. Felix is 20 months old today and still up at least twice a night, for an hour at a time. Ours is not a baby who sucks for a few seconds and drifts back into beautiful sleep. No, Felix fidgets frantically while he nurses in the middle . . . → Read More: Nightweaning, For Real

On the Road Again

We’re getting ready to travel for Thanksgiving. Last year, my big concerns involved making it through our road trip without my baby crying too much–he’s never liked car travel. Thankfully, that part has gotten better. My new dread is the disrupted sleep that comes with any sort of routine change for my kids.

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