Post Partum Support Bands By Belly Banit- More Than Just Supportive!

Okay, if you have had a baby then you know that the hour that precious bundle of joy is born your tummy does not instantly flatten to pre-baby days. If you are currently pregnant with your first- Guess what? It can take months to get your old body back!

Now there is help. Belly . . . → Read More: Post Partum Support Bands By Belly Banit- More Than Just Supportive!

Thank a Doula for Labor Day!

If I had a time-turner and could go back to my first pregnancy to change one thing, I would hire a doula to support me in my labor.

I had a doula the second and third time and can’t begin to tell you what a difference it made!

A doula is, simply, a non-medical, . . . → Read More: Thank a Doula for Labor Day!

What’s the Difference Between LC, IBCLC, CLE, etc.?

There’s a lot of letters being thrown around in reference to lactation. People are offering advice, billing insurance, not billing insurance and asking a lot of questions about issues pertaining to nursing babies. We thought we’d take some time to classify all the different letter options out there to help you pick which lactation . . . → Read More: What’s the Difference Between LC, IBCLC, CLE, etc.?

Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Good Beginnings

One of the only things I accurately predicted about new motherhood was that breastfeeding was something I couldn’t study from a book beforehand. Sure, I knew the basics of it all and had a bare-bones understanding of human lactation, but nothing quite prepared me for what it would feel like to nurse that baby…all . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Good Beginnings

My Nursing Partner

My husband is such a great nursing supporter. Because I am a total jabber-jaws and

My husband, Corey, and our youngest son, Felix.

nursing enthusiast, he’s been privy to a lot of lactation education at home. Every time I return from a La Leche League meeting or appointment with a lactation consultant, he listens . . . → Read More: My Nursing Partner

Pittsburgh IBCLC Named “Pediatric Hero”

Dr. Nancy Brent, MD, IBCLC, pediatric hero

Our city is so lucky to have a Breastfeeding Center where moms can go to meet with both a lactation consultant and a pediatrician (who is also an IBCLC) to discuss questions, problems, successes, goals…anything related to breastfeeding. It’s a truly wonderful medical establishment. I’ve been . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh IBCLC Named “Pediatric Hero”

Support With Integrity

Have you heard of the Support With Integrity Pledge? Developed by Earth Mama Angel Baby, this pledge is about supporting moms and their choice and not being judgmental. It’s about normalizing breastfeeding and removing barriers that prevent moms from reaching their own breastfeeding goals. Whatever those goals may be. It’s not about breastfeeding . . . → Read More: Support With Integrity