Nightweaning, For Real

Months ago, we started thinking about nightweaning. Felix is 20 months old today and still up at least twice a night, for an hour at a time. Ours is not a baby who sucks for a few seconds and drifts back into beautiful sleep. No, Felix fidgets frantically while he nurses in the middle . . . → Read More: Nightweaning, For Real

Sound Sleepers

When I was in junior high school, I went to a week-long camp with people from my church. I remember our pastor told us he never wakes up in the night once he’s gone to sleep. He said, “I just turn all my concerns over to God and I sleep straight through until morning.”

. . . → Read More: Sound Sleepers

Night Weaning

My kids don’t sleep for very long intervals. At our house, the phrase “sleep like a baby” is code for “wake up every 2 hours” or “only fall begrudgingly asleep after extensive marching, jiggling, and rending of clothes by your grown-ups.”

My Felix, at 17 months, still wakes twice each night. This is sort . . . → Read More: Night Weaning

Tired Days

Last night, my baby was up every hour, on the hour. He became inconsolable (wouldn’t even nurse!) at 3:30 and pretty much cried until he woke up his older brother. So then I had 2 kids awake for the day and I was operating on a few wee naps.

I will tell you right . . . → Read More: Tired Days

Time Change Woes

This was my 7th clock change as a parent. My very first clock change, I was terrified leading up to it because my older son was on such a precarious “almost rhythm.” In other words, he was totally unpredictable, but bed time was our one and only constant each day. It turned out that . . . → Read More: Time Change Woes