Savoring Baby When My Big Kids Go Back to School

My older boys started school this week–1 off to first grade and another off to preschool. I’m still working part-time and so, 1 day each week, I have delicious time alone with my third baby. I’m so thankful I get this day–now that I’m a seasoned mom and 1 child feels easy in comparison to my usual herd of 3 boys.empty swings

What might we do together? Maybe we’ll spend an hour cuddling on the couch. Maybe we’ll gaze into each other’s eyes. Maybe I’ll sit back and watch him in the bathtub, just enjoying figuring out how water works between his fat little fingers.

Most likely? We’ll do a little of that, but we’ll run all sorts of errands and clean the house and prep all sorts of food.

Let’s face it. Once you have 3 kids, running errands with just 1 of them feels like a spa vacation. And this baby, who has no desire to be a baby, spends all time apart from his brothers searching for them. He looks behind doorways and under furniture. He teeters into their bedroom and checks their beds. It’s as if he’s saying where are those big, loud people? I have some chasing and playing and rough-housing to do!

I am definitely looking forward to some quiet time spent nursing him during the day, since increasingly he’s far too busy to do that and only wants to nurse at night. All night long.

There is still something delicious about time “just” spent on household responsibilities, together with my baby. This baby doesn’t freak out about his car seat. He doesn’t talk yet, and so he doesn’t beg me for sugary cereal. He sits in the cart and looks at me; we laugh together. It’s almost like going shopping with a friend. Plus he doesn’t tell on me if I stop to get a third espresso.

Are you spending time home with just one child now that school’s begun? Leave us a comment to share your favorite pass-time.

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