Packing My Hospital Bag for Baby #3


My job this week: pack my go-bag for the hospital.

The first time around, we packed a ton of luggage and didn’t use most of it. The second time, I packed all the wrong things and my husband still had to make a few trips home to get stuff I forgot. Here’s what I’m packing for this, my third birth.

  • Copy of my birth vision
  • Chapstick, 3 tubes. Hospital air is dry. I think they actually come into the rooms with a dehumidifier, it’s that dry. I need tube near each hand and a spare in my bag for when one rolls off the table.
  • Nursing tanks. When I’m in the hospital, I don’t feel like wearing my own clothes. I rock the gown, because I’m in the hospital. I’m not up for company, I’m not trying to look good to feel good. But I do need to support my voluptuous bosom and I like nursing tanks.
  • Diaper wipes. Our hospital only provides dry cloth thingies we have to moisten to wipe up the tar-poop during our stay. We learned from our previous kids! We’re bringing our own wipes. These are also good for lazy face wiping for grownups.
  • Chargers for our devices.
  • iPad. I’m taking it from my kids. Sorry! I need it more than them while I’m in the hospital. They can watch Roku or use my computer or something…maybe play with their toys??
  • 3 outfits for the baby. I let my big kids each pick a coming home outfit, and then we agreed on a spare one in the likely event he soils himself.
  • T-shirt for me to wear home.
  • 1 pair of maternity pants for me to wear home.
  • Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant (forgot this last time!), shampoo, body wash.
  • My nursing pillow, primarily for elbow support as I perfect my laid-back breastfeeding skills.
  • Snacks, for when I’m up late at night nursing and there’s no food service. Mmmm what snacks should I pack?

I’m not packing myself underwear. Maybe I’ll feel differently if I have a successful VBA2C, but I really needed the hospital-issue mesh things the last 2 times. I’m not packing socks, because it’s summer and I haven’t felt cool (let alone cold) since before I got pregnant. I plan to show up in my flip-flops, so I don’t need different shoes.

Is there anything I’m forgetting? Leave us a comment to share how you packed differently for subsequent babies.


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