Nightweaning, For Real

Months ago, we started thinking about nightweaning. Felix is 20 months old today and still up at least twice a night, for an hour at a time. Ours is not a baby who sucks for a few seconds and drifts back into beautiful sleep. No, Felix fidgets frantically while he nurses in the middle . . . → Read More: Nightweaning, For Real

On the Road Again

We’re getting ready to travel for Thanksgiving. Last year, my big concerns involved making it through our road trip without my baby crying too much–he’s never liked car travel. Thankfully, that part has gotten better. My new dread is the disrupted sleep that comes with any sort of routine change for my kids.

It . . . → Read More: On the Road Again

Is It a Growth Spurt?

AKA: Why has my baby stopped sleeping and started nursing for multiple hours at a time?

Whenever a baby becomes particularly fussy after a period of seemingly normal behavior, people usually jump to two conclusions: teeth or growth spurt. But what is a growth spurt really and what does it mean for . . . → Read More: Is It a Growth Spurt?