Growing Up Human

By Tracy Liebmann

Lately, my son and I have just been devouring the Growing Up series on Animal Planet! It is a series of shows about different animals that were usually injured or orphaned, and how they are taken care of. Whenever we watch a primate such as a baboon, monkey or gorilla, I am amazed at how human-like they are and how their caregivers are so gentle, patient and caring with them. The caregivers of these wonderful animals are totally accepting of the animals’ true nature, their instincts.

It has made me wonder… are we that accepting of our children? Are we accepting of their true nature, their instincts?

I think with animals it is easier for us humans to freely accept their behavior, to accept that they are being who they are meant to be. Yet, within our own human families we tend to have judgments that people should behave a certain way. We as humans have really gotten confused about what our true nature is. Over time we have lost sight of who we are as a species. Why has this happened? Well you could write a Ph.D. thesis on the subject, and I am NOT going to even attempt that! What I believe, is that we have become conditioned to not follow our hearts, to not follow our bliss. When you first kiss your newborn baby, you *know* what to do- put it to the breast, cuddle, keep her warm… then all the experts come in with their advice to do it this way or that way; don’t do this or that. The experts can come in all shapes and sizes: anyone from well meaning friends and family to doctors and specialists. I think because we are human, we have produced these specialists to ease our underlying fear of not knowing the way. I believe that fear was instilled in us through school, parents and even our bosses as adults.

It takes much work for many of us to find our true authentic selves as adults, and it’s worth it!

Some people may consider me one of those experts. What I try to remember is what my message is – to always follow your heart, follow your bliss and if I can help you to find that again I am fortunate to do so! I am human, and I went through all the same struggles with following my heart vs. listening to the experts. As a young mother I did what the doctors suggested, check-ups, shots, discipline…if I had a baby today I would do things differently. Not to say I wouldn’t consider their recommendations, I would, but I wouldn’t trust them blindly. What I’m saying is because I am human I can think and rationalize; I can learn from my mistakes, I can go on more than just instincts. I am a complex human being, who can trust her instincts or trust the experts…animals only have their instincts.

What separates us from animals is we can think, feel, dream and love…we have the ability to evolve emotionally and intellectually. It’s our choice whether or not we do so! You can choose to start your evolution today by setting up a FREE coaching session!

Tracy Liebmann is an experienced educator, Certified Family Life Coach, and Author. She believes deeply that great communication is the key to better connection with your loved ones. She mothers her two teenaged children from the heart, knowing that is where the truth lies when it comes to parenting. Her coaching clients describe her using words like; compassionate, caring, understanding, patient, insightful and intuitive. She lives in Charleston, SC with her husband of 19 years, her 2 children and many interesting pets. She enjoys being with her family, cooking, anything outdoors and being with her horses! You can learn more about her and her coaching practice at or you can get parenting advice with heart at Tracy is a regular contributor to this blog, so stay tuned for more great parenting articles from her!

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