Guilt-Free “Candy” for Your Baby

My mother always makes¬†everyone¬†an Easter basket. She doesn’t care if you’re five days old or 35 years old. You get something in your basket (last year I got egg-shaped lip balm!).

Lucky for my mom and others looking to include wee babies in this Easter tradition, we’ve started carrying teethers that look like chocolate . . . → Read More: Guilt-Free “Candy” for Your Baby

Considering Teething Necklaces

My baby has started chewing on everything. Everything! Sometimes I find myself fishing gravel out of his mouth. He’s getting 4 teeth at once, I think.

Orange chew beads and bangles–pretty and sassy!

Lately, he’s been popping off the breast during feedings to gnaw on his nursing necklace. I’ve decided it’s time to . . . → Read More: Considering Teething Necklaces