Virtual Bra Fitting®

Are you a new mom or mom-to-be? Do you know what size nursing bra you will need? Don’t worry -this post is designed to help you! I have developed a technique called “Virtual Bra Fittings®” for moms and moms-to-be to be able to get fitted for a nursing bra. There are LOTS of moms who don’t have a location nearby to get properly fitted for a nursing bra – so if that is your situation, then this post is for you. All I need for you to do is to answer a few simple questions. Once you do, I will generate your personalized Virtual Bra Fitting™ and you will be on your way to getting a great bra that fits properly.

What do I need from you?
If you would like to get a Virtual Bra Fitting®, please visit our website to sign up for your Virtual Bra Fitting®. Please gather the following information for your Virtual Fitting:
1) The size of the bra that you are currently wearing and a description of how it fits or doesn’t fit (e.g. are you spilling out of the cups, is the band riding up your back, does it offer enough support, etc – the more info you can give, the better!)
2) Your measurements – to get them you will need to take three measurements with a flexible measuring tape (the kind that a tailor uses – not the stiff kind that are used by handymen!). Then get someone to help you take your measurements (it is always easiest if someone can help you). To take your measurements, take off your shirt and make sure you have your best fitting bra on. Make sure that the bra isn’t tight in the cups so that you are able to get an accurate measurement.
1st measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body, but ABOVE your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
2nd measurement: take the same measurement as described above, but this time move the tape so that it is directly UNDER your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
3rd measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body over the largest part of your breasts (make sure you have your best fitting bra on). Make sure that your shoulders are back with your chest pointing out to get the most accurate measurement. This measurement should be a fitted, but loose measurement.
3) What type of bra you are looking for (e.g. lots of support, moderate support, underwire, no underwire, padding, no padding, pretty, plain, etc)
4) Are you currently pregnant? If not, how old is your baby?
5) If you are currently pregnant, how much has your size changed so far during your pregnancy?

That’s it – I will take the information that you leave (be sure to leave your email so that I can get in touch with you!) and I will send you your Virtual Bra Fitting® via email.

NOTE: We are no longer accepting comments on this post for our Virtual Bra fittings® – please visit our website to sign up for your fitting today.

Can’t believe it actually works? Read these testimonials:


  • “Wow—I can’t be happier! First of all, your customer service was so prompt, friendly and helpful! Secondly, the great reviews seemed too good to be true b/c I have such a difficult time getting good bras—nursing bras makes that doubles the difficulty! You filled my order so fast—the bras were here in just a day or two! I tried them on dreading which ones I’d have to send back—they BOTH fit and they fit SO well!!!! The virtual bra fitting and even more –just the description and customer reviews and the little notes such as 44F (fits G) were SO helpful and proved to be exactly what a person would need to get the proper wonderfully fitting bra! Thank you So very much!! I couldn’t be happier and more thankful to you and your services you provided!!! I will happily say that I am not returning ANY bras and know just where to go if I need more!!” Rachel H., Scranton, PA
  • “Thank you so much for all your help. This has been a great experience. I have been wearing the wrong bra size my entire life … I will be recommending you to all my nursing friends.” Brianne M., Palm Harbor, FL
  • “Thank you so much. It has really been a pleasure working with you! I have to say that I wish I could have gotten all my nursing bras from you! Your online fitting was just as accurate as the one I received in the local shop here, and you have a much more extensive selection than what was available locally. Your ability to recommend a bra that met my desires from the selection you have was fantastic.” Carla M., St Augustine, FL
  • “Thank you so very much! You are offering a most appreciated and amazing service – OMGOSH! I am so grateful that you are passionate about providing such a service! I am giddy!!!” Stacey M., Hunker, PA
  • “I received my bras today! I ordered 2 of the Vanessa’s. They are so comfortable and fit like a dream!! If only I had known about you 2 years ago (longer if I add in the 9 months of pregnancy that I wore nursing bras), I would have saved hundreds of dollars on ugly and uncomfortable bras. Thanks to your expertise with the virtual fitting and A Mother’s Boutique, I now know that nursing bras for large breasted women can be functional, flattering, and most importantly…comfortable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” Kelly H., Winter Park, FL
  • “I got my bra in the mail today! At first I thought it was too small, but once I adjusted the straps a little it fit PERFECTLY!!!! I’ve never worn a bra this comfortable before! It’s like nothing is there. Thank you so much!!!” Alison C., Farmington, MN
  • “Thanks so much, Judy! I really appreciate all of your help today. It’s so wonderful knowing that there is a place that I can go that actually carries my sizes!” Ann B., Pittsburgh, PA
  • “I got my nursing bras in the post today!!!! When I tell you they fit PERFECTLY… I am not kidding….. Thanks to your virtual fitting I AM SET! THANK YOU!!!!!” Danielle R., Gulfport, MS
  • “Love the owner of A Mother’s Boutique!! She emailed me for over 3 days to help me pick out nursing bra’s because I couldn’t make it out to her store. :)” Nicole S., Natrona Heights, PA
  • “I got my new bra today! (Thank you for the easy exchange!) It fits PERFECTLY!! That’s never happened to be before! Thank you so much for all of your help, Judy!” Keshia R., Calhoun, TN
  • “I appreciate the help, it’s nice to have a store that will actually get back to you and KNOW their products. I’ve been at a few other places and got the “well I don’t know” when just asking something simple. So thank you :)” Jenny S., Fort Ashby, WV
  • “Judy, You’re right, that bra was perfect. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the other bras you helped me select, too! I really thought I’d be happy if I just found one great bra, so as you can imagine, I’m over the moon :) I will certainly refer moms to your site whenever I can. Thanks again!” Amy R., Omaha NE
  • “Love love love the new nursing bras I just received in the mail from the ‘virtual fitting!’ The choices were spot on and fit perfectly!” Ali R., Plattsburgh, NY



181 comments to Virtual Bra Fitting®

  • Erin Fay

    1. I am currently wearing the Bravado Designs Original Nursing Bra – double plus style in S++ which is a 32 DD. I absolutely hate it. It provides no support whatsoever. The straps never stay tightened and it has a wide elastic band which folds under the weight of my breasts. Its a sports bra style so i really cant comment on the cups. The back rides up as well and the whole this is really just awful. I had my daughter 3 months ago and while I was pregnant I wore a 34 DD. Before I was pregnant I was a 32 C-D.

    2. Measurements:

    3. I really want a very supportive bra. It doesn’t need to be sexy or have lace or decorations. The most important thing to me is support and comfort. love underwire but I know the bra needs to be perfectly fit to me so it doesn’t plug milk ducts. I like soft cups rather than the molded cups of standard t shirt bras. I have very soft, floppy, saggy breasts so I always end up spilling out or not filling the cups. I also don’t like the demi style and I don’t like padding. Nudes, whites, pale pinks are great. Black too. I don’t need anything fancy! I’ve been fitted several times pre-pregnancy and everyone says I am a hard fit!

    4. Im not pregnant, my daughter is 3 months old.

    Thank you!

  • 1. 38D—it fits alright–i feel like the cups are too big—but I have tried a 38C and I spill over. The band on it seems fine to me and I feel that when I look in the mirror I need better support. Current one doesn’t have an underwire—only because I have never owned a bra with an underwire–so I just picked one without one!

    2.Measurements: 1. 37″ 2. 33″ 3. 38.5″

    3.I’m looking for moderate support and comfort–not too much padding. I do not want lace–it gives me itch. I want an everyday bra that I could wear to work or to just go out and about.

    4. I have a almost 9mo old

    5. I’m currently not pregnant

  • Kate

    1. 36E – it feels too small. I spill out of the cups a bit and the middle part does not lay lat against my chest. Also, the straps are always falling off.
    2. 37″. 35″. 39.5″.
    3. I’m looking for moderate support, no underwire, and something somewhat pretty (it’s okay if it’s not super fancy, I just don’t want to feel like I’m wearing my grandma’s bra).
    4. Not currently pregnant; baby is 3 months old.

    Thank you so much!

  • Tiffany

    Hi! I am currently wearing a 38D Bestform nursing bra. No padding, no wire. The cup size seems to fit pretty well, and they’re pretty comfy, but they provide zero support for the girls. When I tighten the straps to get a boost, all that happens is the back of the bra rides up! I’ve previously stayed away from the underwire for fear of plugged ducts, and the only padded nursing bra I tried on … the padding seemed tp make the unhooking and foldinng to nurse difficult.

    2) 40

    3) Looking for lots of support, preferably pretty. Leaning towards no underwire … maybe light padding.

    4) Not pregnant, nursing 6 month old baby.

  • Kimberly

    1.My current bra size is 38DD. I come out of the sides and middle. I don’t really spill out the cup just doesn’t cover me fully. I have enough support.

    2. Measurments
    1. 39
    2. 40
    3. 46 1/2
    3.I am looking for a bra with lots of support and covers me fully. A bra that I can wear under anything and has padding. What it looks like doesn’t matter to me.

    4.Yes I am currently 32 weeks and 5 days pregnant

    5.I have only went up one cup sizes since I have became pregnant.

  • Kailah

    1)I have a couple over a range of sizes. I’m currently wearing a 34D 5 year old Bravado. Cups fit well, but too tight around. Decently supportive, but I could stand some more support. I have a couple Bravado tanks that are comfortable in a C/D size, but I sag really bad in those.

    2) 1)37.5

    3) I’m looking for moderate support, maybe a little padding, something kinda pretty. I’m not sure about underwire. I’ve really only ever owned one or two underwire bras and they were ok. I’d be willing to try it though.

    4) I am nursing a 2 month old little guy right now.

  • Mara S.

    1. Currently in a 36c. Fits okay, could be a little more supportive. before pregnancy, I was wearing it on the tightest setting.
    2. 34 1/2, 35 1/2, 32 1/2
    3. I want a bra that is good for t-shirts, slightly padded and smooth, comfy, moderate support. I also want a another kind I can wear to work. I don’t care much about lace – that’s usually bothersome to me. I tend to like simple but cute, nothing huge. I am petite, so small is better.
    4. Currently pregnant with baby #3.
    5. Size has gone up – circumference and cup increased slightly.

  • Sherry

    1) The size of the bra that you are currently wearing and a description of how it fits or doesn’t fit (e.g. are you spilling out of the cups, is the band riding up your back, does it offer enough support, etc – the more info you can give, the better!)

    I’m currently in a Playtex Expectant Moments nursing bra. I have 2 sizes, 38 DD and 40 DD. The 38 DD fits well in the band, but I feel like my breasts are mashed into the cups. Also, the band is thin and offers little support underneath (even with the underwire). The 40 DD is great for not mashing my breasts in the cups, but offers little support underneath. I really like that the cup has support all the way around when it is unclipped and I’m nursing, unlike other nursing bras I’ve had that leave me hanging ; ) I also have a Fancee Free 40 F sports bra that offers the best support and comfort of all of my nursing bras, but the style of nursing clip (hook and loop) irritates me and I don’t like to wear it unless I’m doing sports. It still mashes my breasts in the cups, but not as badly as the other two. This is the one I’m wearing for the measurements.

    2) Your measurements – to get them you will need to take three measurements with a flexible measuring tape (the kind that a tailor uses – not the stiff kind that are used by handymen!). Then get someone to help you take your measurements (it is always easiest if someone can help you). To take your measurements, take off your shirt and make sure you have your best fitting bra on. Make sure that the bra isn’t tight in the cups so that you are able to get an accurate measurement.
    – 1st measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body, but ABOVE your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.

    41 with my arms up and 42 with them down.

    – 2nd measurement: take the same measurement as described above, but this time move the tape so that it is directly UNDER your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.

    36 3/4 inches

    – 3rd measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body over the largest part of your breasts (make sure you have your best fitting bra on). Make sure that your shoulders are back with your chest pointing out to get the most accurate measurement. This measurement should be a fitted, but loose measurement.

    45 1/4 inches

    3) What type of bra you are looking for (e.g. lots of support, moderate support, underwire, no underwire, padding, no padding, pretty, plain, etc)

    I’m looking for a good, supportive bra, preferably without underwire, but I am willing to look at underwire. I want at least one good sports bra and then a plain, padded style.

    4) Are you currently pregnant? If not, how old is your baby?

    I’m not pregnant. My baby is almost 9 months old. This is my 4th child and I’ve had the bras that I’m using for WAY too long ; )

  • Krista Babbitt

    1) Before my daughter was born, I was wearing a 38C. The band rode up the back a bit but it fit pretty well early in the pregnancy. As my breasts grew, they started to spill over the sides. I really liked the bra, though, because it was supportive without being stiff — it was just lace with underwire, no molded cup.
    Before the birth, I bought a cheap nursing bra to get me through in a 40D. The band seems fine, but the cup is too large. I guess I overestimated how large my breasts would get once my milk came in. It has molded cups, which offer support, but I find uncomfortable.

    2) measurements: above my breasts is 38 inches. Below my breasts is 35 1/2 inches. Across my breasts is 41 1/2.

    3)Bra I’m looking for: lots of support without being stiff and molded. I’m used to underwires and like them. I’d like something like my pre-baby bra, lace or jersey unlined, no padding. I don’t care if it’s pretty, just as long as it pulls them up to where they’re supposed to be — they hang VERY low. Wider straps would be nice.

    4) My baby is 3 weeks old. (the engorgement seems to have passed).

    5) I’m not pregnant anymore but my breasts are definitely larger than they were before.

  • Rachel

    1. I’m currently wearing 38E, but only because a girlfriend gave me her nursing bras. My pre-pregnancy size was a 36D. My breasts spill out of these bras because of the lack of support, not because the cups are too small! The band feels comfortable, but no amount of strap adjusting will keep my breasts up!
    2. Measurements: 39, 38, 44
    3. I need a bra with padding, as I’m very “perky”, as well as plenty of support since my breasts sag in my current bras. I wore underwire bras pre-pregnancy, so that’s an option. I’d like a plain nude bra and a pretty bra–black is my first choice. :)
    4. I’m not pregnant; baby is 3 months old.

  • Mary

    I am currently wearing a Bravado Bliss nursing bra size 40D/DD with the extender as loose as it goes. I liked it in the changing room but now the cups feel small giving me the uniboob feeling as it squishes me to the center. The band folds itself in half as if its not supportive enough. I also have an Elomi nursing bra in size 42 FF that I bought when I was pregnant. The band is snug but the cups are too big. My favorite bra during pregnancy was an Olga Christina underwire in 40DD with and extender. I would like to avoid underwire if possible as I am already having severe nipple pain.

    My measurements are 44 on top 48 around and 39 under.
    I am looking for a very supportive non underwire. My little one will be a month old in 3 days.
    Thank you!

  • Danae Klock

    1) The current size of my bra is 38C – it fits very well. It is supportive and stays put. There is a finger width of a gap under the strap right above the crest of my breast, but it doesn’t really affect the support.
    2) (a) 38″; (b) 36″; (c)42″
    3) I’m looking for a bra with lots of support and a little bit of padding. I’m not sure about underwire vs. no underwire – I currently wear underwires, but I don’t fully understand how that will affect nursing (if at all). I’m looking for something pretty but moderately priced. I would also want a tan/neutral colored bra as well.
    4) I am currently 37 weeks pregnant
    5) During pregnancy, my cup size increased by 1 (B to C) and my band size increased by 1 (36-38). However, the old bras were pretty worn and could have been stretched before I bought the ones I’m wearing now – so I could have been a 38 for a while and just not known.


  • Kelly

    1. I usually wear a nursing tank, but the bra that fits me best is an underwire 42D, it fits perfectly actually.
    2. above:39.5, under:38, around fullest part:44.5
    3. I’m looking for a nursing bra with moderate to lots of support – it doesn’t matter if it’s underwire or not, I would prefer padding, and pretty would be nice, but not necessary.
    4. I’m not pregnant, I have a 3 month old baby :)
    5. during my first pregnancy my chest went from a 40DD to a 42H/I for breastfeeding – after breastfeeding my chest went down to a 42D, then pretty much stayed there through my second pregnancy and now.

  • Lydia

    I’ve tried so many bras before that I just had to give this a shot. So tired of wasting money on poorly fitting bras!

    1) Currently wearing a Bravado Bliss in 32 H/I. The band feels tight around the side of my ribs, but the 34 was way too loose and moved around a lot (It was basically like not wearing anything). By the end of the day, I can’t wait to take this bra off. The cup size is too small, I am definitely spilling over. It’s like I have 4 boobs. I have the straps shortened all the way to get enough support.
    2) 36/33/41
    3) I’d love a nursing bra with lots of support. I prefer padding, just because I’m self conscious about headlights. Pretty would be a preference, but I’ll settle for something that fits right. My favorite pre-baby bra was a demi-cup Felina. When not nursing, I adore underwires.
    4) Not pregnant, but tandem nursing(9m and 27m). I was 32DD before pregnancy.

  • Liz

    1. I am currently wearing the bravado original nursing bra in M++. It’s great for sleep and very comfortable but not supportive enough. Unfortunately, it’s the only one that isn’t embarrassing to wear at the moment. I wore the Bravado seamless silk nursing bras last baby in L and really liked them so ordered two more of the same this baby, but I find I am spilling out the top of them, and when I try to tighten the straps to compensate, it just rides up the back and I still spill – I must be bigger this time around? I have the band on the smallest setting, so with the way they size, I feel like if I went up a size the band would be too loose. Before baby I was wearing 38DD underwire. Similar issues even with non-nursing bras of the “double bubble” – spilling out the top and/or riding up the back.

    2. FYI – I took the measurements after nursing – a little soft, and they seemed to vary ½ inch depending on if I breathed in or not – the measurements given are the smaller end – without a deep breath – normal resting stature.
    3. I’m looking for support above anything else and would like a bra (or three) that I can wear under anything – no lines, no patterns. I want to feel held in but not crushed. I always wore underwire with molded cups, no padding, when not nursing, but have adjusted to non-underwire as I want to keep nursing and don’t want (any more) clogged ducts. I definitely don’t need any padding and don’t like demi or low cut styles as they seem to exacerbate the spilling over problem. I just want to feel comfortable and supported when I go back to work in a few weeks.
    4. I am not currently pregnant. My baby is 2 months old.

  • Liz

    I’ve lost tons of weight, time for some new nursing bras!!

    1) I have several different bras ranging from 34I to 34J. The 34J is the Sophie Wireless bra and is my absolute favorite simply because of how pretty it is. As a result it has gotten stretched out and isn’t really a good fit anymore. The cups still fit fine.
    2) Above breast: 34.5″
    Under breast: 31.75″
    Largest part of the bust: 41.25″
    3) I need bras that give a good amount of support. I prefer bras that are pretty but I won’t object to a bra that is plain as long as it fits well and is comfortable!
    4) Baby is 10 months old on 4/22, I still have 10 pounds to go to my weight loss end goal but do still have a lot of toning up to do.
    5) n/a

  • Erin P

    Current bra size is 36C it’s a dynabelly from this store. No underwire. It feel too big all over especially in the band it is on the last hook and it feels like it moves all around. I got this one a few months after I had my baby and I’ve lost some weight since then.
    36 3/4
    Looking for lots of support, can wear with low cut tops and tank tops. I had mastitis before possibly due to side supports in my old bra (not from you). I wouldn’t mind trying underwire again.
    My babe is 8 months old. Not pregnant.

  • Christine

    Embarrassingly, I am only using two old sports bras only right now. Stretched out cotton and while comfy not enough support. Often going without anything because they are in the washer!

    37 (or 36 and 3/4)
    Looking for lots of support that I can wear with V neck, lower cut. Also night bras. Both pretty and plain would be great (we are having a big 2 year wedding/welcome baby celebration in Europe this summer and I’d love to have ‘pretty’ for that trip) and one that I can wear to the gym or working out. Some that are easy to clean would be great. Also, if there are bras known for using non-toxic dyes to the Oko-Tex Standard 100 I’d be interested as the fibers of all the fabric on my clothes seem to show up on my baby’s mouth or in his bed! Also, I tend to get clogged ducts easily
    My baby is 3 months old. Not pregnant.

  • Anne

    I am due in 10 weeks with our second child. I breast fed the first guy for a year and after weaning him my breasts decreased in size from a 32DD (pre-pregnancy) to a 32D. I am currently wearing a 34DD (I am quite short and my ribs expand when I’m pregnant) and am wearing a padded Felina underwire. It fits perfectly (no cup spillage, does not ride up, very supportive). I have been fit by very good bra fitters here locally. I am just not happy with their nursing bra selection. I prefer a padded bra to disguise the prominent nipples. I also prefer a nude and plain style. I had two Bravado nursing bras last time around that I did not really like as they offered no support. As an aside, I did have thrush for the entire time I breast fed and I do not know if this impacts the style of bra you would put me into. This also means that I will need to be able to launder them if I develop thrush again. I have never developed mastitis but this may be because I did not wear underwire for the first couple of months. I would be interested in a sleeping bra, one with and one without an underwire.
    36 (above breasts)
    31 (under breasts)
    37 1/2 (swelling of breasts)

  • Heather

    1. I have worn the Bravado body silk seamless nursing bra since my daughter was weeks old. It’s a large, I have three of them and have worn them exclusively for the last 2 years. I love that there’s no hard wiring digging into my flabby skin (baby weight needs to go), but I need more support. I feel trapped when wearing them, but I literally have to hold onto my chest if I walk any faster than my usual pace, and can feel them flopping about in general. My boobs went from being barely a perky/flattish B cup to long, heavy, sagging milk bags (which I am grateful for in that both my babies have benefitted greatly).
    2. 41″, 35″, 43″
    3. I can’t seem to find a bra that meets my needs, which I feel are pretty basic. I must have support when I need it, that is when I leave the house for any reason. I don’t care if it’s pretty, just functional. I’m not a huge fan of padding but I hate having my nipples visible through clothes. I would love to find something comfortable that I don’t feel the overwhelming urge to rip off at the first opportunity presented (in the car on the way home) but… I want to know they aren’t going anywhere without me!
    4. Nursing a 7 month old BIG boy.
    Thanks for any help you can give me!

  • 1) I am currently wearing a Le Mysterie”Sexy Mama” underwire bra, size 34F. I like the underwire & the lift it gives my breasts, so I don’t look so saggy. It is 1.5 years old, & I wore it during the last 4 mos. of my pregnancy. I don’t like the lacy quality of the material around the band – it’s very itchy. The cup is heavily lined, which I prefer, as my nipples usually show through most bras. When I’m pretty full of milk, the cup is filled up. When I’m not completely full, there’s a gap along the top, as my breasts get droopy there. I also wear the Bravado Body silk seamless bra, which I like, but I don’t feel it is supportive enough. It’s a size medium, but I’ve been wearing it for 4 years! It’s comfortable, but stretched out. It fits my breasts well, never too tight or loose. The band has been riding up my back for years now, though.
    2) measurements –
    – 1st measurement: 33 inches
    – 2nd measurement: 29.5 inches
    – 3rd measurement: 37.5 inches
    3) I’d like a supportive bra,I have a herniated disc right on my bra line in back. I’m leaning toward underwire, and with thick cup fabric so there’s no evidence of breast pads or nipples. The Le Mysterie has foam cups.
    4) I am not pregnant. I’m nursing my 6th child, who’s 11 mos.

  • Laura h

    1) I’m currently wearing 36d Calvin Klein wardrobe essentials t-shirt bra. They fit pretty well with one of them the underwire is a bit tight on the sides.

    2) current measurements
    Above 38
    Under 36
    Fullest point 40

    3) I’d like something with moderate support underwire, they can be either padded or non. I’d also like no wire with moderate support.

    4) i am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second child.
    5) so far this pregnancy I’ve gone up a band size and cup size.

  • Elyse

    1) I currently am wearing a 38C nursing bra I just bought. It has a little extra room in the cup, which I did on purpose as I am about to have my son and will be nursing. The biggest issue is that I have it on the tightest link and the straps all the way tightened, so I’m worried it won’t fit right very long. The straps stay up ok, except when I sit down or slouch my shoulders as I have small shoulders.

    2) 33 1/2
    32 1/2
    37 1/2

    3) I am looking for a comfortable nursing bra that doesn’t move. Straps falling is always my biggest issue. I like some padding, generally use underwire, but am open to trying without. Pretty would be nice, and the less I feel like I am wearing a bra the better.

    4) I am currently pregnant, having baby in two weeks.

    5) Before I got pregnant I was in a 34/32 A.

  • Wanda Opitz

    Above: 36.5
    Under: 32.25
    Fullest: 42

    I am currently wearing either a Bravado Original S++ or a Freya 34F. The Bravado is not supportive at all. It sags in front and I am constantly feeling like I have to pull it up in front. The Freya is quite old and it rides up in the back a lot.

    I like the support that the Freya gives. I have tried on an Elomi, both wire and nonwire, and really liked the fit and feel. I tried on a 34H and a 34GG and the GG seemed better, but I wonder what a 34G would be like. I do spill out the top sometimes out of my current bras.

    I don’t mind wire or nonwire.

    My baby is 9 months old.

    Thanks for the help!

    Wanda Opitz

  • Wanda Opitz

    Sorry, forgot to add that I am looking for lots of support and lift. Tired of looking like I have my grandma’s boobs, lol!

  • Megan

    1. the only nursing bra I’ve bought so far is the bravado bliss. I tried the 32 h/i. i liked the seamlessness and the light padding, but it went way too far up in my arm pit and was very uncomfortable. The 32 f/g fits better, but i still don’t love how it fits. It still rubs in my pit area. My right boob is a little bit bigger and it tends to spill out a little bit. I also get a uni boob effect with this bra. Not flattering at all. It does seem to fit well around in the band. i have it on second tightest to tightest setting. The straps are almost all the way loosened but they feel ok. it’s mostly the pit area that bothers me. Every time i lift my arms or reach them forward it rubs and is so uncomfortable. It’s the only one i tried so far that fit ok though. i tried a few other less expensive bras from target, motherhood, and you! lingerie and they didnt fit at all. I also liked the bravado silk for night time, but that rides kind of high in my arm pit as well
    2. I am somewhat petite, 5 ft 3 inches, 108 lbs.
    I measure 32.5 above, 29.5 below, and 35.5 bust. this is all with no bra on.
    I was always large chested and perky before babies. I was a 32ddd but i usually wore a 34dd since it was easier to find. Now they are a little bigger even, but they do sag more now probably because i went braless most of the first month after he was born.
    3. I’m looking for 2 styles of bras, everyday comfortable bras as well as ones that give a little more support for going out. I’m nervous about underwire causing blocked ducts, although i haven’t had any issues with blocked ducts so far in my 5 months of nursing, but i haven’t used underwire. Pre pregnancy i only used underwire bras. bali was my favorite, but i also wore victoria secret. For going out and about, i’d like something with a little bit of padding/lining so my nips dont show and hopefully to conceal my increasingly uneven boobs (baby is starting to prefer one side.) i don’t care if it’s pretty or not as long as it doesnt ride too high and i can wear with tank tops and lower cut tops with it. I generally don’t like lace in the band and like nude and black.
    4. I’m not pregnant. I’m nursing my 5 minth old. this is my first baby!

    thank you for your help

  • Ali

    1. Currently I am wearing a Gillian omalley nursing bra size large and it rides up too much in the back and is not comfortable on the sides. This is the only place there is wire and when I drop down to nurse it digs into my sides. It also is not nearly as supportive as I would like.

    2. 34.5 (measurement 1)
    32 (measurement 2)
    38 (measurement 3)

    3. I am looking for lots of support. In the past I have always had underwire (when not pregnant) but have been unable to find an underwire bra that does not dig into my skin when dropping down the cups. I am also looking for both pretty and plain and no padding.

    4. I am not pregnant and my daughter is 3 weeks old.

  • Heather B

    I’m currently wearing a Platex full coverage 38 DD. I probably could have worn a 36 when I bought them but they didn’t have any in my size so I just made do. I’m having issues with my breasts not fitting in the cup and the underwire sitting in uncomfortable places. Where the underwire meets in the front is a good 3-4 inches away from my chest and my breasts are squished together. This might be weird but I don’t like them to be that squished because I get all sweaty and my pregnancy acne goes crazy :/ It rides up in the back and I have it on the tighter hook. I’ve tried loosening the back strap but then my breasts fall out of the cups. Also the sides rub my underarms in a weird way.

    My measurements are:
    1) 38″
    2) 33.5″
    3) 42.5″

    I’m looking for something with lots of support since I was pretty “blessed” before pregnancy but pretty would be good too. My husbands afraid I’ll become super frumpy after baby so the prettier the better. I’ve always preferred some padding over none but I’m not opposed to trying something new. I have always worn an underwire but I hear first time moms should forgo this with there first baby.

    Yes. I am pregnant, about 9-10 weeks now 😀

    I feel like I’ve gained all my weight in my breasts. My bras used to be super comfortable but now its like I do anything not to have to wear them. My bra is off as soon as I get in the house! I tried an E cup on at the store and it was too small…I think I will probably have a continue increase in size. I have a history of big breasted women in my family, several who have had reductions.

  • SabrinaJ

    1.) Right now I’m wearing a 40DDD. The band rides up a little too high, The underwire is starting to dig in under my breasts. My right breast is a little bigger than the other and is spilling out of the cup, over the top and out the side. The band fits alright, it digs in a little but I have it as tight as it can be. The straps dig into my shoulders a bit now. The middle of the bras between the cups also does not touch in between my breast like it should.
    2.) My Measurements are 41′ 41′ and 47′
    3.) I’m looking for something with underwire as I’ve always needed it for enough support. Also something with a little bit of padding would be nice just so I feel a little more secure. I’d like a basic bra but also like a prettier option as well.
    4.) I am currently 33 weeks pregnant
    5.) I have not bought new bras since becoming pregnant, I have been trying to get by as long as possible but am starting to feel uncomfortable in them now.

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