Celebrating Each Other

date at the grocery storeWe did it! We went on 2/3 of a date for our anniversary. We almost didn’t do anything to celebrate, since we’d had a wonderful weekend together as a family and we’re neck-deep preparing our house to show and sell it. But we decided we could manage 2/3 of a date at the grocery store.

It sounds so silly to talk about it that way, but our grocery store has a free childcare center inside for kids 3 and up. Our older 2 boys love going there, and we can take the baby along to the cafe, where the food is sort of decent and we can even order beer!

Our little third wheel was very content to chew on the table while we talked about how far we’ve come since our first anniversary trip to Tuscany. There was even a guitar player doing an instrumental version of “Fields of Gold.”

champagne at sunsetAll in all, not a terrible way to spend an evening! We capped off the evening sorting the kids’ toys into boxes while we re-watched episodes of Mad Men. 

I’ll be very honest, though. Next year, I will really look forward to a totally child-free evening with my husband!

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversary? Leave us a comment to share your story!

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