Big Change is Coming to Our Boutique

This business began nearly 10 years ago, when Judy found a huge need for quality nursing clothing and products to help her succeed in breastfeeding. Nursing her son was such an important part of her life at this time, and her business grew from this experience and a desire to help other mothers. A Mother’s Boutique grew into a one-stop shop for nursing tops, bathing suits, bras, breast pumps and anything else a new mother might need.Back of a model in black lingerie with her hands at the bra lock

Over the past decade, the market has changed for maternity and nursing clothing. Mothers have options now for stylish business wear and casual clothes to accommodate breastfeeding and pumping. But there is still a great need for quality nursing bras, especially ones that come in larger cup sizes. For years, Judy’s customers have loved the personal attention they receive at A Mother’s Boutique, where a fitting is thoughtful and thorough (even if that fitting is virtual).

These satisfied mothers eventually wean their children, but still write to Judy asking if she will carry non-nursing bras. Finding a great bra can be a life-changing experience for a woman, and it’s inspiring to be the person who helps make a difference in this way for nursing moms.

Judy says, “I have tried for years to figure out a way to bring non-nursing bras into the current business model, but couldn’t find a way to fit them all in my store.” Bras come in a lot of sizes, so bringing in the right inventory is a huge undertaking both financially and from a storage perspective. But then, Pittsburgh’s only specialty lingerie boutique closed its doors two years ago, leaving local women with no place to shop for bras. Judy took this as a call to action to support all women. And so, she reached a decision.

“I am getting rid of the items that I’m not as well known for–the clothing–and expanding my bra selection so I can make a difference in the lives of every woman.”

In mid-March, 2016, A Mother’s Boutique will transition to a new business. This new shop will have a strong focus on our roots–50 different styles of nursing bras, tanks, and shapewear–but also include 14 different styles of non-nursing bras. Our new boutique will focus on hard to find sizes (big bands, small bands, big cups, etc.) but will have an offering for women of every size. As the business grows, Judy plans to slowly add additional colors and styles that fill a need for women looking for quality bras that fit comfortably.

In order to make room for this new inventory, all of the clothing must go from A Mother’s Boutique. Tops, pants, and dresses are on sale starting at $11, and this sale will continue until everything is gone. Local moms who like to try things on can come to the shop throughout February, but once the physical store changes over, clothing will only be available online until it’s sold out.

We know there are many chain lingerie stores in the greater Pittsburgh area, but they focus on more traditional sizes. Our boutique is the ONLY independently-owned, woman-run boutique of it’s kind in this area and our sizes will start at a 28 band and go up to a 46 (with plans to expand to 52) and cup sizes ranging from A to S. Yes–S. We want every woman to experience the feel of a properly-fitting bra, and we’re so excited about this new change. Stay tuned to see what we have in store for you!

Not local to Pittsburgh? Fear not! You will always be able to get a Virtual Fitting for both nursing bras and regular bras to buy online.

Please note: Judy will continue to rent hospital grade breastpumps to women all over the country, since there is a great need for this service.

2 comments to Big Change is Coming to Our Boutique

  • peggy

    LUV …. I just wanted to share that I’m an adoptive nursing mom when I received my daughter over 30 years ago. It was precious and I did product milk but more than that, we bonded well and all the other benefits of nursing your baby. I used a special help but it did work and I will always be thankful. I’m a Registered Nurse and my instructor was also an adoptive mom and shared with me how to breastfeed your baby that did not come from your own body.
    THank you for letting me share! I appreciate the topic though I do not see your article on nursing adopted babies. Can you lead me? Did I just not see it?

  • Hi Peggy, I’m so glad to hear your story of breastfeeding your adopted baby. We have several article on nursing adopted babies. You can see them by doing a search for “adopt” on our blog. Here is a link to the search results:

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