Local Support Is Essential For Any New Mom

If you decide to breast or bottle feed, work or stay home, or a combo of everything- You need a support system that understand you and can help when you have questions.

Two places that you can check out for a group local to you are La Leche League International or MOPS.

La Leche League is more than just a breastfeeding support group. The group local to the Pittsburgh Airport has always been there for mom for more than just soreness. They have a lending library with books from everything on the art of breastfeeding to babywearing and the ever popular to vax or not to vax debate.  You can call any of the leaders- they are patient and understanding as you describe any problem you may be having- even if you were too afraid to call the doctor first they can listen and answer with personal experience. They are not doctors but personally I’d rather a fellow mom’s advice over a 90 year old man who’s never personally experienced engorged breasts!

The other group I mentioned is Mothers of Preschoolers aka MOPS. What a wonderful way to get out of the house and be around other moms of youngsters that are currently or have recently been in the same situations as you. At the mall with your toddler and baby and no matter how many times you ask he does not have to go potty- until you are half a mile away from a restroom and in a dressing room nakked! You know how it is and if your oldest is still just an infant well you will soon know!

Are you currently or a previous member of one of these great groups?
What was it like for you?
Are you still friends with the mothers now that your children are grown and have minds of their own?

4 comments to Local Support Is Essential For Any New Mom

  • Get involved with a mommy group as soon as you find out you are pregnant! You will really appreciate having BTDT moms to go to for advice and questions.

    Besides MOPS, there are a lot of smaller local groups at churches and online you can join. Check out Craigslist and other web-based free ad sites for listings about them. Or, if there doesn’t seem to be any in your area, start your own ( did!).

  • I absolutely love La Leche League. My church just started a MOPS group and for the first two months I was the only mom who showed up. We are not having a meeting this month so we’ll see how January goes. I also found a group of moms on meetup.com but have not been able to make it to very many things that they have had. I agree that you have to have other mommy friends to help support you.

  • Rebecca

    I just recently went to a MOPS meeting. It was a very friendly group of women and I enjoyed myself, but do be aware that they are a Christian (non-demoninational) based group. Just in case that makes you uncomfortable. At the group I went to there was no pressure, but there were several prayers said.

  • Oh man, I LOVE LOVE LOVE La Leche League. These gals helped me so much! I had a consultant help me with some cracked, bleeding nipples when I first started nursing again after 10 years. The support was wonderful, and made all the difference for me. I stuck through it, worked out the problem (bad latch) and was able to nurse my third and now fourth child successfully. Now, we’re planning a 5th baby and I can’t wait to nurse again, thanks to these wonderful ladies.

    We do have a MOPS group here, but I’ve not participated with them yet. It’s so hard to get out of the house! I’m also homeschooling my 7th grader, and run three blogs myself, so leaving to go to MOPS just hasn’t quite been able to squeeze in my schedule just yet.

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