Do You Ever Dream of a Vacation?

This morning, when I went to the bathroom, my kids became so frantic looking for me that the five-year-old proposed making a map to find me. Also? It’s February and -5 degrees F. Today, dear readers, I’m fantasizing about a vacation.

And not a vacation where I take my nursling along, either. While that . . . → Read More: Do You Ever Dream of a Vacation?

Flying Solo While Dad’s on the Road

My husband has to travel to Houston for work this weekend, which means I’m home alone with my kids from Friday morning until Sunday after bedtime. I’ve never done this before! I spent one 48-hour stretch alone with my older son, but all other times Corey has traveled, I’ve called in my mom or . . . → Read More: Flying Solo While Dad’s on the Road

On the Road Again

We’re getting ready to travel for Thanksgiving. Last year, my big concerns involved making it through our road trip without my baby crying too much–he’s never liked car travel. Thankfully, that part has gotten better. My new dread is the disrupted sleep that comes with any sort of routine change for my kids.

It . . . → Read More: On the Road Again