Product Review: Happy Toy Machine

Do you have Happy Toys? Do your kids love to design and create? Well if you answered yes to either of those questions, then Happy Toy Machine is a site that you must take a look at!

The folks at Happy Toy Machine contacted me to see if my son and I would like to try out their site. We went online and my son (age 6) was thrilled to jump in and start designing his own toy. He designed 4 different toys, with only a little bit of help from me and he played with them and looked at them and then he picked his favorite to have made into a REAL toy! Below are the 4 creations that my son made using the Happy Toy Machine software:

This is 'Beary' - our creation

What we liked:

  • The software was easy to use and understand – even for a child.
  • The creations were fun to create and interact with on the computer.
  • Delivery of the toy was quick (only a few weeks).
  • The toy is completely baby safe – all eyes are embroidered and there aren’t any parts that would be considered a chocking hazard.
  • The toy is well-made and sturdy.
  • My son had a blast during the whole process and the toy is one of his new favorites.
  • The designs are affordable and make a great option for a way to get your kids involved with creating their own toys.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some of the features of the software are still under development – so when you click on a feature to change it, you get a message that it “is coming soon”. I would prefer that unavailable options were hidden rather than have them entice me with hope, only to leave me upset that I can’t use them.
  • There aren’t any body choices – while I understand that the toys have to be produced and some options need to be limited, it would be nice to be able to choose more than one body style.
  • There are categories such as monster, robot, bear, puppy, cat, etc – but all of the options have the same choices for tail, body, eyes, etc. It would be nice if they were separated into the actual categories.
  • Some of the creations look pretty different in the “produced” version vs the online version. The one we choose looks pretty much the same as his online counterpart, but we were looking at some of the creations created by other users and in some cases, there is a big difference between the online version and the actual produced version.

My son with his new toy - doesn't he look happy?

Overall impression:

Over all, the software is fun and easy to use and my son really enjoyed getting to create his own toy. He keeps talking about ordering one of the other creations. I think the site is a good start to a great way to let your child build be a part of creating their own toys – and I think with a few future improvements – it will be even better!

Would you like to design your own toy? Happy Toy Company has generously offered a 15% off coupon for the first 500 users!! Just enter coupon code MOTHER34006B at checkout and you will save 15% off the cost of your design. Act fast! This coupon expires November 15th!

Disclaimer: We received a complementary toy of our choice as part of this review. This gift enabled us to properly review this website and how it works and did not affect the objective nature of our review.

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