Racing to My Nursling

I did it! I completed a leg of the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay just 8 months postpartum from my third kiddo. Last time I did a physical challenge like this, I was exactly one year postpartum from my second son. I ran a half-marathon that time, but this time around training for a half marathon did . . . → Read More: Racing to My Nursling

Timing a Workout Around a Nursling

Once again, it’s marathon season in Pittsburgh and a friend has convinced me to start training for the relay race even though I have a tiny nursling at home. Ok, he’s anything but tiny–but he’s young and pretty dependent on my milk! Last time around, my baby turned one the day of the race. . . . → Read More: Timing a Workout Around a Nursling

A (Pretty Good) Day in the Life with 3 Wee Ones

4am The baby wakes up to nurse and poop, but then we both fall back asleep.

6:30am The big boys have “slept in” but are now up and want to watch Curious George. We think this is a great idea, because it buys the rest of us 22 more minutes of sleep. We hear our eldest . . . → Read More: A (Pretty Good) Day in the Life with 3 Wee Ones

Feeling Recognized

A few nights ago, my husband and I went to his friend’s birthday party. My husband is a long, lanky cyclist and so all his friends are long and lanky with single-digit body fat. Some of them are ultra-marathoners or triathletes. Those kind of people.

We started talking to a man I’d met a few times . . . → Read More: Feeling Recognized

Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe!

A National Fitness Challenge to Urge America to Back Breastfeeding and Sweat for the Love of Moms and Babies!

Every year, millions of Americans donate billions to find cures for diseases via walkathons, 5ks, or similar events. Meanwhile, breastfeeding — one of the single most important preventative measures against infections, viruses and life-threatening . . . → Read More: Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe!

Half Marathon Recap: Milk on the Run

If you’ve been following along, I trained for and ran a half marathon last weekend after my friend (and fellow nursing mother) had a prophetic dream that we did it.

Since January, I’ve worked to return to some semblance of my former, very fit self. I shifted my perspective about my workouts and am . . . → Read More: Half Marathon Recap: Milk on the Run

Race Day Lactation Logistics

The big day is finally here: my half-marathon takes place this Sunday! I’m excited to announce my main problems this week are worrying about getting to the start line (most of the roads leading to/from my house are along the marathon route and will be closed) and…what the heck to do about my milk . . . → Read More: Race Day Lactation Logistics