Just a Half Hour?

In the spirit of the fitness challenge we wrote about earlier this week, I want to talk about what a challenge I’ve been having maintaining my own fitness goals. I am having a heck of a time finding a half hour to go for a run.

There are heavy, heavy kids in there . . . → Read More: Just a Half Hour?

I Can Pump With a Little Help from My Friends

The other day, I had a string of meetings an appointments away from home. The last time this happened, I tried pumping in my car since I couldn’t think of another solution. This time, the particular part of town I visited was much too urban for car-pumping to feel comfortable. I couldn’t imagine pumping . . . → Read More: I Can Pump With a Little Help from My Friends

Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Good Beginnings

One of the only things I accurately predicted about new motherhood was that breastfeeding was something I couldn’t study from a book beforehand. Sure, I knew the basics of it all and had a bare-bones understanding of human lactation, but nothing quite prepared me for what it would feel like to nurse that baby…all . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Good Beginnings

My Nursing Partner

My husband is such a great nursing supporter. Because I am a total jabber-jaws and

My husband, Corey, and our youngest son, Felix.

nursing enthusiast, he’s been privy to a lot of lactation education at home. Every time I return from a La Leche League meeting or appointment with a lactation consultant, he listens . . . → Read More: My Nursing Partner

Be The Best Mom That You Can Be

It’s not about being “Mom Enough.” It’s about being the best mom that you can be for your children. What your child needs is different than what someone else’s child needs. It’s about supporting each mom NO MATTER WHAT. Do you know when a mom needs your support the most -when she is about . . . → Read More: Be The Best Mom That You Can Be