Post Partum Support Bands By Belly Banit- More Than Just Supportive!

Okay, if you have had a baby then you know that the hour that precious bundle of joy is born your tummy does not instantly flatten to pre-baby days. If you are currently pregnant with your first- Guess what? It can take months to get your old body back!

Now there is help. Belly Bandit has a line of oh-so-cute post partum support bands. From the eco-friendly bamboo fabric to the unique coulture designs they make that extra jiggly roll okay to have! So what exactly is a support band anyway?

  • Helps you to loose inches faster
  • Helps minimize stretch marks
  • Reduces Discomfort
  • Speeds the healing process post partum
  • Improves posture
  • Helps to reduce pressure on back and legs
  • Helps minimize swelling
  • Provides support for breastfeeding
  • Adds abdominal support after a c-section

Many women found it helpful to wear the band post baby as they noticed that not only were they sitting straighter, it also helped support their back and stomach while nursing baby. Because let’s face it after nine months of stretching our muscles need all the support they can get!

It’s not just for post partum! So you had your baby 6-months ago, maybe it’s even been over a year- or maybe you haven’t even had a baby. You can still wear the Belly Bandit. Not only does it help hold you in and give you the support you need. It is also a reminder to keep that good posture and engage in your core.
The Belly Bandit was just voted one of the TOP 100 Best Products in 2009 by Pregnancy Magazine and will be featured in the December 23 issue. Please visit our boutique shop for more information on the Belly Bandit and you can be sporting one like many celebrities (i.e. Jessica Alba)

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