Mother’s Boutique in the News!

Recently, store owner and founder Judy Masucci has been popping up all over the local and national media.[youtube]

It all began in early April when Judy was featured on Career 2.0, a Washington, D.C.-based blog for women who’ve “shed stable careers” to “launch their second act” in an entrepreneurial business. Judy’s story was included because she began A Mother’s Boutique after a career as a bio-tech executive.

For me, the most striking excerpt from this blog story was this: “On one occasion, her boss nonchalantly noted ‘It seems like you spend a lot of time with the door closed’ to which her riposte was: ‘Well … there are two reasons why this might be the case. I am either having a meeting with one of my 11 direct reports or I am pumping…so which would you like me to stop doing?’ The silence was deafening.”

Soon after this piece went live, Judy was featured in a Tribune-Review article about women seizing opportunities to start small businesses. The article talks about a growing trend of women beginning their own businesses–there are currently 9 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. compared to 5.4 million in 1997. This article emphasizes that Judy is still a workaholic, but she’s now doing work she loves on her own schedule and is able to accommodate the needs of her family, something she could not find in corporate America.

And then, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams chose to feature Judy in their own segment about American women starting businesses. A news crew came to the shop to film Judy and were fascinated to learn that all of her employees and contractors (like me!) were mothers, too. The whole business focuses on the needs of mothers as customers and employees.

A photography blog, Captivating Imagery, recently featured Judy for her skills fitting women into nursing bras, both in the Wexford store location and virtually if mom’s aren’t local. The piece highlights how A Mother’s Boutique seeks high-quality, attractive garments to fit all body types so moms can look good throughout pregnancy and  nursing. The article points out how Judy not only is a mom who employs moms, but many of her products also come from mother-owned small businesses around the world.

 We’re just so excited that Judy has been getting so much positive attention for her work supporting young families!

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