Avoiding Engorgement And Other Over Production Pains

Today’s tips come from one of our readers. Brandy sent in her story and I just had to share with you, because as you know- take the advice from those who have been there! You never know what will work for you.

Maybe I’m just lucky?  Or maybe I have had some GREAT advice over the years?  I’m leaning more towards the great advice because I know that I am far from being a “lucky person”.

I have 3 daughters, all whom I have nursed.  My oldest is 10 and nursed til she was about 18mo.  I was never engorged, I never wore nursing pads. My middle daughter is 4, she nursed til she was about 2 1/2.  I was never engorged, I never wore nursing pads. My youngest is 2 1/2, and she just recently weaned (I nursed through her pregnancy and she Tandem nursed with her sister).  I was never engorged, I never wore nursing pads. Are you seeing a trend here?  I have never had one ailment such as Plugged Ducts or Mastitis.  People said I was lucky, but really I’m not.  I was told when I had my very first daughter to nurse her whenever I needed to.

That’s right “I”.  I think that was the best advice that was ever given to me about nursing.  She told me if I needed to nurse to pick up that sleeping baby and let her latch on.  Let’s face it….most newborns sleep a lot!  Most mothers of newborn babies produce a lot.  So when you feel that tingle, that feverish flush, you know… the feeling right before let down, grab your baby and let them nurse.    I have used this advice with all of my children.  It even works as they get older.  I’m not saying to force feed your children, all I am saying is let them take a little when you need them to.  This makes for a healthier, happier and pain free mama! I hope passing this advice on can help someone else the way it helped me.

Brandy ~ Texas, USA


What are your tips for a painless breastfeeding experience?  We would love to hear them! Feel free to leave a comment here- or use our contact form if you’d like to be published here as one of our guest bloggers!

2 comments to Avoiding Engorgement And Other Over Production Pains

  • Denise

    Again this is great advice! I experienced engorgement and leaking much more with my first child than my second. With my second I don’t even need pads or anything- he was born at home and nursed on demand since the moment of this birth, so my supply regulated to his appetite almost immediately.

  • Hmmm, I wonder if this would have helped a lot in the beginning for me. I was pretty sore and always soaking pads. Course I guess some women produce more than others. But I was worried about nursing on a schedule or at least not every single time she cried so she wouldn’t comfort nurse – blah blah blah. Now I know that’s ridiculous. lol I really think having my second child will be much easier than my first because I’m not worried about doing everything “right” anymore.

    Great advice!

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