Setting Limits for Toddler Nursing

I come before you as a woman doing something I never thought I’d do: I’m nursing my 3-year-old…and my baby. But the 3-year-old! It’s so different nursing a great, big child. It’s often frustrating, but still rewarding enough that I haven’t felt it necessary to wean him.

What I have done is set limits . . . → Read More: Setting Limits for Toddler Nursing

Your Amazing Montgomery Glands

I’m tandem nursing my toddler and my infant. Currently, my toddler has some sort of virus. I’m nursing him more frequently to help hydrate him and sometimes that means popping one kid off the breast and immediately popping another kid on the same breast.

This diagram points out the various glands and features of . . . → Read More: Your Amazing Montgomery Glands

Breastfeeding When GI Bugs Strike

I dread January not because of the cold temperatures, but because the close, indoor contact with everyone else spreads nasty gastrointestinal illness. Last winter, the first time I tried parenting my two boys solo during my husband’s business trip, my toddler and I were struck with GI bug. And I was pregnant! It was . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding When GI Bugs Strike


Gymnurstics. My friend taught me this term. It refers to nursing a wiggling baby or a toddler, or nursing both of these at once. Or, in my most recent struggle, nursing a wriggling baby and trying to simultaneously pump my opposite breast.

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There have been a lot of gymnurstics at my . . . → Read More: Gymnurstics

Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Frustration Builds

For the most part, I’ve tried to keep a positive attitude about tandem nursing, because I do think it’s a nice and important thing that I’m doing for my boys. But sometimes, I just need to vent about how very hard it is!

Since I was pregnant, I’ve started feeling bothered by nursing my . . . → Read More: Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Frustration Builds

A (Pretty Good) Day in the Life with 3 Wee Ones

4am The baby wakes up to nurse and poop, but then we both fall back asleep.

6:30am The big boys have “slept in” but are now up and want to watch Curious George. We think this is a great idea, because it buys the rest of us 22 more minutes of sleep. We hear our eldest . . . → Read More: A (Pretty Good) Day in the Life with 3 Wee Ones

A (Rough) Day in the Life with 3 Wee Ones

5am: the baby wakes up and starts to poop, very loudly.

5:30am: he’s all done, ready to be cleaned up and looking to nurse

6am: well fed, clean, the baby drifts back to sleep just as the older 2 wake up and thunder down the hallway. They want to know if the iPad is . . . → Read More: A (Rough) Day in the Life with 3 Wee Ones