Sorting Kids’ Seasonal Wardrobes

I need some pointers. I’ve finally reached a point where my bins of kids’ clothes are not organized, where I have no idea if anyone has pants that fit, and what to do with all the extra stuff that nobody pile of folded clothesfits into at the moment. It was all manageable until I had 3 kids. Now, it’s a mess! Here’s what I’m working with:

I have three sons, aged 5.5, nearly-3, and 7-months. The baby is wearing 18-month stuff I just took off my toddler a few months ago. The big kid blows through knees on his pants on the reg, so I’m nearly certain there just aren’t any bigger pants hiding anywhere. He’s also been pretty rough on shirts, so I might have gotten rid of those, too.

My boys are all sort of in between sizes and we’re in between seasons. Nobody seems to have any sweaters that fit. Nobody has anything nice to wear to Seder. I simply cannot locate a 3T bin and my toddler needs pajamas.

I’d like to know how people plan ahead and buy clothes. It’s almost spring. What should I be shopping for? How should I store it?

What specifically do you do as the kids outgrow clothes? Do you revisit piles once a month? Sure, I have labeled bins in the basement, but it’s a pain to go down there and get to them. Maybe I need to just get over it?

I’d love your best tips on managing your kids’ wardrobes as they change sizes and seasons! Leave a comment to share your advice. 

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