Big Change is Coming to Our Boutique

This┬ábusiness began nearly 10 years ago, when Judy found a huge need for quality nursing clothing and products to help her succeed in breastfeeding. Nursing her son was such an important part of her life at this time, and her business grew from this experience and a desire to help other mothers. A Mother’s . . . → Read More: Big Change is Coming to Our Boutique

Weaning Considerations

A friend recently told me about the sadness she was feeling as her toddler slowly but surely began weaning himself. It started when she replaced her pumped milk with cow’s milk during the work day, and continued as kiddo not only asked for the breast less and less at home, but also began to . . . → Read More: Weaning Considerations

Ask Judy: How Can I Get A Bra That Fits

Dear Judy, I am curious–how do I leave an accurate measurement on your Virtual Bra Fittings if the cup sizes on my bra are way too snug? My milk came in and now my 38I’s are too small. — Liz F.

Thanks for writing in Liz. That is actually one of the biggest challenges . . . → Read More: Ask Judy: How Can I Get A Bra That Fits

Virtual Bra Fitting®

I have been doing a LOT of virtual bra fitting®’s lately. (Some have even called me The Booby Whisper!) I have to say, there is nothing more satisfying that helping a mom find a great nursing bra. I actually got a call today from someone that I have the luxury of doing an in-person . . . → Read More: Virtual Bra Fitting®