Emotional Diapering

My wee babe is a pretty avid eater, which is super new to me because my five-year-old and two-year-old still don’t really eat food. They live on zest and vinegar, it seems. But the baby will chomp down entire bagels, whole servings of gefilte fish, any sort of meat you shred for him…he’s hungry!

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“Get Out of Here, Winter” Party Plans

Is this how your family looks by this stage of winter? Not mine. We passed through that gleeful stage back in November and moved on to snarling at each other.

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Flying Solo While Dad’s on the Road

My husband has to travel to Houston for work this weekend, which means I’m home alone with my kids from Friday morning until Sunday after bedtime. I’ve never done this before! I spent one 48-hour stretch alone with my older son, but all other times Corey has traveled, I’ve called in my mom or . . . → Read More: Flying Solo While Dad’s on the Road

Sandwich Years

I recently learned the term “sandwich years“–it refers to this time period in our lives where we are caring for our own young children but also gearing up to (or already providing) care for our parents. Sandwiched between different layers of caregiving. The meat of an intense, emotional sandwich.

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This Moment?

I often find myself reading Soule Mama‘s blog, because it’s lovely. Isn’t it lovely to think about a family in Maine, harvesting their own vegetables and gathering daily eggs from their chickens? Shearing their own sheep, carding the wool, spinning it, dyeing it, and knitting sweaters? Really, it’s inspiring. Sometimes, I put my computer . . . → Read More: This Moment?

Feeling Recognized

A few nights ago, my husband and I went to his friend’s birthday party. My husband is a long, lanky cyclist and so all his friends are long and lanky with single-digit body fat. Some of them are ultra-marathoners or triathletes.┬áThose┬ákind of people.

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Back to School!

It’s back to school day for my family. This year, it’s also back to work time for me (happily, I’m not pumping since my wee babe is 16 months old now). I have my schedule set up just how I like it this year: I’ll be working 2 full days while my older son . . . → Read More: Back to School!