Family Info Cards for Babysitters

Once I had more than one child, it got trickier to keep writing notes for new caregivers. We had to repeatedly write out our address, both of our contact information, allergy info…it just got to be a lot. I also kept meeting new families I wanted to connect with again, but never had my phone handy to take down family info cards for babysitterstheir info.

We started making cards with our family’s information on them so we’d have something handy to meet both needs. On the front, I put a picture of my boys and a smaller picture of my husband and me. On the back, I’ve got our cell numbers, our address, our emails.

Some iterations had included our wifi information (in case sitters are here while kids are sleeping), but I decided not to keep that on there because I didn’t really want to hand out that info to new parents I wanted to contact again.

Other uses: they fit nicely into the info tag slots on our luggage and even on the backs of the kids’ car seats.

The info cards have been wonderful especially as my oldest son started school. He keeps a few in his backpack, so when he makes friends and wants to hang out with them outside of school, I tell him to give out a card. Now, whether he does and whether the card makes it to the other kid’s parents?? I have no idea.

I haven’t updated our cards since my second son was a baby. Now we have a third son! This made my oldest upset. You can see in the picture he drew in our baby and added his name to the bottom. He takes our family cards very seriously!

How do you update your new sitters/new friends with your contact info? Leave us a comment to share your experience!

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