“Shoe Alarms” to Get Kids Out the Door

I’ve been reading a blog called Rookie Moms since my first son was born. Recently, they had a post about using “Shoe Time Music” to get their kids moving out the door. They set an alarm to sound when it’s time to put on coats and shoes and walk to the car/bus/what have you. 

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Mindful Parenting

By Tracy Liebmann

The Buddhist concept of mindfulness can be very helpful to parents. It can help us see our children as whole and beautiful in each moment.

Mindfulness means moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness of our children.

If we practice mindful parenting we will refine our capacity to pay attention, with . . . → Read More: Mindful Parenting

Growing Up Human

By Tracy Liebmann

Lately, my son and I have just been devouring the Growing Up series on Animal Planet! It is a series of shows about different animals that were usually injured or orphaned, and how they are taken care of. Whenever we watch a primate such as a baboon, monkey or . . . → Read More: Growing Up Human

Family Harmony – For A Healthy Body, Mind And Spirit

By Tracy Liebmann I believe the simple principles of family harmony are three fold, when you look at your family you must look at three key elements, body, mind, and spirit. A healthy family is like a healthy body, the system works together, almost effortlessly. The brain is functioning, the heart pumps, the . . . → Read More: Family Harmony – For A Healthy Body, Mind And Spirit