Celebrating Each Other

We did it! We went on 2/3 of a date for our anniversary. We almost didn’t do anything to celebrate, since we’d had a wonderful weekend together as a family and we’re neck-deep preparing our house to show and sell it. But we decided we could manage 2/3 of a date at the grocery store.

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Making Space for Romance with Young Babies at Home

Strangers sometimes ask me when I’m going to have another baby, because strangers ask inappropriate questions like this all the time. I usually laugh at them, because who has time to conceive another baby with 3 young kids at home?

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Celebrating My Sweetheart

Today is my wedding anniversary. Isn’t that wonderful? I’ve been married since 2007, and because I still don’t get very much sleep I have to keep thinking about how many years that’s been. Fewer than 50, more than 5.

Happy Anniversary, Corey!

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