Cervical Checks?

 midwife with hands on pregnant belly

Last week, at the end of my midwife visit, we discussed my upcoming Group B Strep test. “Would you like a cervical check when we do that?” she asked.

I had a week to think about it, and went back and forth as to whether I’d say yes. I know there are risks involved in cervical checks in the last weeks of pregnancy. I also know the results don’t mean very much–I could be closed up tight and have my baby that evening…or I could walk around for weeks at 3cm dilated.

But, the day of my GBS test I was 37 weeks pregnant. I’d been having a challenging week personally, and I’d been experiencing tons of pelvic pressure and Braxton Hicks contractions. Plus, my second son arrived at 38 weeks–I’d opted out of any cervical exams during his pregnancy.  Maybe I wouldn’t have been so surprised at his arrival if I’d gotten a check? Who knows!

I decided to go ahead with the check, since I don’t anticipate taking my knickers off for any more of my prenatal visits.

I was elated to learn that I’m 1cm dilated, 30% effaced, with an anterior cervix. Plus, my baby’s head is floating just above the cervix. And he’s anterior! Neither of my other boys were ever optimally aligned for birth. I have a history of a posterior cervix. Today, learning these things about this baby and this pregnancy gave me a spiritual boost leading up to birthing.

My body has been doing such hard work. I’ve been large and miserable and grouchy. Knowing that things are starting to happen makes me feel happier, more excited for the impending arrival of this little dude. I’m glad I said yes today.

Did you opt for a cervical exam toward the end of your pregnancy? Leave us a comment to share your experiences. 

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  • Lindsay

    I am 37 weeks on Friday and am tempted to go ahead with a check if they offer. I am going to the midwife center and they tend not to offer, which is fine too. I am curious but it won’t mean much- I walked around at 5 cm for nearly two weeks with my second baby!

    If my fundal height is shorter than they’d like again I will suggest they check because I can feel how low the baby is sitting.

    I will probably only do one check, if any, it is nice to have the option either way!

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