Duct Work: Unplugging a Block

I spent most of last weekend texting pictures of my side-boob to my friends. Is this a plugged duct or an insect bite? 

Thankfully, I have friends who support me through these sorts of messages. I recently became accredited as a peer breastfeeding counselor through Breastfeeding USA, which might explain why I have so many friends willing . . . → Read More: Duct Work: Unplugging a Block

Race Day Lactation Logistics

The big day is finally here: my half-marathon takes place this Sunday! I’m excited to announce my main problems this week are worrying about getting to the start line (most of the roads leading to/from my house are along the marathon route and will be closed) and…what the heck to do about my milk . . . → Read More: Race Day Lactation Logistics

Ways To Increase Milk Supply – BEFORE Your Baby Arrives

I recently attending a conference taught by Diana West, author of Making More Milk. She gave us some great tips on ways to help new moms make more milk – so I thought I would pass some of them along.

Today’s tip is how to maximize your milk production – and you can start . . . → Read More: Ways To Increase Milk Supply – BEFORE Your Baby Arrives