Ways To Increase Milk Supply – BEFORE Your Baby Arrives

I recently attending a conference taught by Diana West, author of Making More Milk. She gave us some great tips on ways to help new moms make more milk – so I thought I would pass some of them along.

Today’s tip is how to maximize your milk production – and you can start BEFORE your baby arrives!

This technique may not be for everyone – this is for mom’s who think they might have a low milk supply because they did with a previous baby or there is some other reason why they expect their supply to be low (medical or physical limitation). You can actually start preparing your body to make milk BEFORE your baby arrives.

This is an ancient technique which was recently discovered in Australia – you can actually hand-express milk while you are still pregnant – beginning during the 35th week. (NOTE: This does not mean using a pump).

  • Use gentle hand expression each day after taking a hot shower, when your breasts are still warm
  • Should be done once or twice per day
  • STOP if you have contractions or cramping during the hand-expression
  • You won’t get much of anything out – but you can use a periodontal syringe to draw up any expressed colustrum
  • This colostrum can then be frozen and can be used if needed as supplementation for your baby once he/she arrives

This small amount of gentle hand-expression has been shown to help new mothers to become familiar with their bodies and using hand-expression and and may actually help to increase milk supply after the baby arrives.

Disclaimer – always check with your physician before using a technique like this. Some moms may be prone to pre-term labor and should not use techniques like this.

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  • interesting, I never use that technique and got plenty of milk (I have a tendency to oversupply) but it might help mother with low supply!

    I do have to say that a good level of Iron before and after birth will greatly improve milk supply!

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