Time Change Woes

This was my 7th clock change as a parent. My very first clock change, I was terrified leading up to it because my older son was on such a precarious “almost rhythm.” In other words, he was totally unpredictable, but bed time was our one and only constant each day. It turned out that he went to bed at like 5 PM that evening and actually did some solid sleeping. It was a major turning point in our family.

The rest of the clock changes have been awful.

This weekend, I was awake for both of the 1 AM’s.

I had one of those crazy out-of-body exhausted experiences, nursing my baby at 1 AM, and then nursing him again at 1 AM.

It was like Groundhog Day or something! It’s hard for me to contain my jealousy that my sister lives in Phoenix, AZ, where they don’t do clock changes. She generally tries not to rub it in, and I generally try to be visiting her over clock change weekend so I don’t have to experience this drama. It hasn’t worked out for a few years, sadly.

Both of my sons, in their babyhood, decided 5 AM was their daily time to poop. Then, they’re up celebrating for awhile before wanting to nurse and nap. So today, it was actually 4 AM while I was up changing a dirty diaper. Now, at 8:45, I feel like I’ve put in a full day’s work and I still have so much more to go! I’m just thankful my husband works a traditional schedule so at least Sunday gets to be a transition day with two parents on duty.

I remember growing up, I thought the spring clock change was the worst thing in the world. Now, as a parent, I have to say I find the spring change so much easier. Maybe it’s psychological? It just feels better to put the children to bed at 6 PM and wake up when the clock says 6 AM rather than drag on until 8 PM and be up for the day when it reads 4:00.

Of course, we tried shifting the kids’ bed times by 15 minutes every few days leading up to the big day. But…between the hurricane and trick or treat and the general craziness of two kiddos, it didn’t work out.

This is definitely one of those weeks where I have to actively remind myself that this stage of parenting is so fleeting. One day, I’ll feel nostalgic about nursing a baby at 1 AM twice in one day, right? Right?

How has the time change gone over at your house? Any pointers for making the transition a bit easier? Leave us a comment and tell us your tips!

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