Entertaining Siblings During Nursathons

What do other parents do with their older children when their babies are having extended nursathons? Specifically, my problem of late is that my baby is very distractable. In order to have a full feeding session, I really need to take him upstairs to a quiet room. The mere presence of his older brother . . . → Read More: Entertaining Siblings During Nursathons

When Baby Stops Nursing to Sleep

My son has stopped nursing to sleep. He’s 11 months old, so this creates a problem for me. How do I get him to become asleep?

I have a few neighbors and cousins who seem to have given birth to the sort of magical baby who will yawn, then the parents put the baby . . . → Read More: When Baby Stops Nursing to Sleep

Time Change Woes

This was my 7th clock change as a parent. My very first clock change, I was terrified leading up to it because my older son was on such a precarious “almost rhythm.” In other words, he was totally unpredictable, but bed time was our one and only constant each day. It turned out that . . . → Read More: Time Change Woes