Virtual Bra Fitting®

Are you a new mom or mom-to-be? Do you know what size nursing bra you will need? Don’t worry -this post is designed to help you! I have developed a technique called “Virtual Bra Fittings®” for moms and moms-to-be to be able to get fitted for a nursing bra. There are LOTS of moms who don’t have a location nearby to get properly fitted for a nursing bra – so if that is your situation, then this post is for you. All I need for you to do is to answer a few simple questions. Once you do, I will generate your personalized Virtual Bra Fitting™ and you will be on your way to getting a great bra that fits properly.

What do I need from you?
If you would like to get a Virtual Bra Fitting®, please visit our website to sign up for your Virtual Bra Fitting®. Please gather the following information for your Virtual Fitting:
1) The size of the bra that you are currently wearing and a description of how it fits or doesn’t fit (e.g. are you spilling out of the cups, is the band riding up your back, does it offer enough support, etc – the more info you can give, the better!)
2) Your measurements – to get them you will need to take three measurements with a flexible measuring tape (the kind that a tailor uses – not the stiff kind that are used by handymen!). Then get someone to help you take your measurements (it is always easiest if someone can help you). To take your measurements, take off your shirt and make sure you have your best fitting bra on. Make sure that the bra isn’t tight in the cups so that you are able to get an accurate measurement.
1st measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body, but ABOVE your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
2nd measurement: take the same measurement as described above, but this time move the tape so that it is directly UNDER your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
3rd measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body over the largest part of your breasts (make sure you have your best fitting bra on). Make sure that your shoulders are back with your chest pointing out to get the most accurate measurement. This measurement should be a fitted, but loose measurement.
3) What type of bra you are looking for (e.g. lots of support, moderate support, underwire, no underwire, padding, no padding, pretty, plain, etc)
4) Are you currently pregnant? If not, how old is your baby?
5) If you are currently pregnant, how much has your size changed so far during your pregnancy?

That’s it – I will take the information that you leave (be sure to leave your email so that I can get in touch with you!) and I will send you your Virtual Bra Fitting® via email.

NOTE: We are no longer accepting comments on this post for our Virtual Bra fittings® – please visit our website to sign up for your fitting today.

Can’t believe it actually works? Read these testimonials:


  • “Wow—I can’t be happier! First of all, your customer service was so prompt, friendly and helpful! Secondly, the great reviews seemed too good to be true b/c I have such a difficult time getting good bras—nursing bras makes that doubles the difficulty! You filled my order so fast—the bras were here in just a day or two! I tried them on dreading which ones I’d have to send back—they BOTH fit and they fit SO well!!!! The virtual bra fitting and even more –just the description and customer reviews and the little notes such as 44F (fits G) were SO helpful and proved to be exactly what a person would need to get the proper wonderfully fitting bra! Thank you So very much!! I couldn’t be happier and more thankful to you and your services you provided!!! I will happily say that I am not returning ANY bras and know just where to go if I need more!!” Rachel H., Scranton, PA
  • “Thank you so much for all your help. This has been a great experience. I have been wearing the wrong bra size my entire life … I will be recommending you to all my nursing friends.” Brianne M., Palm Harbor, FL
  • “Thank you so much. It has really been a pleasure working with you! I have to say that I wish I could have gotten all my nursing bras from you! Your online fitting was just as accurate as the one I received in the local shop here, and you have a much more extensive selection than what was available locally. Your ability to recommend a bra that met my desires from the selection you have was fantastic.” Carla M., St Augustine, FL
  • “Thank you so very much! You are offering a most appreciated and amazing service – OMGOSH! I am so grateful that you are passionate about providing such a service! I am giddy!!!” Stacey M., Hunker, PA
  • “I received my bras today! I ordered 2 of the Vanessa’s. They are so comfortable and fit like a dream!! If only I had known about you 2 years ago (longer if I add in the 9 months of pregnancy that I wore nursing bras), I would have saved hundreds of dollars on ugly and uncomfortable bras. Thanks to your expertise with the virtual fitting and A Mother’s Boutique, I now know that nursing bras for large breasted women can be functional, flattering, and most importantly…comfortable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” Kelly H., Winter Park, FL
  • “I got my bra in the mail today! At first I thought it was too small, but once I adjusted the straps a little it fit PERFECTLY!!!! I’ve never worn a bra this comfortable before! It’s like nothing is there. Thank you so much!!!” Alison C., Farmington, MN
  • “Thanks so much, Judy! I really appreciate all of your help today. It’s so wonderful knowing that there is a place that I can go that actually carries my sizes!” Ann B., Pittsburgh, PA
  • “I got my nursing bras in the post today!!!! When I tell you they fit PERFECTLY… I am not kidding….. Thanks to your virtual fitting I AM SET! THANK YOU!!!!!” Danielle R., Gulfport, MS
  • “Love the owner of A Mother’s Boutique!! She emailed me for over 3 days to help me pick out nursing bra’s because I couldn’t make it out to her store. :)” Nicole S., Natrona Heights, PA
  • “I got my new bra today! (Thank you for the easy exchange!) It fits PERFECTLY!! That’s never happened to be before! Thank you so much for all of your help, Judy!” Keshia R., Calhoun, TN
  • “I appreciate the help, it’s nice to have a store that will actually get back to you and KNOW their products. I’ve been at a few other places and got the “well I don’t know” when just asking something simple. So thank you :)” Jenny S., Fort Ashby, WV
  • “Judy, You’re right, that bra was perfect. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the other bras you helped me select, too! I really thought I’d be happy if I just found one great bra, so as you can imagine, I’m over the moon :) I will certainly refer moms to your site whenever I can. Thanks again!” Amy R., Omaha NE
  • “Love love love the new nursing bras I just received in the mail from the ‘virtual fitting!’ The choices were spot on and fit perfectly!” Ali R., Plattsburgh, NY



181 comments to Virtual Bra Fitting®

  • Kristel

    Hi, Judy,

    Thank you for your help and expert advice!

    1) I’m currently in a 38G, the largest size I could find locally. I used to be a 38 pre-baby. Now, I know that I’m at least a 40. I spill out slightly, more noticeably when I’m full. What I hate is that the straps dig into my shoulders deeply. I feel no support. It’s supposed to be a full coverage bra, but my breasts are always falling out of the cups in the center of the bra. I’m always adjusting.

    2) 46 in., 40 in., 52 in.

    3) I’m looking for support & to take some of the pain away from my shoulders. I would like padding since I’ve had ‘high beams’ on since my son was born. I’ve given up on pretty but definitely do not want an underwire–to many issues with mastitis as it is.

    4) My son will be 6 months on Saturday.

    Thank you in advance for your help!!!


  • Laura

    1)I am currently wearing a Bravado Silk size Medium w/o the pads on the tightest band setting. I’ve been wearing since mid-way through my pregnancy. I’ve had a problem in the past w/ the bands on bras being too tight when I breath.
    2)33.25, 28.25(exhaling)/30.5 (inhaling), 35.75
    3)I would like more support. Something with a little padding so that my nipples don’t show through. I would like at least one bra that is prettier for “date night” I like full coverage bras. In the past I’ve worn underwire bras, but not since I got pregnant. I still fluctuate about 1-2 cup sizes depending on how much my baby is eating. I like to be able to move in my bra (I do have a 10 mo to chase after). Thanks!
    4) 10 months.

  • Melissa

    1) currently in 32D, fitted at Nordstrom and was perfect for past year but now pregnant and body changing! They seem fine in the cups but the band is tight, they are both underwire and leave Marks between boobs after wearing all day, and straps slipping off shoulders more. I’m on the loosest clasp setting. But the cups don’t cut into the top of the boobs. They are Felina and On Gossamer brands.

    2) 37, 33.25, 37

    3) looking for nude and black t-shirt type smooth bras I can wear every day. I Like thin padding to cover nipples but not padded or pushup. I like underwire, but tried that once nursing and it seems like the cup is hard against the baby’s cheek when pulled down/open. Any suggestions there?

    4) I am 26 weeks pregnant, looking for something now thru nursing phase.

  • Malina

    1) Wacoal size 34DDD It is a pretty new bra from before I was pregnant. (I have not yet bought a nursing bra.) I stopped wearing it when I got pregnant, so it hasn’t stretched out or anything. I have the band on the loosest setting and it feels okay. The cup is slightly too small and I am spilling out a little in the middle.

    2) 37, 31, 41

    3) I need at least a few nursing bras. I like lots of support (I have been wearing nursing tanks the past 6 weeks. Not enough support!) I don’t really care one way or another about underwire, as long as it is supportive. I have never wore a bra without underwire (until I bought an Enell sports bra last year and found that I could get tons of support without underwire, so I am willing to try a nursing bra without it.)I am also not opposed to some thin padding as long as it doesn’t get in the way of folding down the cup to nurse, but I don’t necessarily need to have padding. I want at least one bra that I can feel sexy/pretty in, but I am good with plain ones, too. I need at least one option that comes in white. The others can be colored.

    This is my 5th baby, and I have found that the other nursing bras that I have tried (I won’t name the brand, but they are the only ones in my area that come in my size…) are too stretchy. The straps have parts that are stretchy, the bands have been quite elastic, and the cups have been made out of very stretchy material. It definitely doesn’t offer enough support. I need something that I can feel comfortable and confident in. I have spent over 4 out of the last 7 years, and I am sick of feeling frumpy and sagging just because I am nursing a baby.

    4) My little one is 6 weeks old tomorrow.

    Thank you so much!

  • Joy

    1) I am currently wearing a 32F, UK size (I was told this translates to a 32G US), and it fits well except that it’s a bit tight in the cup. I’ve tried in vain to find something in a store that fits well in the cup–they’ve all been too wide and not deep enough (34s and 36s are too wide, and Es are not deep enough).
    2) 1st measurement: 32 inches
    2nd measurement: 29.5 inches
    3rd measurement: 37 inches
    3) I’m looking for an economical nursing bra with plenty of support. I’m not picky about style and color (although pretty is a plus). I’d like it to be cotton (at least against the skin) and with no wire (for safest nursing).
    4) I am currently 5 months pregnant.

    Thank you so much for offering this!

  • Heidi

    1. I am currently wearing a 40F Anita brand bra. The band keeps riding up, I’m spilling out, my breasts tend to squish together, constantly having to separate them, the underwire never lays flat on my ribcage, I feel like there is no support – it looks like I am not even wearing a bra at all.

    2. 1st measurement (above) was 40, 2nd measurement (below) was 38 1/2 and 3rd measurement (around) was 47 1/2.

    3. Looking for an underwire bra, at least something that keeps my breasts lifted, supported, separated and contained. I want to look like my breasts are up where they’re supposed to be, not smushed uniboob. I don’t wear nursing pads so I’m not sure if padding is or isn’t necessary.

    4. Not currently pregnant, baby is 6 1/2 months old.

    Thank you so much!!! :)

  • Megan

    1. My current bras are 36D. The one that fits me best (that I measured with) rides up a bit. The cups seem to fit fine though some others dimple. They are all from when my now 3 year old were born.

    2. Top measurement – 35″, around fullest part – 38″, band underneath – 30″

    3. Looking for bras with good support and a smooth, slightly padded cup just so it works under t-shirts. Not too high of coverage in the front (I have some scoop neck tops that show where the cups and straps meet).

    4. My baby is almost 5 months. My supply is well established and I don’t get engorged much.

    Thank you!!

  • Megan

    Sorry about mixing the order my measurements up – I’m nursing at iPhone and had to keep scrolling around 😉

  • Shana

    1) Prepregnancy and during preg I was wearing a 44 G. I didn’t really get bigger during pg bc I nursed my twins up until I got pg with my daughter. Currently I’m wearing nothing but stretchy nursing bras bc nothing else fits. I tried a 42 H Medela bra (44 band size only goes up to F cup) and the cups fit but the wire pokes me in my armpits. Not sure what that means for fit?

    2) 45, 42.5, 53

    3) Looking for supportive, underwire. I don’t really like the stretchy ones bc I feel like they give me a uniboob. I want something I can wear to work but still have easy access for pumping and feeding when I get home. I used the Medela with my twins and loved it. I pretty much order everything online because no stores carry bras in my size. My baby is currently 3 weeks old.

  • Amanda

    1- Cachique 42ddd (I have multiple bras in that size and am comfortable in all of them. There is a little spillage, but not major. I also have a 42F Cachique bra that is barely too loose in the cups.)
    2- 1st: 42 inches
    2nd: 43 inches
    3rd: 49 inches
    3- I am looking for a supportive bra for nursing. I want something that still looks like a normal bra, cotton is preferred, also, wireless, if possible. I do also need bra for sleeping/just being lazy around the house.
    4- I am in the home stretch of pregnancy. Currently 36 weeks pregnant.

    Thank you!

  • Bunnie

    1. bra: sleep bra 2x, spill out of top
    2. Above breasts: 41 in, Largest part: 42.5 IN, Under Breasts: 33 IN
    3. support, nursing bra
    4. no- but baby is 6 weeks old

  • Karen

    1) I am currently wearing a 28HH. It is a year old and I am wearing it on the tightest hooks. The cups are too large as the fabric is now gappy and wrinkly (wasn’t when originally purchased at 6 weeks post-partum). The straps are wide set on my body and dig into the front of my armpits (I believe it is because the cups are too large for my frame). The center gore digs into my sternum because it is too high and the underwires come up high under my arms. (I’m wearing a Panache Andorra, converted to a nursing bra, and I understand the underwire issue is common for Panache brand.)

    2) 27″ under bust, 32″ over bust, 35″ full bust

    3) I’m looking for an underwire nursing bra. I don’t mind what the cup style is, though it would be nice to have both a 3 part lacy cup and a smooth t-shirt style bra. I want something with a lower center gore, around 2″. Full cup or balconette styles. I like tight bands, and don’t mind wearing an extender for a few months if need be. Also, I’m very close set in the center. And, I wouldn’t mind having a nursing tank that is supportive enough to not need a bra, but I won’t get greedy. :-)

    4) Not pregnant, and my daughter is 13 months old and still going strong. I’m also tandem nursing my 2.5 year old, so I don’t foresee us quitting anytime soon.

  • April Rodeghero

    1. I have been wearing large and extra large sport style nursing bras. The last time I wore a bra I was prenant and measured a 44C. I tend to have problems with bras riding up in the back. I am nursing currently. I have one breast that is about a cup size smaller than the other.
    2. Above bust 39 inches under bust 41 inches, and on bust 44 inches
    I dont want anything with underwire. I like the demi cup style best. I am looking for a cute bra in most any color but black, white or tan….
    4 I am nursing my 17 month old and not pregnant

  • Katie

    1) Body Silk Seamless in L – fits really well, but I could use something a little more supportive

    2) 35, 32, 39

    3) I’d like something with good support and no underwire. Does that exist?

    4) My son is 2 months.

  • Cynthia

    I am currently in a 38 D, but it rides up in the back and I have no support, and the bra is not padded.
    35, 33.5, 40
    I would like something that is padded, good support, without underwire…
    I am currently nursing, and my daughter is almost four months old….

  • Liz

    1. I currently wearing Medela Comfort Bra size large. It fits me find but need more support & lift.

    2. 35, 31, 40

    3. Looking for underwire with support. Definitely want the lift.

    4. No, my daughter is 1 month

  • Marie

    What do I need from you?
    If you would like to get a Virtual Bra Fitting™, please leave a comment on this post. Please include in your comment the following information:
    1) 32 DDD/E (Bravado) Cups are slightly loose due to lots of use, lol. I feel like the straps are too short, even at the longest setting it pulls the sides at the armpits up too high, but the band in the back is at the right spot.
    2) measurements –
    – 1st measurement:30
    – 2nd measurement:28
    – 3rd measurement: 34.5
    3) no underwire, good support, no “cone” boob or “uni” boob :-)
    4) baby is 10 months, nursing often

  • Brenda

    1. I am currently in JCPenney special that is a 36DD, I was a 36D before getting pregnant, right now the band is too tight and I have a little spillage at the cups, the straps don’t stay up and I generally have a high back ache that I assume is from this poor fighting bra and my increased size.

    2. 39, 37, 43.5

    3. Looking for a supportive nursing bra with some padding because I am always cold. I usually wear underwire, but will try anything at this point. Beige and black, I don’t need pretty, like smooth that won’t show through shirts.

    4. 30 weeks pregnant with first, hoping to nurse for a while.

  • Libby Hockaday

    1. My current bra is 40C. It is on the largest clip in the back. It fits okish but after a while I feel like it is squeezing me. My boobs are a bit squished in there. Not quite spilling out but definitely packed up in there.

    2. 1st measurement= 42
    2nd measurement= 39
    3rd measurement= 45

    3. I am looking for a nursing bra that is molded some for some support/lift. My last pregnancy I had one that had no shape and looking at pictures I looked like I might have well been naked underneath. I do want some support as they are quite large and can get heavy. Mostly, I would wear this out and about. Probably, at home I would just wear a nursing cami. I would not like underwire. I would like black so the straps if showing would just look like a cami.

  • Ana Davidson

    Hi Judy,

    1. I am currently using a size 32H nursing bra by Freya which is my favorite brand, kind of the only one locally that works for me. The cups feel kinda big and the band also. I keep having to pull the back down because the band keeps riding up on account of the weight of my breasts. I have it on the tightest setting in the back and on the straps.It kind of digs into my armpits because of that. I was measured by 2 people both said I was a 32 in the band but one said the cup was GG and the other H. I felt that both sizes were big all around, the bras were Freya brand that they tried on me.

    2. 34, 30, 41

    3.I want a nursing bra with straps that can handle the weight but not overly wide. I want support but I don’t want a bra that is high in the front that a shirt can’t hide. I like it to be tight around the band. If it can be pretty for sure I want it, preferably pink. hehe I’d rather not have underwire. The cups can’t be pointy or look like I only have a huge boob. Lol
    I am fine with some thin padding as long as it doesn’t get in the way of folding down the cup to nurse. Also lots of hooks in the back for adjusment.

    4. My daughter is one month old and hope to breastfeed as long as possible.

  • Kristi kahl

    Hi Judy,
    I currently am wearing a Freya underwire in a 38GG (widest hook). The cup and band fit fine but it digs into my armpits. I also have a Fantasie of the same size and the cup is around 1 size to big but the band fits fine. I also wear aPananch moulded cup again same size and everything fits fine but it digs into my rib under my breast, I figure because it’s a moulded cup.
    Before pregnancy, I fit into a 36G comfortably with no issues on the widest hook. I am now 31 weeks and expect to reach 1 cup size more but am not sure as I was a different size with my last pregnancy (Went from US sizes to UK sizes and cannot remember what I was but think I went from a 38DD to a 40E or F)
    41, 36, 44.5
    I am looking for comfort and breathability along with support. I need to find a goo sleep bra that I won’t fall out the middle of when I sleep since I tend to go from side to tummy to side again. I also need a good nursing bra that will ‘grow’ with me such as stretchable cotton cups. I would like an underwire but am open to a soft cup as long as I am not pointing horizontally outward, coneshaped or have uniboob.
    I don’t care so much about prettiness at this time and I prefer no padding. I don’t mind a moulded cup since it tends to give a better shape but it’s not a deal breaker as I could care less who sees my nips since I will be nursing for over a year anyway and nips are natural.
    thank you and best regards

  • MK

    I am currently wearing a Bravada F(DDD)/G. I used to be a 32C pre baby. I feel like it has absolutely no support whatsoever. I prefer padded underwire and pretty with lots and lots of support.
    2, The measurements are 33 above the bra, 29 below the bra, and 38 across the bra
    4) My child is 4 weeks old.
    THank you so much!!!

  • Emily

    Hi Judy. I hope you can help me.

    I’m currently wearing an underwire Medela 38H that was the best my local boutique could do for me when I was desperate. I also tried an Anita 36I where the cups were still too small. The band on the Medela is too big and the cups are too small. The band rides up in the back on the tightest setting and I’m spilling out of the cups. The wire does not sit against my chest in the center. The material is awful and provides no support. It’s too stretchy and the cups are sagging down away from the inner part of the bra within 10 minutes leaving a gap of skin showing. I also don’t care for the clip-type release as it’s too easy to accidentally hit in public.

    Measurements: above 40 in, below 36 in, around 46 in

    I like an underwire full coverage bra with lots of support, very little stretch to the material (generally hate the cotton ones for holding their shape all day), wide comfortable straps, and no padding. Pretty is nice of course but I’m not fussy.

    My daughter Ellie just turned 3 months old.

    Thank you!

  • Melissa

    1. I’m currently wearing an Anita underwire nursing bra in a 38E. It rides up in the back, even on the tightest hooks. I am spilling out the top of the cups and falling out of the bottom by the end of the day. I often have strap marks on my shoulders, but they are not painful.

    2. 36, 33, 41

    3. I would like a bra that provides a lot of support, has some shaping/lining/molding and not huge shoulder straps. It does need to be underwire. I do not like bras with seams across the cups or the inner boob sling (these generally dig into my breasts). It doesn’t need to be pretty, it just needs to get the job done.

    4. I am nursing a 10 month old and 2 1/2 year old.

    Thanks so much!! I would LOVE a good fitting nursing bra!

  • Jacqui Bales

    1. I am currently wearing a nursing bra that I got from motherhood maternity. It is a 36D with nice wide straps. But I am always spilling out of the cups or getting that big bubbling out at the top of the cups. I also don’t ever feel supported. No matter how short I make the straps I feel like they are sagging way down to my waist.

    2. 34, 33, 41

    3. I am looking for good supportive everyday bras for work. I wouldn’t mind some pretty lace or something. Not too much padding and wide or padded straps for the weight on my shoulders.

    4. I am no longer pregnant and I am nursing a 2 month old baby full time.

  • […] in? How about during your pregnancy? Do you need to know what size you are now? Sign up for one our Virtual Bra Fittings™ and we’ll help you figure it out! Close Bookmark and Share This Page Save to Browser […]

  • Amy S.

    1. I’m currently wearing a Bravado nursing bra that is a 36F/G. It fit great just after birth, but now it rides up a lot in the back so I’m constantly pulling it down. Also, now that my size has decreased a bit the cups are big unless I’m really full for some reason.

    2. 36, 31, 41

    3. I’m looking for something supportive, padded, no underwire preference. I need to be able to wear it to work and look supported. Nothing flimsy. I’m also having a really hard time finding a sports bra in an appropriate size. Something with A LOT of support for working out.

    4. My little one is 7 months old.


  • Kelly

    My everyday bra has been a cotton Duo nursing bra. 40DD It tends to flatten me out. I’ve bought other styles from Duo in the same size and I feel like they are too big in the cup (especially if molded). However, going down to a D is too small. I’ve tried a couple of other brands without success. Most of the time, I feel like the straps are too short on the bras I try on. I was a 38C pre-pregnancy.

    Measurements are 42.5, 39, 46.5

    I’d like something that provides good support, no lace, padding or some type of shaping is preferable. I’d also like a sports bra that provides AMAZING support. I’m hesitant about underwire because I had MAJOR problems with clogged ducts and finally have under control. I’d like something functional and flattering.

    My “baby” will be 2 next month. (I never thought I’d still be nursing, but we are.)

  • Katie

    (1) Above- 40″
    (2) Below- 35″
    (3) 42.5″
    I meausred wearing just a nursing tank, and then again with a bra from Motherhood Maternity. The bra is a 38C. I have it hooked on the tightest hook. It is cut kind of low, no padding, with underwire. The cups seem too small…doesn’t completely cover my areola! Band fits fine. But I also have a 38C from JC Penny…not sure of the brand, but it doesn’t seem to be a very nice bra. It is very poor fitting. It seems too big! It kind of gaps on the sides and in the cups. I also have a large Motherhood Maternity sports bra (measured with it too…same measurements). It fits the best. It is comfortable.

    My son is 5 months old.

    I would prefer my bra to not have an underwire, but it isn’t a deal breaker. I mostly want it to be comfortable, fit well, and be easy to use. The sports bra I have is very easy to use. The JC Penny bra is the most difficult. It is wireless, but the part where wires would usually be comes up kind of high in the center, so it won’t just pull down. I have to kind of roll it up and fold it under….if that makes any sense. That is why I purchased the lower cut Motherhood Maternity bra. But of course it seems to small in the cups.

  • Hi! I’m currently wearing a 32DDD nursing bra from la leche. The underwire is extremely uncomfortable in it but I really need the support. And the straps get more loose every hour I wear it causing lack of support. Here are my measurements.
    1. 32.5
    2. 28
    3. 36/36.25
    I really need something with great support especially for my neck and shoulders. Full coverage. I’ve always worn an underwire but I’m open to no wire. My baby is 7 weeks old. I’m already feeling quite frumpy so I need a great bra to wear so I don’t dread putting on a nursing bra (like I currently do). Thanks for your help!!!!

  • Shannon

    Hello there,

    Really hoping you can help me out, I am terrible at bra shopping. The bra that I currently wear most often is definately not a correct fit, it is a Gap Body in 36C. The cup seems to be full but not quite overflowing. The band however is definately snug though, even on the last loop.

    Current Measurements:
    1- top 38″
    2-bottom 34″
    3- middle 39″

    I am pretty laid back and not picky, thats my problem I think. I will usually settle for anything. But I have never really had a bra that fits like a glove, so that is what I’m after…something right for me. I am looking for a bra that offers support, but not necessarily an underwire. I would like something pretty but simple and easy to use. I basically just want to be comfortable and feel attractive at the same time. I am currently pregnant and due in a week. Thanks for your help!

  • Celena

    1. I have a 38C motherhood maternity that I spill out of and a 40D breastform suffocating in.

    2. Measurement in a nursing tank
    Above 37
    Below 35
    Bust 42 ( 43 in a padded 40D)

    3. Mostly support and padded ( work in track field that is mostly male and I still pump)
    I prefer underwire but afraid it may cause plugged ducts.

    4. He just turned 9 mos and I plan to let him self wean. As a working mom, I’m predicting around 18 mos.

    I’ve gone 3 sizes in the past year.

  • Courtney

    1) 34 DD is what I currently wear, it is barrowed from a friend so the rubber is a little stretched out and even on the shortest adjustment the shoulder straps are not short enough constantly falling off my shoulders. the cup fits well though :)
    – 1st measurement: 34″
    – 2nd measurement: 31″
    – 3rd measurement: 37″
    3) I am looking for a bra with lots of support, underwire, and I tend to like a little padding but not too much. As for what it looks like at this point what ever fits.
    4) and I am currently Pregnant I am 38 weeks and 4 days.

  • Lauren

    1) I am currently wearing a Bravado Body Silk in size large, which fits well but doesn’t provide a lot of support. I tried a different 36DD nursing bra from A Pea in the Pod and the cups were nowhere near big enough.

    2) 1st measurement — 38.5 in.
    2nd measurement — 33 in.
    3rd measurement — 43 in. (after a nursing session, it can go down to 41.5 in.)

    3) I am really interested in Cake lingerie’s Cheesecake, Turkish Delight, or Toffee bras. I need lots of support, I am open on underwire or padding but would like a pretty bra. I am most concerned about getting the right size for each Cake bra, particularly because I know there can be some variation between different models.

    4) My baby is 10 weeks old.

    Thank you so much for your help!

  • Connie

    I am searching for a nursing bra. I am 29 weeks pregnant with my second child. I am currently wearing an Elila softcup bra in 42 n that I am starting to spill out of the top of the left cup. My measurements are 36 – above, 39-under the bust, 52 across the fullest part of the bust. Is there anything you can recommend?

  • Sandra Ith

    Hi there! I’m REALLY hoping this works, because I am sooo sick of wasting money on bad nursing bras!
    1. I’m currently wearing a 34DD, and it’s way too small, it fits great around me, but my boobs are so big big you can see about 1/3 of my nipple out the top.
    2. 39,31 1/2, 40
    3. I’m looking for a supportive, under-wired bra, and I hate my breast looking pointy! Haha, so a round cup would be preferable.
    4. My baby is 5 months and 1 week. I’m planning on breastfeeding for probably another 2-4 months

  • […] then it is generally safe for most women to start wearing underwire bras again. If you have a properly fitting bra, then you should be able to wear an underwire bra at any time – but getting one that fits […]

  • 1) I’m wearing a 34DD Wacoal minimizer bra. The band fits perfectly on the loosest hooks, no riding up, and the straps don’t leave marks. But I’m starting to see some space between me and the middle that was *not* there before and I don’t feel “contained” no matter how I adjust. I seem to be almost spilling out, if not from the top, then the sides or pushing the underwire away from my ribcage.
    2) – 1st measurement/Overbust: 34″
    – 2nd measurement (Underbust/Band): 30″
    – 3rd measurement: Bust: 37″
    3) I want one for sleeping (they hurt in my sleep!) and one for yoga class and two for everyday. My current favorite style is an unlined minimizer and I prefer unpadded, unlined cups in general. I want lots of support, because I’m hurting.
    4) I’m just six weeks pregnant and have already outgrown the bras that were too big in January!
    5) Before pregnancy, I was wearing a 34D, then I went to my 34DD bras this week (transitioning from five to six weeks) and those are already feeling too small in the cups as of this weekend.

  • Rebecca C

    My current bra is a 42ddd, because they don’t sell my size in stores and most online bras are way out of my price range. It sags in the front, and rides up in the back. The sides are incredibly uncomfortable, they have a wire that digs into my side that was supposed to be good for side support, but my sides pooch out. My breasts spill out of the cups a little and I always feeli like I need to adjust them and the whole bra. My measurements are 43inches 50inches 38inches. I’m 33 weeks pregnant, I don’t know how my size has changed since I’ve had to wear the same bras for money sake. I’m looking for a lot of support, some padding, and underwires are optional. I also need a good bra to wear while sleeping, without underwires.

  • […] fit properly and be comfortable and fit and comfort are different for every woman.  I even offer Virtual Bra Fittings TM for moms who aren’t local!  I also try to satisfy every budget with bras ranging in price from […]

  • Liz

    1) Goddess 36H; the cups are too small, but the band is very comfortable on the widest setting. By the end of the day the band is cutting into my skin underneath my breasts. Other than the fact that the cups are too small, I feel it does give me enough support.
    2) Overbust: 38″, Underbust: 34 1/2″, bust: 45″
    3) Lots of support, no underwire, no padding, plain or pretty (does not matter to me.)
    4) I am 24 weeks pregnant with my second child.
    5) I was a full 36G before getting pregnant and am now too big for 36H. My last pregnancy I went from a 34DD to a 36I once my milk came in.

  • Jessica

    1. I am wearing a Cacique 40DD. It is snug on the loosest hooks and I am just spilling over the cups. It is very supportive, but uncomfortably tight by the end of the day.

    2. 44, 42, 49

    3. I looking for some bras to take me from now through nursing…something comfortable for sleeping/around the house, as well as something more structured for work/going out. I typically always wear underwire (other than sports bras), but I’d be willing to try something without wires as long as it’s supportive. I have already purchased a couple of nursing bras from a local store, but I find that they are not supportive and not holding up very well even though it’s only been about 6 weeks.

    4. I am 34 weeks pregnant.

    5. Pre-pregnancy, most of my bras were 38D or 40D. I went up to DD just a few weeks in. The bras I purchased most recently were F, and there is a little room in the cup.

  • Mary

    I am currently using a cheap walmart bra. it is a 42 DD and it is to small in the cup and rides up my back. and I am using an extender with it. Please help me.
    Measurements are 43, 44 1/2, 48 1/2

    I am no longer pregnant and my daughter is 4 months old in 4 days. I need help.

    i also wouldn’t mind finding a bigger bra that is pretty but supportive.


  • Jennifer

    Hi Judy!

    I really need help, Motherhood Maternity didn’t fit me very well (they were very busy and didn’t have much for me to try) and I’m so uncomfortable in my bras that I don’t want to wear them any more.

    1. I have 3 different styles that I wear:
    a: 46E or 44E (with bra extender) underwire nursing bra (by motherhood)It’s very difficult to nurse with this one in public due to the underwire (it doesn’t expose easily) and it’s uncomfortable on the sides due to it pressing on my skin and leaving marks (it’s like a plastic piece further towards the back, but still under my arms) The cup doesn’t fit well when sitting or standing there’s a decent gap between my breasts and the cup Straps don’t stay on my shoulders no matter how I adjust them
    b: a 2x sleep bra (by motherhood as well) and this one it too tight in the cup and I think that it has caused a decrease in my supply being so tight. The band is also relatively tight, making it difficult to put on and take off. Also the band in the back tends to ride up
    c: a 2x non-underwire kinda like a sports bra, but not nursing bra (by motherhood as well) and doesn’t provide the best support, can’t wear it outside the house and it is comfortable, but I don’t think it fits right because I can feel my breasts underneath. It is sorta tight in the cup.
    2. Measurements:
    #1: 45.75
    #2: 48
    #3: 52.5
    3. I’m looking for a bra with good support, easy to nurse in, ability to wear around the house and out in public, underwire doesn’t matter probably not since most of the time there is that extra plastic piece that digs into my side (if there is a bra that doesn’t have it but is underwire I’d probably be interested) I would also need a sleep bra with good support that doesn’t ride up and is extremely easy to nurse in since I’m usually super tired for night feedings.
    4. My daughter is almost 7 months old

    Please help me!

  • Renea

    I am curently wearing a 38DD and my breasts are bulging out the top, the strap rides up my back, the strap doesnt lay against me under my breasts, and also it doesnt give me any support. I have tried multiple bras and cant find anything that is comfortable. I am looking for a bra that gives a lot of support, and that is very comfortable. I would like to know what is best for someone with large breast under-wired or not.


    My daughter is currently 6 months old

  • Renea

    Repost on my measurements

    above breasts) 34
    under breasts) 32
    ariund largest part of breast) 38.5

  • Rustinia Bausum

    Currently wearing a Anita Maternity size G40 without under wire. The bra fits a little loose in the cup unless I am engorged. I am on the next to the tightest setting. My measurements are 1) 37, 2)34 1/4, 3) 43 1/4. I am looking for a strapless that is supportive and will stay up to wear under a formal gown and sun dresses and some white or pale pink for everyday wear without an under wire but with lots of support. I also would like a little padding to keep the nipples from poking out. My son is 3 months old. If you have some nursing tanks with supportive built in bras I would be interested in that also for sleeping. Thank You for all the help you are able to provide.

  • Bea Bea

    1)36dd. Not an underwire, but seems too big around now I’m not pregnant anymore. The sides kind of roll or bunch up. Its very uncomfortable. I wear it on the tightest setting and its not tight enough.
    – 34
    – 31
    – 39
    3) Lots of support, pretty or plain black/nude, and either underwire or not…doesn’t matter much to me. They are very heavy so I’m looking for a proper fit with good weight dispersion.
    4) My baby is 5 months old

  • Ashley

    1) I’m currently wearing both 32B and 32C bras. They are underwire, and the 32C is a slight push-up bra. The band size seems to be okay, doesn’t ride up. The underwire feels strange against my ribcage though. There’s no good way to describe it. Almost like there’s too much of it. If baby has ate recently, the B cup seems to be okay, but if I start to fill up my nipples show from the top of it! I think it’s a demi bra. But when I try on a 32C and I’m not full there’s a little bit of a gap at the top of the cup.


    – 1st measurement: 28 inches (above)
    – 2nd measurement: 25 inches (below)
    – 3rd measurement: 30 inches (around)
    3) I’d like a bra with moderate support (I’m obviously not very big!) and minimal amount of padding (enough to hide the nipples). I’d like to be able to wear both a pretty underwire and a wireless.
    4) Are you currently pregnant? Not pregnant, baby is 8.5 months old

  • Lauren

    I need your help! Have tried many nursing bras. I’m generally a 36D these days, but not in every bra. Measurements are: 37, 39.25, 33. My baby is 6 months old. I’d like an underwire, pretty supportive, at least lightly padded bra – preferably a t-shirt type.

    I’ve tried Bella Materna t-shirt nursing bra 1221 in 38D – it was too big. The La Mystere Sexy Mama 38D was too, and the 36D was too tight. The Bravado Allure underwire in 38D/E/DD had awfully high cups that were too big anyway. I also tried two Lamaze bras in 36D and they were awful too. I have a Target nursing bra with no underwire that is 36D and my breasts are spilling out.

    I have breast implants and I don’t know if that makes a difference – I have a terrible time finding bras that fit, especially that come high enough to cover the nipple but aren’t huge. The best nursing bra I have bought recently (and it’s not perfect) is the Maidenform Custom Lift satin demi in 36D. Would so appreciate your help!