Guilt-Free “Candy” for Your Baby

My mother always makes everyone an Easter basket. She doesn’t care if you’re five days old or 35 years old. You get something in your basket (last year I got egg-shaped lip balm!).silicone chocolate teether

Lucky for my mom and others looking to include wee babies in this Easter tradition, we’ve started carrying teethers that look like chocolate bars.

How cute are these? Made from sturdy silicone by Jellystone Designs, the folks who make our other teething/chewable jewelry products, these teethers will withstand the best your chomping baby can bring (and these are gentle on the gums, too).

The teethers will make an excellent addition to your family’s play kitchen once baby has all his molars. Plus, as the manufacturer reminds us, they are both fat and sugar free.

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