Virtual Bra Fitting®

Are you a new mom or mom-to-be? Do you know what size nursing bra you will need? Don’t worry -this post is designed to help you! I have developed a technique called “Virtual Bra Fittings®” for moms and moms-to-be to be able to get fitted for a nursing bra. There are LOTS of moms who don’t have a location nearby to get properly fitted for a nursing bra – so if that is your situation, then this post is for you. All I need for you to do is to answer a few simple questions. Once you do, I will generate your personalized Virtual Bra Fitting™ and you will be on your way to getting a great bra that fits properly.

What do I need from you?
If you would like to get a Virtual Bra Fitting®, please visit our website to sign up for your Virtual Bra Fitting®. Please gather the following information for your Virtual Fitting:
1) The size of the bra that you are currently wearing and a description of how it fits or doesn’t fit (e.g. are you spilling out of the cups, is the band riding up your back, does it offer enough support, etc – the more info you can give, the better!)
2) Your measurements – to get them you will need to take three measurements with a flexible measuring tape (the kind that a tailor uses – not the stiff kind that are used by handymen!). Then get someone to help you take your measurements (it is always easiest if someone can help you). To take your measurements, take off your shirt and make sure you have your best fitting bra on. Make sure that the bra isn’t tight in the cups so that you are able to get an accurate measurement.
1st measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body, but ABOVE your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
2nd measurement: take the same measurement as described above, but this time move the tape so that it is directly UNDER your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
3rd measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body over the largest part of your breasts (make sure you have your best fitting bra on). Make sure that your shoulders are back with your chest pointing out to get the most accurate measurement. This measurement should be a fitted, but loose measurement.
3) What type of bra you are looking for (e.g. lots of support, moderate support, underwire, no underwire, padding, no padding, pretty, plain, etc)
4) Are you currently pregnant? If not, how old is your baby?
5) If you are currently pregnant, how much has your size changed so far during your pregnancy?

That’s it – I will take the information that you leave (be sure to leave your email so that I can get in touch with you!) and I will send you your Virtual Bra Fitting® via email.

NOTE: We are no longer accepting comments on this post for our Virtual Bra fittings® – please visit our website to sign up for your fitting today.

Can’t believe it actually works? Read these testimonials:


  • “Wow—I can’t be happier! First of all, your customer service was so prompt, friendly and helpful! Secondly, the great reviews seemed too good to be true b/c I have such a difficult time getting good bras—nursing bras makes that doubles the difficulty! You filled my order so fast—the bras were here in just a day or two! I tried them on dreading which ones I’d have to send back—they BOTH fit and they fit SO well!!!! The virtual bra fitting and even more –just the description and customer reviews and the little notes such as 44F (fits G) were SO helpful and proved to be exactly what a person would need to get the proper wonderfully fitting bra! Thank you So very much!! I couldn’t be happier and more thankful to you and your services you provided!!! I will happily say that I am not returning ANY bras and know just where to go if I need more!!” Rachel H., Scranton, PA
  • “Thank you so much for all your help. This has been a great experience. I have been wearing the wrong bra size my entire life … I will be recommending you to all my nursing friends.” Brianne M., Palm Harbor, FL
  • “Thank you so much. It has really been a pleasure working with you! I have to say that I wish I could have gotten all my nursing bras from you! Your online fitting was just as accurate as the one I received in the local shop here, and you have a much more extensive selection than what was available locally. Your ability to recommend a bra that met my desires from the selection you have was fantastic.” Carla M., St Augustine, FL
  • “Thank you so very much! You are offering a most appreciated and amazing service – OMGOSH! I am so grateful that you are passionate about providing such a service! I am giddy!!!” Stacey M., Hunker, PA
  • “I received my bras today! I ordered 2 of the Vanessa’s. They are so comfortable and fit like a dream!! If only I had known about you 2 years ago (longer if I add in the 9 months of pregnancy that I wore nursing bras), I would have saved hundreds of dollars on ugly and uncomfortable bras. Thanks to your expertise with the virtual fitting and A Mother’s Boutique, I now know that nursing bras for large breasted women can be functional, flattering, and most importantly…comfortable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” Kelly H., Winter Park, FL
  • “I got my bra in the mail today! At first I thought it was too small, but once I adjusted the straps a little it fit PERFECTLY!!!! I’ve never worn a bra this comfortable before! It’s like nothing is there. Thank you so much!!!” Alison C., Farmington, MN
  • “Thanks so much, Judy! I really appreciate all of your help today. It’s so wonderful knowing that there is a place that I can go that actually carries my sizes!” Ann B., Pittsburgh, PA
  • “I got my nursing bras in the post today!!!! When I tell you they fit PERFECTLY… I am not kidding….. Thanks to your virtual fitting I AM SET! THANK YOU!!!!!” Danielle R., Gulfport, MS
  • “Love the owner of A Mother’s Boutique!! She emailed me for over 3 days to help me pick out nursing bra’s because I couldn’t make it out to her store. :)” Nicole S., Natrona Heights, PA
  • “I got my new bra today! (Thank you for the easy exchange!) It fits PERFECTLY!! That’s never happened to be before! Thank you so much for all of your help, Judy!” Keshia R., Calhoun, TN
  • “I appreciate the help, it’s nice to have a store that will actually get back to you and KNOW their products. I’ve been at a few other places and got the “well I don’t know” when just asking something simple. So thank you :)” Jenny S., Fort Ashby, WV
  • “Judy, You’re right, that bra was perfect. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the other bras you helped me select, too! I really thought I’d be happy if I just found one great bra, so as you can imagine, I’m over the moon :) I will certainly refer moms to your site whenever I can. Thanks again!” Amy R., Omaha NE
  • “Love love love the new nursing bras I just received in the mail from the ‘virtual fitting!’ The choices were spot on and fit perfectly!” Ali R., Plattsburgh, NY



181 comments to Virtual Bra Fitting®

  • Kim W

    I am 8 1/2 months pregnant. My biggest problem at this point is that there’s no space between my breasts & belly that the underwire is leaving marks. In general my problem is usually that bras spread my breasts out or the underwire either pokes me in the arm pits or wrapps clear around to my back. I need a nursing bra with no underwire that will offer support, not make it look like a smashed uni-boob, & not one that can only be worn under turtle necks b/c it comes up so high. Measurments 42, 36, 46. I alternate between 2 bras. The one I like the best is my 36G Affinitas Parfait Casey Plunge Molded Bra – it puts my breasts in front of me rather than under my arms & the underwire doesn’t poke me under the arms or wrapp around to my back. Cup fits well. This bra also allows me to wear scoop neck shirts. The other bra I wear but hate is a 36J Elila Microfiber Spacer. I bought this bra to give me a little room to grow into & support when they are sore. The cup is a little big, but I bet it will fit in a month or so. I hate this bra b/c it smashes my breast out & puts them in my arm pits. So much so that my shirt sometimes sag in the middle. I also cannot wear scoop neck shirt b/c it shows if I move. I like it b/c it provides good back support & the underwire doesn’t wrap around to my back. I’m so frustrated!!

  • Deborah

    I currently wear a XXL Nursing Cami. It gives very little support. I am very full figured and am still looking for better supportive bras. Up till the month before my daughter was born I was wearing size 38H soft cup bras. They fit very well, were supportive where I needed them to be and fit very well in the cup. I have worn them once or twice since having my daughter and they still fit well they just aren’t easy to wear while nursing. Measurements: Top 40 in, Bottom 34 in, Bust 45 in
    I am looking for a bra with an underwire with a lot of support. I don’t want any padding in the bra since I am quite large already. I am also looking for a relatively cheap good quality bra. I am planning on feeding for a year. My daughter is a month old.

  • Kaleigh

    I am currently wearing 42DD. I have a bunch of issues… spilling out of the cups, the band rides up my back and it does not offer enough support. My back always hurts.
    1. 43.25
    2. 40.25
    3. 49
    I would like more support, underwire and a little padding. I am 21 weeks pregnant. My bra size has been wrong for a while so I sure it has gone up. I just want to find that perfect bra until my son gets here then find a couple more after so I will have a better idea where I will be. Thank you so much.

  • Liz F

    I am curious–how do I leave an accurate measurement if the cup sizes are way too snug? My milk came in and now my 38I’s are too small :( Baby is 17 days old. TIA

  • Hi Liz, that is one of the challenges of doing bra fittings. The measurements are actually only as good as the bra you are wearing. That is why I ask all of the other questions that I ask. So go ahead and take your measurements and then answer the rest of the questions and we will do our best to get you a properly fitting bra. Thanks! ^Judy

  • […] a comment Dear Judy, I am curious–how do I leave an accurate measurement on your Virtual Bra Fittings if the cup sizes on my bra are way too snug? My milk came in and now my 38I’s are too small. […]

  • Bonnie Cantrell

    1) Took measurements while wearing a Lamaze soft cup underwire nursing bra size 42 DD on the last hooks. This bra annoys me because the cups Snap and are constantly coming Unsnapped. My other bra is a Gilligan&O’Malley Nursing underwire contour cup size 40 DD (I tried the same bra in 42 DD and it was too large in the cup) I spill out of the cups a little on the top especially on the right breast which is slightly larger than the left. The underwire doesn’t come to rest against my skin inbetween my breasts and instead pulls out slightly. I also wear this one on the last set of hooks. I always feel kind of like they are riding up my back and sliding off my shoulders.

    – 1st measurement: 39
    – 2nd measurement: 35
    – 3rd measurement: 45

    3) I’m looking for something that doesn’t cover my cleavage ;), is pretty and offers a decent amount of support.

    4) My son is 13 going on 14 months.

    I’ve never been able to find a bra that I really like the fit, feel and Look of. I look forward to your help!

  • Please help with fitting.

    1. I am currently wearing a 38GG (UK sizing). It fits pretty good but the straps constantly fall off my shoulders. I hate that.

    2. Above breasts – 40 in. Under breasts – 38 in. Around largest part of breasts – 48 in.

    3. I am looking for a supportive underwire nursing bra.

    4. I am currently pregnant.

    5. My bra size has gone up maybe a half a cup size.

    Thank you for your time. I had two soft cup nursing bras with my previous child and they were HORRIBLE!!!!!

  • Trying to determine my size for the “LLLI Hands Free Pumping Bra”. My measurements are listed:
    1. 34 inches (above)
    2. 37.5 inches (around breasts)
    3. 30 inches (below)

    My daughter is 3 months old.
    Thank you!

  • Rachel Airington

    I am wearing a 36D bra right now and my boobs are spilling over the cups and the band is riding up my back. It offers very little support.

    1. 38in (above)
    2. 32 1/2in (under)
    3. 39in

    I am looking for something with support, underwire and a thin layer of padding.

    I’m 31 weeks pregnant and my cup size has gone up a size.

  • Kerry

    At least I am not the only one who shares these frustrations. I am currently wearing a 38F but the underwires do not lie flat on to my chest at the top of the bra. 1st Measurement-38 2nd Measurement-34.5 3rd Measurement-43. I need at least moderate support and tend to prefer underwire bras. I am currently nursing and have an 8 month old.

  • Amy Marshall

    Hi! I am a newly nursing mother of an 8 week old. I have purchased 6, yes 6 nursing bras and NONE of them fit. I think they do in the store and then once I am home and wear them a day I realize they don’t! The closest one that fits is from JC Penny and it is a cotton microfiber bra size 36DD. I think my breast are too heavy because it rides up in the back. I am spilling out especially when it is close to feeding time. Under my clothes it makes my breast look wide and they sit really low if that makes sense? If I try to tighten the straps it just makes me fall out the bottom. HELP!!!!! I have a really small rib cag and a large cup size so any suggestions would be great!

    1. 33
    2. 27
    3. 37

    I would like a better supportive bra. I am used to underwire but the one I am currently wearing doesn’t have it. No padding as I am already full enough;)

    Thanks for your help!!!

  • Liz

    1) 38I – the band slips up my back, the cups feel kind of loose–but I did wear this bra right after my milk came in so I’m not entirely convinced it hasn’t been stretched out.
    – 1st measurement: 37″
    – 2nd measurement: 33″
    – 3rd measurement: 43″
    3) LOTS of support, no padding, no underwire, pretty and/or plain is fine.
    4) Baby is 1 month old
    5) n/a

  • Christy


    I’m currently comfortable in a 44E bra from Lane Bryant. My full coverage bra is mostly comfortable, but the underwires do tend to come up super far underneath my armpits (not a huge complaint) and when I get hot, I tend to chafe on the cups where they hit my growing bump. I wear an XL or XXL in most maternity clothes.

    My measurements:
    -44.5 above
    – 43 below breasts
    – 50 around breasts

    I am looking for a bra that “lifts and separates” as I tend to get really hot between my breasts. SO i’m not generally a HUGE fan of no-wire bras as they tend to make me look like I have a uniboob or they squish everything together all the time and it’s rather uncomfortable and unflattering. So i tend to gravitate towards underwire bras. I like ones made more of cloth than of satin/sheen materials, but will go with whatever fits the best.

    I am currently 29 weeks and I have gone up from a 42DDD (E) to a 44E/F – so not a WHOLE lot of growth, but noticible in the band area. (My favorite thing to do at the end of the day is take off my bra still cause it always feels constricting.)

    The bra I’m wearing now was professionally fitted – though she measured me for a 46F and the band seemed to be too loose or the cups too big on the bras I tried on, so the 44E seemed to fit the best.

    Otherwise, I’ve actually lost weight but just grown in the belly. (Went from a 18/20W down to a 14/16 and maybe smaller.)

    Hoping you can help! THANKS!

  • Crystal

    1. 34 H/I Spilling out of cups, middle does not touch chest wall. Band fits well.
    2. 37 3/4
    33 1/2
    43 3/4
    3. Lots of support, Lining or padding, plain or pretty but no lace, nude color
    4. no My son is 3 months

  • Emily

    Hi am starting my search for nursing bras.
    I am currently wearing a 32E Freya bra. It seems to fit pretty good. I went to my local bra shop and they fitted me into it.
    My measurements are 34 above, 39.5 bust, and 31.5 below.
    I was a 30DD or 30E before I got pregnant. I am 30 weeks pregnant with twins. I have 7 weeks at the most left until they are born.
    I prefer bras that have a molded cup or some padding to hide nursing pads. I also prefer underwire since they seem to have more support and better shape.

  • Amy

    I am looking to make sure I am ordering thr right size.
    Measurements are
    I am looking at the LLLI Vanessa Padded Nursing Bra
    My baby is one month old.
    I am at least a cup size bigger than I was before pregnancy. I would say a B or just smaller than a grapefruit.
    I have two old Medela Bras size 36B that are on the second line of hooks out of four lines. (This is my third pregnancy)
    Thank you

  • Emilee

    My above bust measurement is 34 inches. My below bust measurement is 30 inches. My across busy measurement is 40-41 inches, depending on the day. My best fitting bra is a 32i (the tag says 32g, but the sit I bought it from said that the label 32g was equivilant to a US 32i.) The band is snug, which is how I like it because it feels more supportive and secure, but I’m spilling over the top. I’ve fluctuated between this size and a 30g since I was a teenager. I’m currently 4 weeks postpartum with my second child and exclusively breast feeding. Thank you so much!

  • Heather

    1)36ddd I bought it when I was pregnant, I am currently spilling out of it and the band is to big around. Also it never offered enough support.

    2)1st measurement 37inches
    2nd measurement 33inches
    3rd measurement 40 1/2 to 41 inches

    3) I am looking for a bra with lots if support (I’m a big chested woman). I would prefer no underwire as I have never had a bra with underwire that fit comfortably (well I’ve never had a bra to really fit truly comfortably). I have plenty in my cups so padding isn’t important neither is what the bra looks like. Just that I can have a few bras that fit amazingly!

    4) My baby girl is 3weeks old yesterday.

  • Heather

    I forgot to mention I am breast feeding and will pUmp once I go back to work in several weeks.

  • Lauren

    Hello! I hope you can help! I currently am wearing a 38 D non-nursing bra. It’s also a minimizer which is what I like because I feel like it gives me a slimmer look instead of my chest just overwehlming me and making me wear larger shirt sizes than I need. My daughter is 7 months old and I have a nursing bra with no underwire because that is what the store here recommended. It gives me no support. I feel like I can’t move or jump around in it at all, and I am usually a very lively, active person so I feel restricted. Right now I just wear the non-nursing bra and lift it up to nurse, which of course has stretched it out. It used to fit pretty well, though. I wanted to buy a different one from the start but I’m on an incredibly tight budget and just couldn’t get myself to spend more money. I’m looking for an underwire bra with lots of support. Not currently pregnant (but hope to be within the next 5 months). Measurements: Above – 36.5; Below – 33.5; around breasts – 39.5. I was also wondering if you had any advice at all on a good sports bra. I will be teaching fitness classes almost every day and I just want to be confident working out in front of my students. Thanks and God bless!

  • Nikki

    I don’t live near anywhere that is able to fit me for a bra so I’m really hoping you can help because I’ve been having a huge struggle finding a nursing bra! I have a normal Freya bra that is a 32HH that fits good but as far as nursing bras I have an Anita underwire that is 32I and my boobs are popping out everywhere and I absolutely hate the way it makes my boobs look. I also have a Freya bra without underwire it’s a 32H and I also hate it! My boobs touch in the middle and it has no lift to it.
    My measurements are:
    1. 36.5
    2. 31
    3. 42
    I would like a nursing bra that has underwire and gives me lift and shape. I’ve been looking at the Licorice bra by Cake but don’t know what size to go with, but I’m open to whatever suggestions you have.
    Thank you so much! <3

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  • Heather E.

    I currently am wearing a 40 DD non nursing underwire that is comfortable on the underwire and sides, comfortable with decent support in the cups, but the top of the cups where the underwire meets sticks out, bending forward, creating a bump in my shirt. the straps even on the lowest setting seem to fall off. I have had 14 pregnancies, so have constantly been between sizes and haven’t bought a size recently.

    My measurements seem strange to me! But I took them with help twice with tailor’s tape:

    1st ( above, snug) 43 1/2 inches
    2nd (below, snug) 42 inches
    3rd (largest part, not too tight) 48

    I prefer to wear nursing bras and non underwires, but have a hard time finding one that doesnt lose its support for a full figured woman. I want the tops of my bra to touch my skin; it seems my top measurements have always been bigger than the bottom so when i buy for the bottom band the tops of the bras never it. It makes it seem as if I have a 3rd nipple in the middle of my chest and is extremely embarrassing! I would like a pretty bra, but will settle for anything that fits right now. I don’t usually buy with padding but like material that doesnt show the nipple outline in; so some light padding would be considered, I have large nipples that easily show through the thin sports bra type cotton and I would prefer not to draw attention that way.

    I am currently pregnant, and have already gotten sightly bigger, although I did not buy a new bra yet; my current bras feel tighter. I am 14 weeks.

  • I am currently wearing a 38DD. The cup fits ok but it rides up in the back and is not supportive enough. My breasts are fuller on the bottom so sometimes I have to much room in the top of the cup. I am currently breastfeeding. She is almost 6months old. I am looking for a supportive functional nursing bra… My left side is bigger(maybe 1/2 a size)so I like a bra with light lineing, it makes it less noticable.Pretty is not nessisary. I DO NOT WANT A MINIMIZER it effects my supply. Just some support and shape. My measurements are

    1. above-34inches
    2.below-34 inches

    thanks in advance.

  • Crystal

    1) I’m currently wearing a Fancee Free 42J. It fits well around but it seems like it separates my breasts really far making them appear as if they point outward. It doesn’t seem like it lifts them well enough.
    2) – 1st measurement: 42
    – 2nd measurement: 41.5
    – 3rd measurement: 51
    3) What type of bra you are looking for: Supportive lift,
    4) Baby is 13 months old

  • Jennifer

    1. I am currently spilling out of the top of the bra (four boob look). It is an underwire and I am also spilling out the sides of it. It is a Motherhood Maternity 40 F. The cups have their own shape with a thin amount of padding. It is a very low cut bra between the boobs and I don’t feel it provides any support. I feel like I am going to fall out of it.
    2. Above 43.5 inches, Below 37 inches, Across 47 inches.
    3. I need something with support and gives me a good shape. I need something that I can wear under any type of material so when I go back to work at the end of the month I can wear it to work under my business attire so I can pump at work. It doesn’t need to pretty I usually stick to neutral colors, black, white, nude. I don’t care if it’s underwire or not. I’ve always worn underwire, but I heard you shouldn’t when breastfeeding. I don’t want any padding. There’s already enough there, don’t need to add to it.
    4. I’m not pregnant, my little girl is 2 months old. I’ve been trying to make do with my local stores’ resources, but none of them have anything good that fits me properly.

  • Delaina

    i am in dire need of some help! i am breastfeeding my 2nd baby and cannot find a bra that fits. i have bought roughly 10 bras over my 2 years of nursing 2 babies. i am currently wearing an anita 5065 in size 38I. i feel it fits well in the band, doesnt ride up at all. the cups on the other hand are much too small, my breasts spill out and the under wire doesnt come anywere close to sitting on my chest the way it should and it pokes my little ones when they lay on my chest :(

    my measurements are 1: above the chest 43. 2: below chest 40. 3: largest part of bust 50.

    i am looking for a nusing bra with an underwire and lots of support other than that im not too picky since i have not had many options. i love the anita but it is just not the right size.

    i am not currently pregnant. i am exclusivly nursing my 6 month old and i pump daily for my 2 year old.

  • Katy rowan

    I thought I would try a virtual fitting because I can’t seem to get a good fit right now. I am currently nursing my 3.5 month old. My current bras feel loose in the band and are either to tight or loose in the cup depending on when baby fed. I want bras that don’t look like grandma bras and are low cut enough to wear with v necks that are easy to nurse in. My best fitting bra is a 38E from hot milk but I have to wear it on the tightest hook setting.

    My measurements as best I can tell are:
    38 above
    35 below
    41 across

    Thank you!

  • Sarah M

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    1) My “best” fitting bra right now is from Bravado & is a 34 J/K. It’s uncomfortably snug in the cups, but not super spilling out. The band sits nicely, but is very tight & uncomfortable after a few hours. Fairly supportive, but I still get sweaty around the band because my bust isn’t completely lifted.
    2) Measurements: 1st = 39.5″ 2nd = 33″ 3rd = 46″
    3) I’m looking for a bra that is supportive, pretty, no padding. I’m open to having underwires although they aren’t required. I want fully dropping cups, not the kind that have the “hole” to nurse through. I have somewhat narrow shoulders, so straps that aren’t too far out on the shoulders would be lovely. I’d like something that is very easy to clip/unclip one handed. I’d also love suggestions for a nursing tank, if one exists that’s big enough.
    4) My nursling is 7 weeks old

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  • Christie J

    I usually wear a sports bra and the ones i wear are so stretchy and have been washed so many times i have no idea what size they are. The bra that I currently wear when I’m not in a sports bra is a 36C. It feels too snug around my body and it rides up on my back. I am also spilling out of the top of the cups, more so on the right side than the left. My measurements in the sports bra that I normally wear are 35,40,35. In the other bra they were 36 1/2, 40, 33 1/2. I hate this bra which is why I am usually in a sports bra. It is just a cheapo that I bought from a dept store just to get me by until the baby comes and I could get something else. I never know how much I’m going to grow during a pregnancy. This pregnancy I seem to have increased a cup size so far. I am almost in my 29th week. My last pregnancy after the baby came my breast ballooned. They were huge and I lived in sports bras. And to be honest never really stopped wearing sports bras. They are just more comfy. I am looking for a bra with at least moderate support, no underwire, some padding is fine but nothing over the top, a plain bra is fine with me, comfort is key and is my main concern.

  • Kris O

    My best fitting bra is the Jayne wireless bra from Goddess. When I purchased it, I was told to go up two cup sizes, so ordered it in a 42K. I also have the Bravado Double Plus in XL, but I spill out the sides a little and it does not give full coverage for cleavage as it seems it’s supposed to.

    I did my measurements wearing the Goddess Jayne bra, which fits me pretty much perfectly (on the tightest hook), but the fabric causes chafing under my breasts.

    1. 44
    2. 42.5
    3. 52

    I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant and was spilling out of a 40DDD before pregnancy. So, My size has increased quite a bit. I probably should have been wearing a G cup before pregnancy.

    I’m looking for a wireless style and plan to both breastfeed and pump once baby girl is here. Right now, I need something comfortable that won’t chafe (I have chafing under my breasts daily right now).


  • Colleen

    1. I am currently wearing a Bravado 34 J/K (no underwire). The band does not ride up but by the end of the day it feels like it’s cutting into my sides (doesn’t leave marks but it’s very uncomfortable!). The straps tend to fall down. I’m sure it’s the lack of underwire but my breasts tend to sag down OVER the band, which is also uncomfortable, and they are rather smashed together in the front. Mostly there’s not enough support and the band hurts by the end of the day.

    For comparison’s sake, I also tried on my pre-baby Panache 34H (with underwire). The underwire seems to fit correctly on the sides, but does not quite lay down flat in the front between my breasts. I can’t tell if the band is comfortable because of the irritation from a day’s worth of the Bravado bra–at the very least, it does not ride up in the back.

    2. My measurements in the Bravado: 36.5/32/41.5. I also did them in the Panache bra, and got 37/32/42.

    3. I would eventually like an underwire bra, but for now I’m wearing it 24/7 (to hold nursing pads in place; I don’t like waking up in a puddle of milk!) so I need something without wires. I don’t care so much what it looks like as long as it’s not really obvious under shirts. I also prefer a bra that doesn’t have HUGE wide straps because I live in the south and hate having my bra straps showing under a tank top! My breasts are pretty heavy so I’d like moderate to lots of support.

    4. My baby is 3 weeks and 6 days old.

  • Tina B.

    1st measurement: (above breasts, snug) 33 inches
    2nd measurement: (under breasts, snug) 30 1/4 inches
    3rd measurement: (fullest part, not too snug) 34 inches

    The size of my current nursing bra is 36 C…it’s just too big…everywhere and the cups just sag and wrinkle. My nursling is 17 months old so my milk supply is very well established. My current bra is also no wire, and I really like that. I wouldn’t mind a lightly padded bra but it’s not an absolute necessity.

    I need comfort and I’d like it to be pretty.

  • Angela

    Help! I am so uncomfortable! I went to a bra fitter right after I had my first sone and she was the one who recommended the MEdela bras that I am currently wearing. they are falling apart and really don’t fit well. I am currently wearing a Medela 38D. It rides up in the back, not a lot support, spilling out of the sides but leaves red marks on my sides. My measurements are: 1st 35, 2nd 38, 3rd 42. I need support bad. I am always on the run because of my 2 year old. I want underwire, no padding, and I don’t really care if it is pretty but I would like to be able to wear scoop or v-necks. I would like something that is not going to fall apart on me too. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant My size did go up in the band and my breasts are more full then before. I was still nursing my son when I was first pregnant.

  • Kristina

    I hope you are still doing this. Jessica at the Leaky B@@b told me to check you out for a virtual bra fitting. My measurements are:
    My LO is 12 weeks old and EBF. I currently wear underwires, but I’m told it isn’t great for bf’ing. I keep having the same duct clog and I think it may be because of the underwire. I have 2 nursing bras from my first son that I currently wear. I went from an A to a C with my first, but settled at a B after I lost all my baby weight from him. I feel like I’m bigger this time around. The underwire doesn’t even touch my chest in one of the bras I have (a 40C). They just don’t fit right. I need more room. I’d like to be able to wear them with a tank top and breastfeed comfortably and easily in whatever I wear. They don’t have to be cute and I’d like to not spend a fortune. My husband is military and I’m a SAHM. I don’t like the idea of spending money on myself so it needs to be functional and reasonably priced. Thank you so much for your help!!

  • Erin P

    My current bra size is 36C, I wear it on the last hook and it gaps a small bit at the top outside of the cups. It has a support piece on the band near the cup that may be a flexible wire, I have another bra built the same way. My current measurements are 1. 34 2. 31 3. 38 1/2. I’m looking for a comfortable bra with good support that is cute and not too much coverage so it can be worn with lower cut shirts. I also have had a problem with plugged ducts and mastitis in the ducts that run underneath my arm. My baby is 11 weeks old. Thank you!!!!!

  • Emily

    I am currently wearing a 38i Anita 3058, the fit is ok but the underworked tend to poke in between my breasts and two of them have had the wire break through the fabric.

    Measurement 1: 38″
    Measurement 2: 37″
    Measurement 3: 47″

    I would like a bra with good support, underwire and rounded cups ( a small amount of padding would be nice too, but I won’t hold my breath ). My baby is currently 7 months old.

  • Emily

    In my last comment I put the wrong bra, I am actually wearing the Anita 5068

  • Amy

    currently in a 38B
    currently preggo not much changes yet
    looking for pratical but still want to feel sexy. maybe padded

  • […] also want to mention that Judy offers a free Virtual Bra fitting. I am lucky enough to have a place locally, but that is a luxury not everyone has. That’s why […]

  • […] out their blog for current mommy news. And did you know that A Mother’s Boutique offers a virtual bra-fitting service? After the challenges I had with my first postpartum nursing bras, I’m really looking forward […]

  • […] 1)     It is essential to know what size you are.  Did you know that studies suggest that over 70% of women are wearing the wrong size bra?  If you are pregnant or if you just had a baby – that number is probably even higher.  Your body is going through some pretty big changes – so even if you knew your size before… chances are you don’t anymore.  Get Fitted! If you have a local bra boutique – even if they don’t sell nursing bras – go and get fitted so that you know what size you are.  If you don’t have a local resource for getting a fitting (or if it’s just too difficult to get out with the kiddos in tow), then sign up for a Virtual Bra Fitting. […]

  • Kelly

    1) I am currently wearing a 36C. It fits pretty well.
    2) 33.5″, 31″, 35.5″
    3) moderate support, underwire, some padding (but not a lot), pretty (black is probably my favorite but I like other colors too, just not nude or white)
    4) no, I am still nursing my 18 month old
    5) n/a

  • Bethany Eskro

    Hi Judy- please help me! I am so desperate for a great fitting nursing bra!

    My 3rd baby is 3 weeks old and my milk supply has definitely regulated. I currently have a size 34 G Anita bra (no padding but it has an underwire) which is definitely too big in the band. The cups fit pretty well but the center does not lay flat across my chest (which I attribute to the large band). I’ve never been happy with this bra because it offers very little support and just feels too big.
    I also have a le leche league bra that is a 32 G. This bra actually fits pretty well except that it isn’t very supportive (despite an underwire). The straps do not stay tightened and I feel that the quality is just poor. I always feel that it would feel so much better if it just had better/shorter straps! The center lays nice and flat between my breasts and the cups fit very nicely.
    My last bra is a size 34 G Medela bra. I pretty much hate this bra. it have weird clasps that cannot be done one handed. The band rides up in the back and the cups and straps lack support, again, despite an underwire.

    When I’m not nursing I usually wear Fantasie bras in 30 F/FF (UK sizing). I love the brand and the fit. I would just have them altered, however, when I’m nursing I spill out of the cups, especially on the sides.
    I am looking for a great bra with lots of support, definitely an underwire, pretty to look at would be a major bonus! I’ve recently been looking at the Licorice Twist bra by Cake Lingerie and wonder if it’d be a good choice for me. I’m just so worried ill get the sizing wrong and end up unhappy once again.
    My measurements are-

    Thank you in advance for your time and advice!

  • Briana

    I look forward to seeing if you can help!

    Above: 32
    Over breast:35.5

    I am looking for something comfortable, support, underwire, something to lift the ladies off my rib cage. doesnt have to be “pretty” but I dont care for nudes.

    My current bra is a 36F, underwire, full coverage. I spill out over the top. More in the left. I do clasp it on the smallest hook. Seems to be in the center of my back as I would think is proper fit (?). My child is 4 months.

    I look forward to any help I can get :)

  • Christine Hazelett

    I am currently wearing a 36 E(DD) Medela wireless nursing bra. The cups fit well. I tend to be full toward the outside of my breasts so underwires are a no go for me (mastitis). The band is super uncomfortable. Rides up in the back hurts under my breasts if I make it tight enough to provide adequate support.
    1. 34
    2. 30
    3. 36
    I would love a wireless nursing bra with good support and no lace touching my skin. Pretty would be nice but comfort is key. Padded cups are ok, but not necessary.
    I am currently 7 months post partum, still exclusively breast feeding.

  • Hello, Thank you so much! I am needing a bra that fits sooo bad! Here are the answers to my questions.
    1. I am currently in a 38D. It is soooo uncomfortable. When I am full I am spilling out the top. It is also sooo tight around me. Completely uncomfortable. There is not enough support to help when I am full.


    3. I am looking for a comfortable bra. I would love to have a lot of support without unwires. I would like to have just a little bit of padding. Im not a big fan of lacy things because my skin is really sensitive also.

    4. I am not pregnant, but I do have a 3 month old that I nurse.


  • Stephanie

    I really hope you can help me- I’m pregnant with my first baby (due in 10 days!) and am so clueless about what to look for in a nursing bra. I’ve tried a couple of those maternity tank tops and they do not offer enough support at all! I want to have a good bra ready to go when the baby gets here so I can feel comfortable and supported when my milk comes in. My mother said her boobs grew a TON when her milk came in, so I don’t really know what to account for with cup size. Here’s my info:
    1. 34″
    2. 32″
    3. 38/38.5″
    I would really like something with lots of support and with molded cups or padding (no nipples showing through!), but no underwire. I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant and yes my boobs did grow at the very begining of my pregnancy. I currently wear a Dillard’s brand bra Modern Movements in 32DD which I would wear forever except it’s not a nursing bra and it has underwire.

    Thanks for your help!!!