Virtual Bra Fitting®

Are you a new mom or mom-to-be? Do you know what size nursing bra you will need? Don’t worry -this post is designed to help you! I have developed a technique called “Virtual Bra Fittings®” for moms and moms-to-be to be able to get fitted for a nursing bra. There are LOTS of moms who don’t have a location nearby to get properly fitted for a nursing bra – so if that is your situation, then this post is for you. All I need for you to do is to answer a few simple questions. Once you do, I will generate your personalized Virtual Bra Fitting™ and you will be on your way to getting a great bra that fits properly.

What do I need from you?
If you would like to get a Virtual Bra Fitting®, please visit our website to sign up for your Virtual Bra Fitting®. Please gather the following information for your Virtual Fitting:
1) The size of the bra that you are currently wearing and a description of how it fits or doesn’t fit (e.g. are you spilling out of the cups, is the band riding up your back, does it offer enough support, etc – the more info you can give, the better!)
2) Your measurements – to get them you will need to take three measurements with a flexible measuring tape (the kind that a tailor uses – not the stiff kind that are used by handymen!). Then get someone to help you take your measurements (it is always easiest if someone can help you). To take your measurements, take off your shirt and make sure you have your best fitting bra on. Make sure that the bra isn’t tight in the cups so that you are able to get an accurate measurement.
1st measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body, but ABOVE your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
2nd measurement: take the same measurement as described above, but this time move the tape so that it is directly UNDER your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
3rd measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body over the largest part of your breasts (make sure you have your best fitting bra on). Make sure that your shoulders are back with your chest pointing out to get the most accurate measurement. This measurement should be a fitted, but loose measurement.
3) What type of bra you are looking for (e.g. lots of support, moderate support, underwire, no underwire, padding, no padding, pretty, plain, etc)
4) Are you currently pregnant? If not, how old is your baby?
5) If you are currently pregnant, how much has your size changed so far during your pregnancy?

That’s it – I will take the information that you leave (be sure to leave your email so that I can get in touch with you!) and I will send you your Virtual Bra Fitting® via email.

NOTE: We are no longer accepting comments on this post for our Virtual Bra fittings® – please visit our website to sign up for your fitting today.

Can’t believe it actually works? Read these testimonials:


  • “Wow—I can’t be happier! First of all, your customer service was so prompt, friendly and helpful! Secondly, the great reviews seemed too good to be true b/c I have such a difficult time getting good bras—nursing bras makes that doubles the difficulty! You filled my order so fast—the bras were here in just a day or two! I tried them on dreading which ones I’d have to send back—they BOTH fit and they fit SO well!!!! The virtual bra fitting and even more –just the description and customer reviews and the little notes such as 44F (fits G) were SO helpful and proved to be exactly what a person would need to get the proper wonderfully fitting bra! Thank you So very much!! I couldn’t be happier and more thankful to you and your services you provided!!! I will happily say that I am not returning ANY bras and know just where to go if I need more!!” Rachel H., Scranton, PA
  • “Thank you so much for all your help. This has been a great experience. I have been wearing the wrong bra size my entire life … I will be recommending you to all my nursing friends.” Brianne M., Palm Harbor, FL
  • “Thank you so much. It has really been a pleasure working with you! I have to say that I wish I could have gotten all my nursing bras from you! Your online fitting was just as accurate as the one I received in the local shop here, and you have a much more extensive selection than what was available locally. Your ability to recommend a bra that met my desires from the selection you have was fantastic.” Carla M., St Augustine, FL
  • “Thank you so very much! You are offering a most appreciated and amazing service – OMGOSH! I am so grateful that you are passionate about providing such a service! I am giddy!!!” Stacey M., Hunker, PA
  • “I received my bras today! I ordered 2 of the Vanessa’s. They are so comfortable and fit like a dream!! If only I had known about you 2 years ago (longer if I add in the 9 months of pregnancy that I wore nursing bras), I would have saved hundreds of dollars on ugly and uncomfortable bras. Thanks to your expertise with the virtual fitting and A Mother’s Boutique, I now know that nursing bras for large breasted women can be functional, flattering, and most importantly…comfortable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” Kelly H., Winter Park, FL
  • “I got my bra in the mail today! At first I thought it was too small, but once I adjusted the straps a little it fit PERFECTLY!!!! I’ve never worn a bra this comfortable before! It’s like nothing is there. Thank you so much!!!” Alison C., Farmington, MN
  • “Thanks so much, Judy! I really appreciate all of your help today. It’s so wonderful knowing that there is a place that I can go that actually carries my sizes!” Ann B., Pittsburgh, PA
  • “I got my nursing bras in the post today!!!! When I tell you they fit PERFECTLY… I am not kidding….. Thanks to your virtual fitting I AM SET! THANK YOU!!!!!” Danielle R., Gulfport, MS
  • “Love the owner of A Mother’s Boutique!! She emailed me for over 3 days to help me pick out nursing bra’s because I couldn’t make it out to her store. :)” Nicole S., Natrona Heights, PA
  • “I got my new bra today! (Thank you for the easy exchange!) It fits PERFECTLY!! That’s never happened to be before! Thank you so much for all of your help, Judy!” Keshia R., Calhoun, TN
  • “I appreciate the help, it’s nice to have a store that will actually get back to you and KNOW their products. I’ve been at a few other places and got the “well I don’t know” when just asking something simple. So thank you :)” Jenny S., Fort Ashby, WV
  • “Judy, You’re right, that bra was perfect. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the other bras you helped me select, too! I really thought I’d be happy if I just found one great bra, so as you can imagine, I’m over the moon :) I will certainly refer moms to your site whenever I can. Thanks again!” Amy R., Omaha NE
  • “Love love love the new nursing bras I just received in the mail from the ‘virtual fitting!’ The choices were spot on and fit perfectly!” Ali R., Plattsburgh, NY



181 comments to Virtual Bra Fitting®

  • Jodi

    Before pregnancy I was wearing a 34H, which I still wear with back extenders. MY measurements are 39, 38, 43.5. I am 32 weeks pregnant. I’ve always worn large/xlarge shirts and that hasn’t changed. My breasts are spilling some out of the sides and some in the front. They’re just BIG! I just want comfort and good bras that will last, maybe a pretty one too. I usually have bras with underwire. I’ve never tried one without. I plan on nursing at least a year. I had Medula nursing bras before but they are too small now b/c my breasts didn’t shrink after my first pregnancy. Thanks so much for your help!

  • I need help findin g the right bra. I’m 38 1/2, 35, 41 1/2. I would rather a bra that does not have an underwire and is slightly padded. Underwires poke my armpits and I have a hard time finding bras that fits right. I am currently nursing my 4 month old. Thanks for your help.

  • Ashley Johnson


    1. So I am currently wearing a 32I I feel like size wise it fits ok but it gives me a weird shape makes me look very wide and saggy and flat. It is an under-wire which seems to be supportive but the cup its self is not. After wearing it all day its not comfortable and the straps start to dig in the side of my armpit. The fabric is also very thin so it almost seems see through.

    2. 33 1/2, 27 1/2, 37

    3. I am looking for a couple nursing bra’s one without under-wire and one with. I would like a very supportive bra as well as a thicker material so that you can’t see my nursing pads or so I don’t look like I’m ready to cut glass all the time! Also comfortable. and I would prefer it to be nude.

    4. My beautiful daughter is 10 weeks :)

  • Erin

    1) 32
    2) 29
    3) 36
    Would like padded full support no underwire. But will use underwire If it will give more support. I have a 3 week old. My prepregnancy Victorias secret size is 34d-dd

  • Crystal B.

    1. I’m currently wearing a 42G. Band rides up the back a bit, breasts spill over the cups, and cups cut into breasts.

    2. Measurements: 40, 42, 50

    3. Just looking for a bra that supports my “girls”.

    4. My nursling is 6.5 months old.

  • Darby G

    I am currently wearing a 38F and I keep spilling out of the cups and the back band is always on the move.
    Measurements: 40, 33, 48
    Just want a bra that fits with underwire.
    My baby is 6 months old.

  • Nichole M

    I am wearing a 34DD and I’m spilling out the top of it. Other than that it fits pretty good.
    3.38 1/2
    I would like two bras. One with a lot of support with underwire and padding so you can’t see nursing pads and the other one for everyday home use with some support.

    I am 33wks pregnant. I was wearing a 34DDD before I got pregnant but I was also still nursing my first child three months into this pregnancy. So it is kind of hard to know how much my cup size changed.

  • Asma

    I currently am wearing a nursing bra size 34L. In the front my breasts spill out in the middle giving a uniboob look which I absolutely hate! Also, the band rolls up in the front and the straps give shoulder marks (even on loosest setting).

    My size above my breasts is 40″
    My size below my breasts is 37″
    My bust size as the breasts are squeezed into this cup size is 48″

    I am looking for a nursing bra that gives SUPPORT. I hate sagging and after giving birth to 9 children of course I’m sagging!

    My latest baby is 10 months old.

    Thank you so much for your time!

  • Stacey M

    1) size of the bra currently wearing – 38B
    description of how it fits- tight around the band, using a bra extender, the cups are just about too small, my boobs & nipples are not comfortable in this bra anymore, my breasts are fuller on the sides that in the middle.

    2) measurements:
    – 1st measurement ABOVE your breasts – 36 1/2
    – 2nd measurement UNDER your breasts – 34 1/2
    – 3rd measurement largest part of your breasts – 40

    3) What type of bra I’m looking for:
    – one that is moderate support,no underwire, light padding, plainly pretty
    – one that is moderate support, no underwire, no padding, plainly pretty

    4) I am currently 36 weeks pregnant

    5) If you are currently pregnant, how much has your size changed so far during your pregnancy? – I was either a 34 or 36A (depended on bra)

    Thanks so much!

  • Kelly

    40 DD, underwire. Fits good when I put it on, but i get spillover after having it on for a while.
    Measurements: 44, 41, 51
    I like an underwire because i tend to fall out the bottom of bras without one or the elastic rolls up underneath.
    I’d also like a nursing sleep bra that’s comfortable.
    I am currently 8 months pregnant.
    My size hasn’t changed much, I went from a 38 DD to a 40 DD at about 5 months pregnant. I’ve gained about 14 lbs. total with this pregnancy so far and mostly in the belly.

  • Becca

    I have a 3 1/2 month old baby and am currently wearing a 38D Medela seamless nursing bra. It is fairly comfortable, but does not offer much support. It rides up in the back, and the boobs droop significantly in the front. I like the fact that it does not have underwire, but is underwire style.

    I’m looking for something that offers more support. It would be nice if it was also a little more attractive than just plain white.

    Measurement 1 – 33 in
    Measurement 2 – 36.5 in
    Measurement 3 – 29.5 in

  • Heidi

    I received a virtual bra fitting before (THANK YOU!) but have lost some weight and my bra is fitting too big.

    1. I am currently wearing an Elomi smoothing nursing bra in 40FF. The band is riding up and is on the tightest closure. The cups are wrinkling in the middle while I am wearing the bra, almost like pleating top to bottom. The just seem “baggy”.

    2. above: 39″ under: 36″ around: 45.5″

    3. Definitely looking for underwire nursing bras with great support. Really like the Elomi smoothing and the Cake Velvet Delight so sizes in those two would be great!

    4. Not currently pregnant, nursing an almost 12 month old.

    Thank you!! :)

  • Jennifer

    Right now I’m wearing a 38L but I feel like I can’t breath. Currently there isn’t any spillage but I’m only 23 weeks pregnant.

    Measurements are 40, 38.5, and 49 (with the tight bra on – 52″ if I just hold them up without a bra on)

    I love underwire bras for the look they give. If I don’t have a lot of support, then I end up looking like a ninny goat. I also go topless the whole time I’m at home so I only have to wear a bra maybe once a week while getting groceries.

    Let me know! Thanks!

  • Regina

    1) Current size 36H (wearing an Anita underwire nursing bra, smoothing)

    I have to wear it on the tightest hook (from the start). Doesn’t feel like there’s enough support. Feels like the cups are too wide, with not enough material stretching forward. The middle (where the wires come together) never lays flat. It always lifts up. I do have a 36I (also wear on the tightest hook), and that doesn’t stick up quite as much in the middle (but still too much), but it seems to push my chest out to the sides and makes it look very wide.

    2) 39, 37, 46

    3)I’d like a bra with good support. Preferebly underwire, since I’ve never found a bra without underwire that has good support (and the ones without underwire seem to lift up even more in the middle). I also like the “smoothing” or “t-shirt” type bras since I wear a lot of form fitting t-shirts. I tried a “balcony’ type bra, but it felt like a push up bra to me. When I’m not nursing I wear a Fantasie Smoothing T-shirt bra and I love it.

    4) I’m currently nursing my 6 mth old daughter.

  • Brittney

    1) I am currently in a size 40E(Wearing a Motherhood Maternity Padded Cup Underwire Full Coverage Nursing Bra) and spilling out the top and does ride up a bit in the back. Wearing it on the loosest hooks. I have a 42E and I fall out the bottom on the tightest hooks.
    2)43 in. above, 40 3/4 in. under, 49 1/2 in. around bust.
    3) I want a pretty/semi sexy bra with good support and underwire. I hate all the grandma bras they have out there for women my size. I don’t want a bra that is pointed and makes my breast look like torpedos.
    4)I am currently nursing my 8 1/2 month old daughter.

  • Carla

    1) I’m currently wearing a Goddess bra, size 38DDD. It looks like it fits properly (I had a professional fitting), but it is very uncomfortable, I think because of the material & band being very stiff. If I clip it on the very last clips, it doesn’t ride up my back, but if I tighten it at all it does. The band is very thick & uncomfortable; it twists and bunches up. The inner lining at the top front of the bra is constantly moving around & leaves red marks at the top of my breasts. I hate all the seams across my cups – you can see them through my clothes and my breasts/nipples never seem to fall in the right place. I live in Florida and sweat terribly & this bra seems to hold the sweat & leave red marks on my skin at all the edges. (I had first been given a different brand in 40DD that fit better, but it was underwire, which I hate – pokes under my arms & which I’m told clogs ducts when breastfeeding, so I exchanged it. The Goddess was the only wireless option in the store, and the 40DD in the Goddess was too big.)

    In addition to the Goddess bra, I also have three Medela bras in varying styles. The are all super comfortable, but perhaps don’t offer the most support. The Medela sleep bra in XL is too small, but since I’m just sleeping in it, I don’t worry about it too much. The Medela Comfort bra in XL, I love. The Medela Ultra-Soft Cotton Nursing Bra in 40D/DD(E) is super comfortable. It fits well everywhere (including cup & band), gives good support (not quite as much as the Goddess) and looks good on. No red marks, no constant readjustments. I like that it is comfortable like a sports bra, but styled like a regular bra.

    I took measurements in both the Goddess bra & the Medela Ultra-Soft and got the same results in both.

    2) – 1st measurement: 39″ (top)
    – 2nd measurement: 35″ (bottom)
    – 3rd measurement: 43″ (largest)

    3) I’d like a bra with moderate to excellent support – I prefer wireless, no padding, plain/pretty doesn’t matter. I like natural fabrics (like cotton, modal, bamboo…) with a little stretchiness. I will always choose comfort over looks, but would love to have both. I need a black bra right now.

    4) My baby is 11 weeks old and I am nursing him.

    5) N/A

    Please help me – I hate my Goddess bra!! (Sadly, I have three of them and they are awful!) Thank you so much!

  • Amy


    I am currently a 36 G, they fit ok, but sometimes I just think my breasts are too big for the cups, it doesn’t sit flush against my chest, have room between the wires and my chest bone etc.

    My measurements are:

    39, 36, 47.

    I am in desperate need of some good fitting, comfortable and supporting nursing bras! Ideally I would like underwire for day, but also looking for some comfortable sleep nursing bras too.

    I am currently pregnant (nearly 37 weeks).

    My breasts have only just started changing in the past few weeks which is why I have noticed that my bras don’t seem to hold me as well as they used to.

    Thank you in advanced!


  • Dana

    1) size of the bra currently wearing – 48J (as in jumbo)
    It’s too loose and my boobs sag without any support. (They hang several inches lower than with my non-nursing underwire). I now have grooves in my shoulders and constant headaches and neck pain. My non-nursing underwire is a 44GG and fits beautifully, though the underwires poke me in the armpits and I don’t wear it regularly.

    2) measurements:
    – 1st measurement ABOVE your breasts – 44 (46.5 if I include a tad of breast tissue)
    – 2nd measurement UNDER your breasts – 44
    – 3rd measurement largest part of your breasts – 52.5

    3) What type of bra I’m looking for:
    -Extreme support, no padding, underwire, full coverage, look and color doesn’t matter. I just really need good support.

    4) My son is 5.5 months old.

    Thanks so much!

  • Shannon

    1. Currently wearing a 34C nursing bra. The cups seem a little small, but the band size is good.
    2. 32 in, 32 in, 37.5 in
    3. I am looking for a whole bra wardrobe. I would like them all to be supportive with padding and no underwire. I would like a mix of pretty and practical.
    4. My baby girl is 4 weeks old.

  • Erin

    1. Pre- Pregnant was 32DDD or 34 DD. Currently band feels a little tight and cups seem a little small.
    2. Measurements
    1- 34
    3. comfortable, underwire, light padding
    4. 8 mth pregnant- 36-37 weeks
    5. Increased a cup size

  • Deirdre

    1. I am currently wearing the Elomi Smoothing Seamless Underwire bra in 34H. Besides it not fitting, it’s the *PERFECT* bra for me. I am sooooo sad it doesn’t come in a larger cup size. I am spilling out of the cups in the front (my boobs are very full in the front/center), where the flap fabric comes up and overlaps the cup in the front bulges creating a line, the gore does not lay flat on my chest, and back rides up. It does offer enough support.
    2. 1st measurement: 36
    2nd measurement: 32
    3rd measurement: 42
    3. I am looking for support mainly, due to my size! I have been wearing UK sizes for a long time because I haven’t had luck finding any US sizes that fit. I require an underwire, I’m just too busty to not have one. I would consider one without for around the house, but I really need underwire for out and about. I prefer a smooth cup. Before I got pregnant, I wore the Fantasie smooth cup balcony bra (no padding) in a 34G and it was the *perfect* bra. I prefer a bra that doesn’t come up high in the center because of the shape of my boobs. Balconette style is best for my shape.
    4. My baby is 9 months. The boobs are done growing and changing, so now I just need some good, long term options. This current bra just is NOT cutting it anymore! :-)

  • My baby is 1week old. I normally wear a 34ddd. I am spilling out of the cup. Measurements are,
    1. 42
    2. 34
    3. 40
    I like an underwire for super support . Ther are very few stores around here for a good fitting help!

  • Hi Courtney,

    Thank you for signing up for our Virtual Bra Fittings. I think you may have
    taken your measurements incorrectly. Would you mind taking them again? The
    instructions are below. As soon as I hear back from you, I will send you
    your customized Virtual Bra Fitting. I tried to email you, but your email bounced back as undeliverable. Please give me your correct email when you reply as well (you can reach me at judy at mothersboutique dot com)

    To Take Your measurements: to get them you will need to take three
    measurements with a flexible measuring tape (the kind that a tailor uses (not the stiff kind that are used by handymen!). Then get someone to help you
    take your measurements (it is always easiest if someone can help you). To
    take your measurements, take off your shirt and make sure you have your best
    fitting bra on. Make sure that the bra isn’t tight in the cups so that you
    are able to get an accurate measurement.
    – 1st measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body, but ABOVE your
    breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be
    SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
    – 2nd measurement: take the same measurement as described above, but this
    time move the tape so that it is directly UNDER your breasts, keep the
    measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you
    when you take this measurement.
    – 3rd measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body over the largest
    part of your breasts (make sure you have a bra on). This measurement should
    be a fitted, but loose measurement.


  • Amy

    1. 38 DDD- I’m spilling out of the top and the band is still loose even on the tightest setting
    2. a. 38 b. 33 1/2 c. 41 1/2
    3. Lots of support, comfortable, nursing camis, usable for physical activities I.e. exercise, softer material since a lot of bras, like lace, irritate my skin
    4. My baby will be 5 months old next week and is exclusively breasted.

  • Hi there!
    1. Currently wearing 34C Victoria’s Secret “Tshirt bra” as my best fitting / most comfortable bra. It’s an underwire, very lightly lined bra with thin straps and a deep V neckline. It fits pretty good still, but the band is starting to get a little tight and I’ve had to move it to the largest setting, where it is overall comfortable for now (usually I wear my bras on the furthest in setting). The cups are now FULL but not spilling over. I tend to be a little NOT full in the cup part when not pregnant but the B cup is TOO full so I live with the mostly full C cup! :)
    2. 33, 30, 35
    3. Type of bra. I like bras that are lightly lined b/c I don’t like nipple showing through my clothing. VERY lightly padded is okay too. While lacy bras are gorgeous, I dislike how you can see the lace through clothing, so I prefer a SMOOTH top layer so my clothing lies flat. Light to medium support is fine. I’m pretty small so I don’t require lots of “uplift” :) I like black and nude and other colors (white is okay but tends to show under light clothing). Patterns are fun but also show under clothing so while I’ll wear them, they aren’t as economical for me to buy.
    4. YES, currently 6 months pregnant, due July 29 :)
    5. Bra size has not changed TOO much this pregnancy. Last pregnancy it changed more when I started nursing and then just cup size … I wore D cup for a good 6-9 months while nursing, but still 34 band.

  • currently in a 38G LLLI Heidi Underwire Nursing Bra, it rides up in the back and the straps don’t stay adjusted. The cups are full but not stuffed or over flowing.
    36 1/2
    43 1/2
    nursing underwire bra, good support
    10 weeks old on Monday.

  • Lindsay H


    1. The size of the bra that I wear that fits me best is a 36DDD. The only problem with it is that my breasts to spill out of it a little bit.
    2. Current measurements are 36, 35, 42
    3. I am looking for a bra with a lot of support and that has underwire. No padding. Plain/pretty does not matter to me, I just want something that fits really well
    4. My baby is 6 weeks old

  • jen d

    1) The two that fit the best are a fauna 32g and a 34f in felina. the cups are too tight as well as the band. not by a ton, but enough to be uncomfortable. I have a bravada nursing bra in XL that fits.
    2) 37, 34.5, 41
    ve a bra on). This measurement should be a fitted, but loose measurement.
    3) moderate support, maybe one for sleeping, one work, one cute?
    4) 26 weeks pregnant
    5) I would guess a cup at least.


  • Tara

    I am currently wearing a 36 G nursing bra and spilling over. This bra doesn’t give me any support and feel that they are sagging.

    My measurements are 38.5, 34.5, and 43.5

    I would like a bra with lots of support, underwire, no padding, and am looking for both a pretty one and also a plain one.

  • Tara

    forgot to mention that my baby is 8 weeks old and my third.

  • Jodee

    my current bra size is an australian 20D which is a 42D us size and a 42DD uk size, it is riding up my back, i am slightly falling out the cup and it is a little bit to tight around the back. i am 22 weeks pregnant due on the 5th of october and have gone from a 20C which is a 42C us size and a 42D uk size to what i am currently am now. i am looking for something with a lot of cup padding, possibly underwire, wide back & wide straps with lots of support i also need it to be a nursing bra as i havent had my baby yet.

    my measurements are
    above breast: 45 inches
    underneath breast:44 inches
    biggest part of breast 48 inches

    look forward to hearing from you thanks :)

  • Kristi

    1) bra size 36C all of the nursing bras do far are very uncomfortable. I am not big on underwire but I do need support as they feel extremely heavy and unsupported right now. I also do not like a lot of padding.
    2) measure above chest 34
    3) measure below chest 30
    4) measure around breasts 37

    Thanks and I hope we can find something comfortable.

  • Kristi

    Also my daughter is almost 3 weeks old

  • Tania

    1. I currently wear a 34D. The band feels tight, but the 36D I have feels like the cups are spaced too wide.
    2. My measurements are: above chest, 35.5 in, below chest 33 in, around chest 37 inches. I prefer underwire bras. I am currently 39 weeks pregnant. My size pre-pregnancy was 34C.
    I have a few no wire nursing bras that seem to fit ok right now but would like more support. My previous child I was a B pre-pregnancy, a C while pregnant and a D while nursing. Thank you.

  • Liliana

    Before delivering 3 weeks ago I was wearing a 40 G. I have been wearing a soft non supportive nursing bra and my boobs are sagging to my belly button! I have a padded/underwire nursing bra from my last baby that is 42E and I am spilling out everywhere, top, side, back.

    My measurements are 46/45/50
    I want underwire, padding, support, and one that is not to high cut so it won’t show if I wear a v neck shirt.

    I was looking at the Elomi smoothing bra and the Anita underwire bras…I would prefer a plain bra without lace

  • Katie

    1.I was a 32b pre-pregnancy. I have not yet purchased a going out nursing bra as I am 4 weeks postpartum and am wearing some wireless nursing bras in size medium around the house. I would like to find a nursing bra with some padding that provides a lot of shape and support. No wire is preferable.

    2.My measurement above my breasts is 31″, below is 28″, and over breasts is 34″.


  • Emily

    1) The size bra I am currently wearing is an underwire 36DD from Marks and Spencers. I was living in Shanghai when I bought this bra and this is the only brand sold in bigger sizes. It fits pretty good but the cups are a bit too big. If I could make the shoulder strap smaller then it would fit perfectly. I am also wearing a size large in the unlined nursing sleeping bra sold at A Pea in the Pod. I switched to wearing the unlined sleeping nursing bra as I developed mastitis while pregnant.
    2)36 above breasts, 34 below breasts, 40 biggest part of breasts
    3)I am looking for some nursing bras. It is probably best that I get some with no underwire since I developed mastitis while pregnant and there is a potential I could develop again while nursing (since then I have been doing breast massage to help keep things flowing). I already have nursing bras for sleeping so I would like something to wear during the day that would be more supportive and provide some shape than the unlined nursing bras I have from A Pea in the Pod. Plain bras are fine in neutral colors (i.e. beige and black) and I just want something that is comfortable too. After I have the baby and my breast size is settled then I can look into buying other types of bras.
    4) Yes, I am currently pregnant. I will be 34 weeks on Friday, June 8th
    5) Before I was pregnant I wore a 34D bra and now I have the 36DD bra that fits almost perfectly. My boobs have really increased in size and I expect them to get bigger too.

    Note that I currently live in Korea so I will be buying stuff and having it shipped to my dad’s house in the US. He will then bring the bras over to me when he visits for the birth of the baby.

    Looking forward to what you recommend so that I can place my bra order!


  • Colleen P.

    I am currently wearing a 38F nursing bra.

    My measurements are 1:38
    I am looking for a bra with good supports, but not underwire.

  • […] today I want to share a very unique experience I had with A Mother’s Boutique Virtual Bra Fitting […]

  • I am desperate for a good fitting bra or two. I have an extremely tight budget and can’t afford $35.00+ for a bra.
    I’m not currently pregnant and my baby was born 9 months ago. Prior to pregnancy, I was a 34DD. I mostly wear crappy sports bras these days and a couple of bras from Target (Gilligan and O’ Malley, soft cup, unlined, no underwire) in size 38DD. They don’t fit well. There’s no support and the band travels up my back, especially if I try to tighten the straps. I also have a no-underwire bra from Hot Milk in a 36 G (based on their sizing instructions when I was a few weeks post partum) where the band fits like a dream, but the top of the cups are saggy.
    My measurements are:
    1st – 35 1/2 inches
    2nd – 32 inches
    3rd – 40 inches

    I am looking for something with moderate support, preferably without padding or underwire. I’m hoping for pretty, but I know the prettier stuff is pricier. lol

    Thank you!!

  • Amanda


    I am currently wearing a Fantasie Smoothing Underwire Balcony Bra in size 34G. It fits well (and is my favorite bra of all time) except that the cups are slightly too small (coming out of the top a bit, but really not much at all). Oddly, I ordered a Fantasie Smoothing Balcony T-Shirt Bra (accidentally, that one has the padded cups that I do not like) in 34GG and the band is way too small–I suppose because the band of my 34G is stretched out from use?

    First: 39.5
    Second: 37
    Third: 44

    I am looking for an underwire nursing bra with lots of support. I tried a no-wire nursing bra with my first son and it’s useless–I hate wireless bras and I ended up never using it. With my first child, I had the Elomi Smoothing Cup #3912 in 34GG, and I liked it, but the wire never fit great (in terms of being flush with my skin the way it should be, especially in between the breasts), and especially after a bit of time had passed, the cups of the 34GG were too big. Something similar to that (and to my actual favorite, the Fantasie Smoothing Underwire Balcony Bra) would be good. The ideal bra would be one that I could unhook the nursing panel with one hand (not possible with the Elomi). Looking for: no padding. I am neutral on whether the bra is plain or not, as long as I can wear it under t-shirts without a pattern showing. I don’t want any fancy trim (like lace) along the bottom of the band because that irritates my skin.

    I am currently 36 weeks pregnant. My breasts have grown this pregnancy, but I’m hard pressed to say exactly how much because there wasn’t much time in between weaning my first child and getting pregnant. I think that I was a 34G when I got pregnant, though pre-first child I was a 32FF (in Fantasie sizing). With my first child, my breasts didn’t grow much after the birth at all.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Kimberly

    Lets see…at the current moment, I am wearing a size XL nursing bra. My regular bras are a size 40D…however, one fits very nicely and one doesn’t fit at all…it doesn’t get tight enough around and the cups are way too big.


    I need something that has good support and a snug fit. Preferably underwire. I don’t like my bras feeling loose…I usually wear multiple shirts to help achieve that.

    I’m not pregnant, but I do have a 4 and a half month old nursling.

  • 47.5
    You have my current bra from my last order :) I nursing a 16mth old. I am pumping once a day at work. Underwire is fine for me – definitely need something suppotive!

  • Anna

    Hi Judy,

    I am currently nursing an almost 17 month old, with no plans to wean on the horizon (no other pregnancies on the horizon, either!). I do not like wearing bras, never have. I’m pretty sensitive to clothes and love being “comfy”. That being said, I do have to look professional for my job, and my maternity bras aren’t cutting it anymore. I’ve been wearing 2 bras, made of soft stretchy material. One is pullover style with a surplice front; the other is more “sports bra” like with back hook closures. I think they are size L but the size has rubbed off.

    My measurements are 35, 37, 29 inches. I am fairly narrow-shouldered. My primary concern is comfort. It doesn’t really matter if the bras are cute, and any price range is fine. I generally do not like an underwire. Can you wave your magic wand and make a bra that feels like you are not wearing one? 😉 Thanks so much!


  • Rachel

    1) size of the bra currently wearing – 36/38C or 36/38D
    description of how it fits: spill out of the cup if it’s not a super supportive bra, straps are either too tight or too lose

    2) measurements:
    – 1st measurement ABOVE your breasts – 36
    – 2nd measurement UNDER your breasts – 33.5
    – 3rd measurement largest part of your breasts – 42.5

    3) What type of bra I’m looking for:
    – one that is moderate support, underwire, light padding, good for nursing, not plain (I love colors, prints, cute designs, lace, etc)!
    – one that is very supportive, underwire, light padding, good for nursing, not plain!

    4) Not currently pregnant, still nursing my 7-month-old baby (pre-pregnancy I wore 36C

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Thanks so much!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Judy! My measurements are 37-31 1\2-39. The current bra I am wearing is a 38 DD. It is the closest thing I could find that fit me. I have gone to multiple fittings, and they all say that is my size. YET, I always fall out of the cups, I feel like the band is too big. I suspect I am closer to an F size cup. I prefer the underwire bras. But I wear a sleep bra and am open to trying different kinds. I am currently nursing a 1 year old. He is my second baby! I have been nursing for 4 years! I am desperate for a great fitting bra! HElP ME!

  • Sarah Sofield


    I’m wearing a Gillian O’Malley nursing bra 34B (from Target)– it’s the wireless. It’s the best nursing bra I could locally buy but it’s just not cutting it for long-term use. The back band rides up if the shoulder straps keeps me from sagging, and my breasts spill out the bottom a little.

    My measurements are 32, 29, and 34.

    I would love a bra with good support (I’m only twenty and was a 32AA before pregnancy), so my breasts feel like they’ve been through a beating with all this growing. I would love a pretty bra too.

    My son is eight and half months old.

    Thank you!

  • Carla C

    I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and wearing a 38H bra …they used to have under wire until it popped under the strain. The bra simple doesn’t fit it at all; cup spillage if I bend over it’s a wrap they’re jumping overboard. The straps dig into my shoulders. There’s zero support no matter how I try to adjust them. I’m not exactly sure but it feels like I’ve almost double what I was pre-pregnancy. I would like something with moderate-full support (for day to day usage) and light support (for night/comfort usage). Preferably I’d like to have one without underwire to avoid any discomfort and duct obstruction. Honestly anything that simply fits would be a blessing pretty or not.

    My measurements:

    My size above my breasts is 40.5?
    My size below my breasts is 37?
    My size at my fullest point 51?

  • Amanda

    I am currently wearing a Bravado bra that is a small++ and it is too big around the band and doesn’t offer enough support.

    My measurements are 29, 36, 28

    I am looking for a bra with moderate support, no underwire, no padding but would like the cups to be lined or have a thin padding. Look doesn’t matter much (but not too grandma-looking)

    My baby is 4 months old

  • Hi. You are my last hope so I am crossing my fingers that this works.
    1) My current bra is a Bravado nursing bra which I hate and it makes me cry. It is a 38 H/I and has no support. My breasts are creased where they attach to the body, they spill over the top about an hour after i have nursed, I have to constantly adjust them, and I have a uni-boob. It is the most unflattering bra a women should ever have to wear.
    2) Measurement above the bust is a 44
    Measurement at bust is 47
    Measurement below bust is 38
    3) I am looking for something with support that gives definition in an underwire. I have ordered from 3 different locations and 14 bras later people are telling me that they can not help. The major problem that i have had with the bras that I have ordered is that the center of the bra does not sit against my skin giving no definition. In a larger bust size no definition makes me look heavier then I am. I prefer nude color, but at this point I will take anything. I also need the support due to neck pain and upper back pain.
    4) I am nursing a 5 month old, pumping twice a day, and I produce an incredible amount of volume.

    Please help! Thanks.