Entertaining Siblings During Nursathons

What do other parents do with their older children when their babies are having extended nursathons? Specifically, my problem of late is that my baby is very distractable. In order to have a full feeding session, I really need to take him upstairs to a quiet room. The mere presence of his older brother . . . → Read More: Entertaining Siblings During Nursathons

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

We read a lot of books these days, snuggled in the corner of the couch under blankets while I nurse my five-month-old and my three-year-old carves out some lap space.

I never give up hope that my older son will actually nap in the afternoon, so I try to find books that are calm . . . → Read More: Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

The No-Cry Nap Solution

If you have been reading Mommy News Blog in the past months, you know that one of our favorite guest writers is Elizabeth Pantley. Elizabeth is a raved author, educator, speaker and most importantly a mother of four. She understands the frustration that parents go through- including the daily fights to get your little . . . → Read More: The No-Cry Nap Solution