Writing Your Birth Story to Find Healing from a Challenging Experience

The goal of this post is to give some pointers for mothers looking to process your birth experience through writing. Maybe, like me, you had challenging birth experiences. Maybe, like me, instead of feeling euphoric after birth, you felt a host of darker emotions.

I work as a writer, and so I write stories . . . → Read More: Writing Your Birth Story to Find Healing from a Challenging Experience

Introducing Oren

I shared earlier that I was attempting a vaginal birth after 2 cesareans. I gathered up a super-supportive birth team who all knew what I wanted, that I had educated myself and weighed my options carefully and felt natural birth was the best choice for my baby and my body.

Prenatally, I exercised when . . . → Read More: Introducing Oren

Cervical Checks?


Last week, at the end of my midwife visit, we discussed my upcoming Group B Strep test. “Would you like a cervical check when we do that?” she asked.

I had a week to think about it, and went back and forth as to whether I’d say yes. I know there are risks . . . → Read More: Cervical Checks?

Packing My Hospital Bag for Baby #3


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My job this week: pack my go-bag for the hospital.

The first time around, we packed a ton of luggage and didn’t use most of it. The second time, I packed all the wrong things and my husband still had to make a few trips home to get stuff I . . . → Read More: Packing My Hospital Bag for Baby #3

Tear Care: Tips for Postpartum Bottoms

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Every-other month, A Mother’s Boutique hosts the meeting for the International Cesarean Awareness Network’s (ICAN) Southwestern PA chapter. June’s meeting invited mamas to share their successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) stories. It was so refreshing to hear many of these women talk about their fantastic recovery, how they were driving . . . → Read More: Tear Care: Tips for Postpartum Bottoms

Planning a VBA2C

I’ve cultivated a very careful circle of friends since having kids, and so it’s jarring for me to go places among strangers or relatives who ask me a ton of very personal questions about my pregnancy and birth and then say, “You’re planning to do WHAT?? ARE YOU CRAZY?”

My local ICAN chapter . . . → Read More: Planning a VBA2C