Be The Best Mom That You Can Be

It’s not about being “Mom Enough.” It’s about being the best mom that you can be for your children. What your child needs is different than what someone else’s child needs. It’s about supporting each mom NO MATTER WHAT. Do you know when a mom needs your support the most -when she is about to lose it. And pitting moms against moms doesn’t do anything more than sell magazines.

You choose to breastfeed, you choose to bottle feed, you choose to nurse beyond a year, you choose to nurse for 6 months, you choose to let your kids eat chocolate, you choose to take your child to a movie, you choose to go to the park in the rain – TO EACH HER OWN.

What did you do to support a mom today? With Mother’s Day coming up, let’s dream up ways that we can “help” each other.

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